Music, Dad, Healing

1982 2 years old_mi viejo.jpg

When I was very little I used to be very attached to my dad. He is a lovely person but very emotional and with a lot of repressed emotions, especially anger. 


Time passed and I was able to connect with the piano, is like MUSIC called me to be part of it. 


I started to play and learn by myself just by listening, I was only 4 years but got totally captured by those wonderful sounds and keys.


I grew up in the middle of constant argues, fights and loud sounds at home, so I developed my own way of being CALM and FOCUSED, and music helped me to achieve that. 


But I was not the only one being “healed” by my music, my dad was also there.


I will never forget that I used to love to play piano around 11 pm when everybody was more calm and ready to sleep. I used to go out of my room, go to the living room where the piano was, sit there in the dark and play for myself.  Suddenly I felt some soft steps behind me, slowly go and sit near me but far enough to not bother me. It was him. My dad.


In silence, we were calming down after a long day, without being able to understand our own emotions, our anger, our pains, but deeply connected by the melodies that came through me,  a wonderful and peaceful moment. 



Thank you DAD for this experience. Now I understand how it works, and I am using this to help more people like us. You showed me the way. 

Why you must practice meditation?

  •  80% of the most wonderful and successful people in the world practice meditation.

  • They are not only making millions but also helping millions of people through their businesses and projects.

  • Meditation is not an old practice exclusive for gurus, spiritual masters, or monks anymore.  Meditation is for everybody.

  • Learn and Use it!



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Tales from Mother Earth: No More Humans



Oh! I still remember those days when humans were truly happy.

They used to grab a fruit from the tree, eat it and feel enough energy the whole day. There were not fat humans before, there was no greed and obsession for eating fancy things. I was able to provide everything for them, anytime for free.

In those years there were no so many humans. They were not worried about survival, there was no competition to see who was first, there was not even a leader. They were sweet children in a huge unlimited and safe playground. I missed those days, I missed to feel them like that.

happy people dancing.jpg

It was so funny to see the couples running naked without shame, without guilt. Nobody blames them for something they did wrong, there was no right or wrong. Everybody was just being. It was so simple and beautiful.

Of course, I was stronger those days, I was also with more energy so all my blues and greens were at their best. I was peaceful and powerful, at the same time. My weather was perfect, I know my inhabitants don’t like so cold or so warm, I was happy to give them the best.

happy people dancing MORE.jpg

But one day they started to change. I still don’t understand why. Suddenly there were more humans, some of the humans started to create groups, something like what you call now a family. They started to be very jealous and over protecting their families, also their territories and things. It was ridiculous because they were the owners of everything, they had all for free directly from me and life. Seems they started to forget.

In those days, I remember there was one human that became so ambitious that started to enroll more humans to control other humans. I was very sad to see that but because of the rules, I was not able to do anything.

They become crazy with the fruits and vegetables I was providing. They moved in groups now, they were more than before. Once the groups arrived in an area, they eat and destroy all around to build their own stuff. I can say I admire their creativity sometimes, but that creativity and creation power was the one that brought them to almost extinction years later.

doom 1.jpg

They started to bring more humans and more, and more, and then they feel shame, feel guilty, and stressed, trying to provide food and shelter for their children. A very upsetting pattern.


Before everybody was the same, no hierarchy or boss, but because of the needs and fears, some humans started to become bosses, so they were able to handle more humans to satisfied specific needs. Sometimes I can say there were good humans, sometimes no. Oh! I just realized that was the first time I understood that somebody can be bad or good. Interesting huh?

Time passed and they became more creative, they used to call it “evolution of human race”, I don’t think so, they were going exactly to the end, faster and in a painful way.


The thing that hurt me the most was the uncontrollable desire for bringing more human babies to me. There was no conscious act, there were just playing with their bodies for seconds to later regret the whole life. Before humans used to come by desire, they came because their soul wanted, this is also forgotten.


To be honest, too many humans started to be a pain in the ass. They created tools and weapons to kill other living beings because the food was not enough. It was so sad (with tears in the eyes). They started to fight for what they called resources and also because some of them thought were better than others…they started to kill themselves and all the harmony was broken.

I got very sick those days, I was not able to control my weather like before. I was so sorry for that, I tried my best. I am a very friendly lady but I don’t let humans abuse me. I also was in this “evolution process” together with all the humans, kind of painful process.


The most complex years were when they started to develop some devices with some unreal intelligence, I don’t remember how they used to call it, hmmm, I think was “technology” They were so proud of that. They were earning a lot of money. Oh my god! I don’t even want to talk about money now, they literary killed so many other humans because of that too. They totally forgot that all the material things including money and gold came from me, from my trees and mountains. It was free! Everything was for you silly boys and girls.


