Why your man doesn’t want to change? by AC

Dear all, especially women, there is a myth about what you think men should be.  First of all, we are not broken, we are just stubborn and a little stupid.

Here, 3 reasons why men don’t want to change:


1)  Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

If you haven’t read yet the book called Men are from Mars, Women from Venus,  by John Gray,  and you are struggling a lot wondering and expecting things from your men, I strongly suggest you read it!


The first thing you must understand is MEN ARE NOT WOMEN, and both have different features and ways to see life.

Yes, we all have same needs, different personalities, backgrounds, etc, but there is basic stuff nobody teach us when we were kids or even adults.


This is how it works:

Men (apply for most of us), We FIND A PROBLEM AND WANT TO PROVIDE THE SOLUTION, Women (apply for most of you girls), You are the expression of LOVE and want to HEAL PEOPLE.  So when you see a “PROBLEM” in your man, by nature you want to heal it and provide a solution, but WE are the solution providers, so we feel disrespected.



Now, when we feel disrespected by our woman, is a NEW PROBLEM, and we need to solve it- by ourselves.

That’s why girls, when you want to tell your man things like: Hey, you should join this seminar, will be nice for you, or you should learn this, or why you are so stubborn (thing that is real), why you don’t talk to me…all these are classic misunderstanding because we (men and women) don’t understand how it works.   LEARN THE DIFFERENCES

man dont cry


Since childhood, here, there, and in most of the countries, Men is the one that cannot express feelings. Boys don’t cry, you are a man! You are strong, family relies on you! You are born like that, you will never change! And so many other bullshits.

It’s so important to understand how bad this “cultural patterns” affect men since childhood. That’s why we grow up believing CHANGE is not part of us.


In some countries in Latin America or Asia, this is very strong. In Latin America is the concept of MACHO, In Asia is more the idea of LOSING FACE, and so many other stupid labels people created based on the ignorance and lack of wisdom.

Man! Don’t blame your parents or teachers, or the “system” TAKE ACTION NOW, Men can express feelings, find the way, and better do that fast or you will repress emotions until is too late.



This resistance to change is our FIXED MINDSET. This is a little more complex psychology concept case and apply for both, men and women.

For some reasons, some of us think and believe (from the heart) that we are born with a certain level of “SMARTNESS”, some specific “TALENTS” and this cannot change.  If you are born as a GIFTED person, that’s all you have. – I confess, I used to think in that way.

youhu homer

But the truth is everything can grow, your IQ, EQ, SQ can be developed, your personality traits also can evolve and be adjusted, your talents can grow and be transformed into POWERFUL SKILLS, and all this just take one step out of your CONFORT ZONE.  TAKE IT! TRY IT! Work out your mindset, develop some reading habits, learn from successful people, join some personal development seminars, and open your mind!

So here are the 3 reasons why men don’t want to change

1) Women, you think men should be like you, but we are not.  For both of us (Men and Women) go and learn the differences, and if you can learn together is better 🙂

2) Men, the things that happened to us is past, is old stuff. Write a new story about you and express your feelings!

3) We may be a little stubborn and stupid but is not written in a ROCK!  We can change this!  Men out there, open yourself and explore, MORE YOU ARE, MORE YOU CAN DO!



AC profile1

About the author:

Angelo Castagneto (AC) was born in Ecuador South America in 1981. Since he was a kid he started to develop a huge interest in music and art, interest that today is applied for his coaching/art therapy sessions. Since he was 4 years old he learned piano, drawing, painting, and one of his favorites, sculpting, by himself.

But this was just the beginning of his life. Growing up he realized people come to him to ask for advice very frequently. This was an unconscious talent that later will be developed into a powerful skill to transform lives.

After moving to China in 2009, He started to go into a deeper self-discovery, been 2015 the most important shift in his life, that’s when he became an entrepreneur to follow his dreams and passions. Key training and certification took place and the learning process will never stop, a must in AC’s mindset. One of his favorite phrases to reinforce this is: “MORE WE ARE, MORE WE CAN DO”

Today AC is helping people in China to find their passions, to understand people’s behaviors, helping entrepreneur women to transform obstacles and develop business ideas, this is just the beginning.

There are no limits for what AC and his team will create, time will tell.




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