Hi and Welcome to my home. My name is Angelo. I use live music and guided meditation to support people to reconnect with their inner peace and power.


If you are experiencing one or any of these:

  • High Levels of Stress
  • Insomnia or sleeping problems
  • Digestion problems (Constipation, Diarrhea)
  • Allergies, Constant colds, and skin rushes
  • Anxiety and Worries about future
  • Depression
  • Constant Anger
  • Overthinking and low focus
  • Low self esteem or low will power

It can be painful…I know. I have been there before.

Sometimes we cannot see the way out and then is exactly when we must ask for help. More time passes without taking any action, then our stress cause more damage to our bodies and minds.

Here is my story, what I passed through, and why I want to help people to release stress and find inner peace.

Click here below for FREE MEDITATIONS AND HEALTH RESOURCES. You will find unique meditations and higher wisdom to support you to understand the roots of your stress, raise awareness, and finally set yourself free from suffering!

Let me know how can I support you:

1 on 1 Meditation

Private sessions to listen to your unique story and help you to release the stress of daily life. I use live music, coaching and emotion management techniques to bring you back from CRASH to a BEAUTIFUL STATE. More centered, more aware and more peaceful.

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Corporate Training

Teams and Leaders also need to find the way to release the stress and manage their emotions. This is the key to survive and breakthrough todays difficult times. I create and deliver unique training and teambuilding programs focused on Emotion Management and Stress Release with Music and Art.

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Music Composing

Instrumental music, specially piano songs, have an wonderful healing power on our emotions. My music will bypass our brains (and the noise inside) and go directly to our hearts. This concept is the core of all my creations. Each song has an story and purpose and they are created for you, to support you reconnect with your INNER PEACE AND POWER

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