So, with this technology, they started to create very complex and expensive things. People never need it but some of these bosses found the way to make millions from the people that bought their stuff. Such a big illusion and fear of not having something they never need.

life cycle.jpg

Before it was so simple, then they complicate their lives, they expend years, money and blood to develop things to make life easier again, at the end they didn’t make it. It took them thousands of years to realize they were going deeper into the dark path. In the same way, it took them thousands of years to come back to where we are now.


I remember a wonderful human that started to make the change. Other humans used to call him “the awakened”. He just remembers what others couldn’t remember, that’s all, Ha Ha! Most of them were sleeping with blindfolds without knowing that there was no more darkness and the light was there shining their sleepy faces every day.

I was so happy that other humans were also awakening from the dream. I still don’t know where they came from. I don’t think they were normal humans from a scared mom and dad, I think they were “superhumans”, anyway…


They were there, helping people to see hope, giving the example as role models, showing them life can be better and simple. Teaching others, taking care of others, creating wonderful wonderful things (Tears of joy)

Them it came more struggle within humans. The separation of the “good and bad” was more strong and obvious. Those who stayed with the blindfolds eventually couldn’t make it. Nobody killed them, they destroyed themselves.

suffering earth.jpg

I was not able to control myself anymore. I was so sad those days. I was not able to rest well, got fever and chills. I was shaking a lot, I was not stable. Feel so sorry to remember that, because a lot of humans got hurt and perished.

…(sigh) but now is different.

new era.jpg

Those who are still here with me, are building a new mindset. They are teaching to the newcomers what is the simple and peaceful life we deserve. Humans are smarter in the mind, body and soul level, and for the first time with wonderful awakened leaders that see the whole universe as a natural and free resource for everybody.

I am deeply sorry for what happened before, it’s hard for me to let go the hurt and turmoil. Those scars will never disappear, and at the same time, I feel hope too. I can move forward, heal and grow again because I see the kindness of you. That powerful energy that keeps us moving around the sun is still there inside you.

last earth.jpg

For those humans that remain and are still here, I just want to say: 

1) Don’t give up.  Don’t give up on trying your best to remember what are you made of. Find the way to take out the blindfold and see the light of the day as it is. It is shining for you right now, for free

2) Have fun in the process and respect the progress, it will happen anyway, so have fun learning and growing.

3) Don’t bring humans in a random way, be conscious of that. Bringing humans is not your main purpose, and once they are on the way, remember they are independent souls in a body, they are not gifts from the universe to you. They will come and live the same as you, so be sure you are really aware of the truth and in love. In the end, all of them are welcome to visit me anyway.

4) I love you all. I will be here dancing with the stars giving you my best my dear humans, and please simplify your life! That is the real key to long-lasting happiness or at least 51% of happiness in your life.

Good enough?  ; )


Art and Concept by Angelo Castagneto

Stress is Killing us

Stress is Killing Us

by Angelo Castagneto


I was very impressed when I started to search for the root cause of stress on people. Usually, I am the type of guy that likes to research until I found enough information that inspires me to create something. Unfortunately, what I found were bad news.


At least 40% of the urban population in China is suffering from high levels of stress. If stress is not well managed or reduced, this can trigger serious mental illness like depression and anxiety. This is just the most common level of mental problems. Higher accumulation of stress can trigger even more serious mental illness bringing people to suicide.


There is also another red alert about body health. 7,500 cases of cancer death are being reported every day. Top cancer in men is lung cancer, top cancer in women is breast cancer. In one of the top cancer hospital in Latin America, is highly recognize that cancer is a body and mental disease. So, is there any relation between stress and cancer? What do you think?


Yesterday I saw a National Geographic documentary called: Stress, Portrait of a Killer, about stress and study with baboons and humans, highly recommended. They scientifically prove that Stress is not anymore a word to describe your levels of workload or lack of willpower, but really affects in a negative way our blood pipes, brain cells, and even our DNA. And, it works in silence.

I wish that’s all, but I have been learning a lot human’s behavior these last years, and maybe is a hypothesis but here is what I found and believe:



Most of us: Men use to shut up, hold feelings, keep the tears. In the same way, we hide the pain and move forward trying to pretend nothing happen. What we are doing is repressing emotions and at the same time accumulating stress.

Because nobody teaches us about emotions, how to release in a safe way, etc. We grow up accumulating “trash” inside. One day, the trash bin is full, and unconsciously we need to do something.  What we do:

-Explode and get mad at the people around us

-Hurt people

-Hurt ourselves

-Develop diseases like cancer

-Develop depression

-Develop anxiety

But some of us don’t even notice these behaviors or patterns, some of us keep all inside and eat that trash again and again, this is what we call “been mean to ourselves”; lack of forgiveness, lack of the power of let go things; resentments, hard feelings, envy, revenge feelings, etc. All these are triggered in some way due to the accumulation of negative emotions, perfect scenario for stress to work in silence.

