All AC services are based on one simple principle:

Provide practical knowledge and tools to release stress, feel more relaxed and happy!



Please check here the devastating-silent force of stress and consequences if you don’t work on it now! Stress is Killing Us


These are the key elements and knowledge we use in our workshops and 1 on 1 private sessions:

  • Life Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy – Drawing and Sculpting
  • Stress & Emotions Management 
  • Practical Meditation Techniques
  • Success Factor Modeling (NLP+Business Modeling) 
  • Strengths-based coaching 
  • Positive Psychology
  • Spiritual Logic

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Corporate Workshops and Private Sessions: Live Music / Meditation / Mindfulness / Coaching

Definitely a unique concept of workshops that promote relaxation, self-exploration, and healing using live music, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. Available for private and corporate events. read more…


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AC 1 on 1 is the ultimate coaching service in the market specially designed to deal with 3 BIG LIFE TOPICS:

  • SUPERWOMAN – Confident, Powerful, In control!
  • RELAX 1 on 1 – 100 ways to release stress and be more peaceful!
  • LIFE DIRECTION – The secrets towards your maximum wealth!

We use Life Music, Art therapy elements, Strengths-Based coaching, and NLP anchors to support your journey. read more…


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After 8 years of corporate and individual training experience plus the integration of the concepts and tools from world-class top masters on personal development and spiritual growth, we bring the best for your personal and professional development. read more…


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Angelo Castagneto (AC)

Life Coach | Stress Management Expert | Strength-Base Certified Coach | Training Development Consultant | Music Healer

生活教练 | 压力管理专家 | 优势基础认证教练 | 培训发展顾问 |音乐治疗师


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