The most obvious case that got my attention is when stress levels trigger anxiety. Clearly, in China, the biggest addiction, besides overthinking, is smoking. The top smokers are mostly men. This anxiety is created by many other social triggers and psychological scenarios such as:


Belonging to the group  属于某一个集体

A man smoke because the other man smoke, similar thing with drinking – and this happen in your country too. The body gets used to that, creates the negative self-destructive habit and later, you know the results. This behavior has also the background of low confidence, lack of life purpose, low education and more; all these elements influence in the man to develop additions and stay in the negative loop apparently without a solution. There are tons of beautiful traditions in China, the same time a lot of unhealthy traditions.  One of them is offering cigarettes as a social welcome, for weddings, meetings, etc. Is almost like shaking hands and say “hi” to men. These “traditions” must change.


Childhood separation  儿童时期与父母分离

Classic social problem is the kids are separated from the mother and raise by grandparents. This separation is hurting more lives than people can imagine but seems things are getting better. Moms are more conscious about this and there is hope for the next generations in China 🙂

There is a disengagement of the kid with the mom’s breast and feeding in the first year of life. This connection between mom and kid is crucial. The extreme low or non-connection and/or excessive connection will affect that balance and development of TRUST. Sigmund Freud calls this the ORAL stage, Erik Erikson called it Trust Vs Mistrust.

The kid is separated from mom since very little, He will grow up with an inner MISTRUST of people around him. What happens when a person doesn’t trust the people around or surroundings? There is no HOPE. HOPE becomes un-existing and HOPE is the ability to see the positive in the future. This explains a lot why so many people fall into high levels of stress, high levels of addictions because they don’t see things can be better later.


The “Horrible” Marriage  恐怖的婚姻

Human’s power is unlimited, but when we feel the root of our anger and frustrations are at home with the spouse, and if we add that men have low hope, Men tend to find “a way” to release pressure outside the home. This phenomenon happens everywhere in the world. Men and Women don’t understand the “mirror effect” in the relationships.

The Mirror effect is when we see all that we don’t like inside of us, reflected on the person that is beside us. At the beginning of the relationships, we don’t see this because we are submerged in a cocktail of chemicals that trick us to find the way to stay together. Once we are together and those chemicals and “magic spell” go back to normal levels, we start to find those things we don’t like our couple, right? Well, think again. What you don’t like, is not her or his problem. He or She is fine the way they are, but you get mad, sad, frustrated, etc. with the things you see you don’t like. In the end, is your trash.


Men see this on the women, mistakenly thinking that he can find something better in another place. This, plus the social environment where sometimes Men tend to think that having an affair is normal and cool, reinforce the scape of stress through a third person in the relationship wasting amazing amounts of personal energy.




Through thousands of years, Women have been suffering the repression of the society. They were treated as slaves, child raisers, sexual objects, and more. That already changed, but the stress from the last generations are still carried by the new generation of women in the world.

There are some social triggers that create high levels of stress, and here some of them:



I truly believe that society puts too much emphasis on the external beauty. This comes from hundreds of years ago with amazing sculptures and paintings of what we consider now a beautiful woman. There are ridiculous visual patterns that people accept now so is very easy for us to say who is “pretty” and who is not.


This horrible situation creates unmeasurable amounts of stress on women, why? Women have the creative power, and all creation must be beautiful. Besides the external influence of the beauty concept, women understand inner beauty more than men. They can feel it. That’s why women enter in the inner conflict: Am I pretty?

Self-Acceptance is one of the keys to the development and growth of a person.  Self-acceptance means you know who you are, what you are, accept it, and move forward to achieve your goals and fulfill your life.

When a woman (and happen to men too) doesn’t accept herself, you are rejecting your womanhood hence rejecting part of your body that makes you a woman. And which part of our body is the most obvious that makes the difference between a woman and a man? The breasts.


Breast Cancer is growing around the world, there are thousands of campaigns to prevent it, but the media and people are highlighting more and more that distorted concept of “beautiful”, so more and more girls don’t accept themselves the way they are and want to be somebody else, rejecting their original, unique and beautiful image.



The separation of mom and kid also affect women of course. There are similar cases like with men, the trust vs mistrust and low hope.  But there is something else. There is a deeply serious fear of death.

The superficial desire of the old generation of parents to have sons instead of daughters, brought an unbalance situation today: there are more men than women. Years ago, when the little girl was born, there was this negative energy and potential rejection from this world that creates a deep fear of them carried today. The fear of dying at birth is something that marks people in a silent way. Through the years this fear is hidden in the bottom and covered by new fears, but never disappear.

The little girl will search for protection. And who is the first symbol of protection in the family? The dad.


This is one of the reasons why girls are attached to their fathers, and unconsciously from both sides, there is like a lover’s relationship going on for years.

When the girl is separated from mom and dad and raised by the grandparents, there is something missing there. The grandparent can be as great as the original parents but the real natural connection is missing.


The girl grows up and when she reaches the age of finding a boyfriend, she will search for a similar dad’s caring energy she couldn’t have when she was growing up. When this attachment behavior is not fulfilled, then the struggle comes. Extreme possessive behaviors, desire, jealousy, anxiety, depression, are all connected.

The woman now finds a partner, and will try to give all the love she couldn’t give before, but it is a conditional love. It is a transaction. If the partner doesn’t meet her expectations, painful and stressful situations will come to the surface to try to destroy the relationship.


WHAT TO DO?   该做什么?


I have been there in several of these root causes of stress before. I know what worked for me and what can be better, and I have seen these cases also in my 1 on 1 sessions with my clients. That is why I am sharing this with you. There is more but seems these are the first words and action I am taking to help myself to reduce stress and help people to do the same.


1) The first step is UNDERSTAND what is happening to you. This article is just one piece of information but there is a lot of excellent free information outside there. LEARN and EDUCATE yourself. Search for topics related to your specific problem.Then find the TOP masters or people that are creating solutions for your problems, and after you learn to use what you learn.


2) PRACTICE and raise AWARENESS. Little by little things will show you the progress. It takes time to transform old habits that you have been doing for more than 20 years. Be patience.


3) NEVER STOP taking action. The whole world is moving without stopping. Everything is constantly changing and transforming, so you cannot stop and lay down in the bed doing nothing. MOVE!

And here a list of the top things I have been doing to destroy my old negative habits, reduce stress and focus on more productive things.


TOP 1 – Music  第一个——音乐

Learn to play an instrument; Make a happy song list on your cell phone and listen anytime you feel sad, dance, sing, yell (not to others PLEASE!), jump with the music.


TOP 2- Meditation  第二个——冥想

Start with 3 minutes a day, then 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, etc. Learn basic meditation, guided meditation, dynamic meditation (shaking jumping dancing), create your own meditation, etc. Meditation is highly practiced by top successful people around the world, they did it, they started little by little, this is a practice you also can build.


TOP 3- Eat better  第三个——健康饮食

Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fast food and snacks, start little by little to drink more good water and reduce other sugar or acid drinks. Don’t cut all the bad food and try to become a vegetarian in one day, do it gradually. It really works, we can get used and change over the time for good.


TOP 4 – Pay attention to what you SEE and LISTEN  第四个——关注你看到的和听到的

Stay away from complaints and complaining people. Stay away from negative news that brings only fear. Listen/see positive things, absorb valuable information that supports your health, your mind, your personal and professional development.


TOP 5- Become a Master of your life  第五个——成为你生活的主导者

Understand deeply how life works, how you work, who you are, what you are. Make a list of your strengths and weakness and focus ONLY to develop your strengths into extraordinary levels. Find your life Vision and Mission, then you will be able to do what you love so the stressful situations will be reduced because for the first time you are in control of your life and not others.

The relax coach WEBSITE COVER



I hope you find this article useful, and remember, there is always a solution…there is always hope!

Take a deep breath and RELAX!

If you need support and guidance, visit us.  We can help you!






El tipo de amor que tu conoces es el que te trae dolor




“El tipo de amor que tu conoces es el que te trae dolor”

Por Angelo Castagneto

Hemos sido criados en una sociedad llena de miedos. No es la culpa de nuestros padres más bien la de los padres de nuestros padres. Este miedo empezó con un simple acto hace miles de años atrás y que nuestro subconsciente todavía recuerda. Y es lo que llamamos APEGOS.


Por tantos años nosotros hemos ido creciendo viendo, escuchando y aprendiendo que el AMOR es de dos: dos animales, dos personas, novio y novia, mama e hijo, papá y mamá, el perro y el hombre, etc. Es lo que hemos también venido escuchando tantas veces de los medios de comunicación, las películas y los comerciales, y nos hemos acostumbrado tanto a esto que pensamos que es normal.


El miedo de perder a tu pareja, de perder a tu perro, o cualquier otra cosa material trae terror y promueve la creación de tantas enfermedades mentales como la depresión, la ansiedad, esquizofrenia, etc. Hemos estado alimentando tanto esa idea de TENER TENER TENER, TOMAR, TOMAR, TOMAR, que promueven tristeza cuando lo perdemos.


Es por eso que no podemos aceptar la muerte como una transición de esta vida a otra. Es por eso que la gente creó el matrimonio para MANTENER este apego vivo.  Es por eso que en este momento hay tanta gente está reprimiendo los sentimientos y emociones al punto en que un día explotan y matan a otras personas.


Cuando sientes que no perteneces a un grupo o comunidad, es porque tu quieres estar apegado a ese grupo o comunidad. Te sientes rechazado, luego triste, con pena, auto-lástima, bajo autoestima y demás que vienen a la superficie. Igual para otros casos cuando los comportamientos de apego no pueden ser satisfechos.

attachement coupls

Luego viene el AMOR, en la forma sucia en que lo hemos usado por miles de años. Al apego lo hemos llamado AMOR.  Hemos puesto una máscara en el AMOR VERDADERO haciendo que todos aprendan y escriban en sus propios sistemas de creencias que AMOR es APEGO.

aniamal love

Tanta gente, en especial las mujeres, les encanta comparar las relaciones amorosas de animales con la de los humanos, que tan equivocados podemos estar. Los animales no tienen consciencia, esta es la mayor diferencia que nos separa de ellos. Ellos se juntan y procrean basados en un instinto de sobrevivencia por defecto. Nosotros también tenemos ese instinto y tenemos algo más que ellos no tienen, nuestra mente e intelecto. Por alguna razón esta mente e intelecto nos hace seres superiores, solo mira a tu alrededor, todos nosotros tenemos esto, pero nadie lo usa como ser superior. Un ser superior entiende que cada criatura en esta vida, y la vida en sí, son sagradas, es libre, y debe ser respetada como tal.


Otra parte de esta gran ilusión es la importancia que le damos al sexo. La sexualidad es hermosa y la sexualidad real no se trata de un simple acto, más bien se trata de abrazar y apreciar la diferencia de géneros. Hasta los más grandes maestros de la historia no han hablado de este tema, siendo tan natural. Todos hemos sido diseñados para el sexo, pero no deberíamos basar nuestras relaciones solo en esto, nosotros somos mucho más que esto.

growing in a hate family

Pues aquí estamos, la mayoría de nosotros hemos gastado nuestras vidas creciendo en familias rotas donde ya no existe el amor, pero si el resentimiento y el odio; crecemos aprendiendo que todas las relaciones traen dolor y lucha y pensamos que es normal; crecemos aprendiendo y creyendo que la vida no está completa hasta que no tengas tus cositas materiales, y esto incluye tener a otra persona también. Y así. Hemos crecido desarrollando solo nuestra consciencia física y olvidado completamente el desarrollo de nuestra mente y alma, la fuerza espiritual.


Las religiones de todos los tiempos y alrededor del mundo son respetadas porque en origen ellas solo querían guiarnos y dar su mensaje. En algún punto de la historia también fueron cautivadas por los miedos de no ser escuchadas y luego la manipulación y control tomó lugar. Una persona con desarrollo espiritual por encima del promedio con un alto nivel de consciencia podrá entender que podemos aprender no de una, pero de todas las religiones. Cada una tuvieron sus maestros asombrosos y todas traen un mensaje similar en donde el amor y la paz son nuestra última meta, paz y amor en su significado real.

earth and death

Pero estar apegado a un solo partido también crea dolor. Solo observa las horribles noticias diarias de separación, muerte, miedo de perder las tierras, de perder la cara, de perder fans. Todo viene por el apego que crearon nuestras mentes.


De la misma manera que alguien creó esta creencia en nosotros, nosotros podemos aprender y transformar estas limitaciones en creencias positivas que nos ayudarán a movernos hacia adelante, hacia una mejor vida, una vida que es espiritual, mental y físicamente LIBRE, en donde no hay condiciones para ser feliz y en donde tu eres capaz de crecer y sanar de las viejas heridas que nosotros mismo creamos desde nuestro origen.

conditional love

El tipo de amor que tu conoces es una ilusión y viene del miedo. Apego es MIEDO+AMOR, y este es un amor condicional. Tiene que haber algo que satisfaga tu condición para ser amado y esto está muy lejos del verdadero significado del amor, amor incondicional, libre y puro. ¿Pero cómo encontrarlo? ¿Dónde encontrarlo? ¿Cómo desarrollarlo? Tu no estás tan lejos de Él. Tu y todos nosotros todavía somos parte de esta energía vital que nos trajo a este planeta en un inicio.

you are love

TU ERES EL VERDADERO AMOR, todo este poder está dentro de ti y nunca estuvo fuera tuyo.


¿Cómo practicar y revelar esto? Siendo poco a poco más afectuoso contigo mismo. Respetando tus pensamientos; entendiendo que no hay el bien y el mal y nunca lo hubo. No existe lo correcto y lo incorrecto, todo esto son percepciones que alguien más nos enseño desde pequeños. Auto compasión viene primero, porque si tu no sientes compasión por ti, tu no podrás dejar atrás todo lo negativo y autodestructivo que has venido haciendo hacia ti mismo y a la gente que te rodea. Se bueno contigo mismo y empieza con eso.


Solo toma UN MINUTO ahora y di estas palabras para ti mismo: Te amo, Confío en ti, Creo en ti.

Siéntelo y deja que esas palabras salgan de tu corazón, fluyan hacia tu mente y se dispersen por todo tu cuerpo


Recuerda: De la misma manera en que aprendemos toda esa vieja información limitante y la cargamos por tanto tiempo practicándola en todos nuestros actos, así mismo podemos aprender cosas nuevas, cargarlas por largo tiempo hasta que nosotros nos convirtamos en esto nuevo. Practica poco a poco el amarse a uno mismo, compasión, practica, y luego agrega un poco de afecto y compasión hacia los demás, expresa tu amor sin apegos y expande tus poderes.


Nos es muy tarde para que regreses a tu camino original, es tiempo para que tu amor despierte.



Para conocer más sobre el autor de ese y otros artículos, por favor visítanos en:

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¿Tienes dudas sobre tu vida?  ¿Estás muy estresado y no puedes detenerlo?

Escríbenos para conocer más sobre ti y ayudarte. No estás solo.

The kind of love you know is the one that brings you pain

awakened love by acBMP COvER

“The kind of love you know is the one that brings you pain”

We have been raised by a society full of fears. Is not our father’s fault but our father’s father. This fear started with one single act that was done thousands of years ago and our subconscious still remember. This is what we called ATTACHMENT.


For so many years we have been growing up watching listening and learning that “love” is between 2, two animals, two people, boyfriend and girlfriend, mom and child, dad and mom, dog and men, etc. This is what we hear so many times form all the media, movies and advertising, and we are so used to this that we think is normal.



The fear of losing your couple, your dog, or any other material thing is terrifying that promote the creation of so many mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. We have been feeding so much the idea of HAVE HAVE HAVE, GET GET GET, and promote sadness when we lose it.


That’s why we cannot accept death as a transition from this life to another one. That’s why people created marriage to “keep” this attachment alive. That’s why so many people are repressing right now their feelings and emotions to the point that one day they explode and kill other people.


When you feel that you don’t belong to a group or community, is because you want to be attached to that group or community. Then you feel rejected, after this, sad, sorrow, self-pity, low confident and so on comes to the surface. Same for other cases when the ATTACHMENT behaviors can’t be satisfied.

attachement coupls

Then comes LOVE, in the dirty way we have been using it for thousands of years. We named to that ATTACHMENT: LOVE. We put a mask on the REAL LOVE making everybody learn and write into their own belief systems that LOVE is ATTACHMENT.

aniamal love

So many people, especially girls, like to compare animal relationships with human relationships, so wrong. Animals don’t have consciousness, that’s a big difference that separates us from them. They mate and procreate based on survival instincts by default. We also have these instincts but we have something else they don’t have our mind and intellect.  For any reason this mind and intellect make us superior beings, just look around, we all have it but none one is using this as a superior being. Superior Beings will understand that every single creature in this life and the life itself is sacred, is free, and must be respected as it is.


Another part of this big illusion is the importance we give to sex. Sexuality is beautiful and the real sexuality is not about the single act but to embrace and appreciate the different genders. Even big masters of the history never talk about this topic, when is a natural thing. We are all designed for sex and we shouldn’t base our relationships on this, we are more than this.

growing in a hate family

So here we are, most of us expend almost all our lives growing up in broken families where there is no love anymore but resentment and hate, we grow up learning that all the relationships bring pain and struggle and we think is normal, we grow up learning and believing that life is not complete until you have your material stuff, and this includes to have another person too. And so on. We grew up developing body consciousness only and totally forget to develop our mind and soul, our spiritual strength.


Religions of all ages and around the world are respected because in origin they just wanted to guide us and give the message. At some point they also got caught by the fears of not been listening, there is when manipulation and mass control took place. An above average spiritual developed person with the highest level of awareness will understand that we can learn not from one but from all religions. Each of them had amazing masters and all of them bring a similar message where the ultimate goal is peace and love, the real meaning of peace of love.

earth and death

But to be attached to one party is also creating pain. Just watch the daily horrible news of wars, separation, death, fear of losing land, losing face, losing fans.  All comes from the attachment we created in our minds.


In the same way somebody else created this belief on us, we can learn and transform this limiting believes into positive ones that will allow us to move forward with a better life, a life that is spiritual mentally and physically free, where there are no conditions for been happy and where you are able to grow and heal all the old wounds that we created for ourselves since our origins.

conditional love

The kind of love you know now is an illusion and comes from fear. Attachment is FEAR+LOVE, and this love is a conditional love. There must be something that matches your condition to be loved and is far away from the REAL LOVE, unconditional love, pure and free.  But how to find it? Where to find it? How to develop it? You are not so far from it. You and we are still part of this life force energy that brought us to this planet in the first place.

you are love

YOU ARE THE REAL LOVE, all this power is inside you, and was never outside of you.


How you practice and unveil this? Caring about yourself more, respect your thoughts, understanding that there is no bad or good, and never was. There is no right or wrong, those are only perceptions that somebody else taught us since we were kids. Self-compassion comes first because if you don’t feel compassion for yourself, you cannot let go all the negative and self-destructive things you have been doing with yourself and the people around you. Be nice to yourself and start with that.



Just take one minute now, and say to yourself: I love you, I trust you, I believe in you.

Feel it, and let these words come from your heart, flow into your mind and spread all around our body.

Remember: In the same way, we learn all that limiting information, then we carry for long time and practice in all our acts, we can learn new things, carry and practice for a long time until we become them. Practice little by little self-love, compassion, then keep practicing, then add care and compassion for others, express detached love and expand your powers.


Is not too late to go back to our original path, it’s time for your love to wake up.



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No pierdas tiempo



Ha pasado ya casi un año desde que empece a ayudar a la gente aca en China, ha sido un viaje muy lindo con muchos altos y bajos, experiencias diferentes, y emociones mezcladas.

Lo más importante, y por el cual les escribo esto, es para decirles que todos estamos en el camino correcto. Todos estamos, tenemos y vivimos lo que tenemos que vivir.

La tierra en donde vivimos es la escuela de ángeles, o la universidad como otros la llaman 🙂

Parte de nuestras creencias vienen de la religión, pues esta es una solo una PEQUEñISIMA parte del todo el gran sistema diseñado por una fuerza superior (Dios, Universo, o como lo quieran llamar) y nosotros mismos.  Si, nosotros hemos diseñado lo que queriamos vivir en esta vida.

Y…Porqué vivimos lo que vivimos?

  • Algunos vinimos a esta forma de vida en la tierra para sanar viejas heridas de otras vidas
  • Algunos vinimos a esta forma de vida en la tierra para explorar y observar
  • Algunos vinimos a esta forma de vida en la tierra para ayudar

Como ya lo habiamos aprendido antes desde el colegio, o escuchado por ahí,  esta vida es un regalo divino, y tiene un proposito único que nosotros mismos diseñamos antes de venir.

La pena, el sentimiento de culpa, el coraje inexplicable, el morbo, las bajas energías, las enfermedades, etc…todo esto viene para poder usuarlos y sanar, observar, o ayudar a otros. No es para nada un “pago” por lo “malo” que hicimos antes. No es penitencia, ni castigo, nada de lo que hemos aprendido antes, es solo un resultado de lo que hicimos antes y queremos mejorar, nada mas.

Es posible y de hecho ESTA DISEñADO, para que en esta vida en la que nos hemos encontrado todos como familia, podamos cumplir con nuestro propósito. Todos y cada uno de nosotros lo sabe muy bien,  por eso es que sentimos lo que sentimos. Por eso es que tenemos esperanza, compasión, y sobretodo y el más poderoso que es el origen de todo, el AMOR por los demas. Pongamos un poco de ese amor para nosotros mismos y aprendamos cosas nuevas para cambiar los resultados en nuestra vida para nuestro propio beneficio (primero) y luego los demás.

No existe la palabra o frase “es tarde”,  unos dicen “ya estoy viejo para eso”, otros dicen “estoy muy joven para eso”…  “ESO” es aceptar la REALIDAD, abrir la puerta al nuevo conocimiento, y aprender.

ILUSION: Lo que aprendimos de: nuestros padres, o lo que aprendimos por no haber estado con ellos, la cultura, la religion, los profesores, amigos, etc. Patrones de vida, creencias falsas y manipuladoras, miedos, dudas, etc.

REALIDAD: somos almas en cuerpo que hemos venido a sanar, explorar, obserbar, ayudar, y todos somos por origen, amor/bondad.

Lo unico que nos ata a la ILUSION,es lo que CREEMOS. Y creanme, he estudiado muchísimo sobre psicología y espiritualidad en estos dos últimos años, y el 99% de los grandes maestros, incluyendo los de las religiones (ej: Jesus) nos hablan de esto.

Es comprobado, y vivido en carne propia, que las CREENCIAS se pueden cambiar, y esto es lo que he estado haciendo desde hace casi 7 años cuando fui al primer seminario que me ayudo a despertar (de la ilusion), cambiando, o transformando CREENCIAS LIMITANTES, que en su origen sirvieron pero que ya no son necesarias.


Si tienes algo que realmente te molesta, por ejemplo:

No puedo perdonar a alguien

Tengo mucho coraje

Tengo miedo de morir

Tengo miedo que alguien que quiero muera

Tengo miedo al futuro

Tengo miedo al que diran

Mala relacion con el dinero

Abuso familiar

Porque sufrimos?

Como sanar enfermedades

No se quien soy

Porque no me escuchan

Porque existen las adicciones

Como curar adicciones


puedes encontrar información exacta y con detalles de como manejar esto, como transformarlo, gratis en internet.

Existe millones de personas que han vivido lo que estamos viviendo, y ellos han podido salir adelante en esta vida.

Hay muchisima gente buena y generosa que esta compartiendo exactamente lo que necesitamos saber, para poder luego usar esta información, cambiar nuestra creencia limitante, y asi nuestra vida entera.

Hazlo por ti! y si no lo quieres hacer por ti,  cierra lo ojos, mira y descubre cual es esa personas que realmente quieres en esta vida y le deseas lo mejor, y HAZLO POR ESA PERSONA.  Pues ya estas influyendo en esa persona, y si realmente la quieres, TU TIENES QUE MEJORAR. Es un trabajo en equipo!


Angelo Castagneto

The truth (of this life) by AC


1We all came from the same place and we will go back to the same place.

2soul in a bodyWe are souls in a body.

3 we are all goodIn essence, we are all good.


4 ultimate goal peaceOur ultimate goal is peace.


5 transformsNothing disappears, everything transforms.


6 drama stage

We have a role to play in this drama.


7 power to choseWe have the power to choose and create.

8 superpowers

More energies you have, more features/ systems you can use (superpowers).

9 we want to come

We came because we wanted.


10 options

Suffering is only an option.

11 explore and learnWe came to explore and learn.


12 learn and suceed

Those who learn and use the knowledge, eventually succeed.

13 earth rules

Earth Life has laws and rules.

14 give recieveOne of these laws is: what you give you receive.


15 life cyclesThere is always ups and downs on everything you see in this world (cycles).



16 nothing new

There is nothing new to learn, the thing is you were not ready to learn, but everything that we need is here for us when u are ready.

17 get hurt

We get hurt and we heal (body and soul).


18 love hate

Love and Hate comes together and we also can learn how to choose this.

19learn come backIf you didn’t learn enough in this life you will come back next time.


20 higher force

There is a higher force (god/universe/life or how you prefer to call it) and there is also a higher purpose for all of us.


21 distractions

Old society patterns are distracting people since we were kids, so we get lost and can’t find this purpose or mission, but is there.


22 we can be betterWe all can be better

24 unique and part ofWe are unique, and we are part of something bigger

I am sharing here the most powerful statements and ideas that masters around the world learned and shared too. This is the result of more than 4 years working on myself and learning more about what life should be. Learn and use it.




You must consider this before you get divorce

must consider before divorce COVER 1.jpg

A scary average number of 40% of the marriages are getting divorced in Asia. In some countries, higher than others.  According to China Daily, by 2014, approximately 10,000 marriages were breaking up every day.

WHY? Is there no love anymore? Somebody cheat? Was the marriage arranged? What about your kids?

Just consider this before you get a divorce:



If there is a small amount of hope that the relationship can get better, try it all before you quit.

We will go deeper now.

The original idea of why a man meets women, fall in love, and get married, is a LIFE PATTERN. But this pattern has a higher purpose: TO GROW AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

To be married is not easy, and nobody told us this. What we learned is the stupid unreal stories from TV or MOVIES that show us that all is beautiful and love should last for ever and ever WITHOUT ANY EFFORT. Good news! Is not true.

hope angel.jpg

art by AC

HOPE is one of the most wonderful powers of human beings, and if you still have a little, go a search for solutions, hire therapists, learn about relationships and give your marriage one more chance to GROW AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER

quit relationship


If you believe in soulmates, the perfect partner, etc., I hope you also understand that we are all humans and Life have ups and downs all the time, so even if your relationship started with pure love and passion, it doesn’t mean will stay like that forever.

The biggest challenge and test we face in Marriage is the MIRROR EFFECT.  What we see in our partner and hate about it, is something we hate inside ourselves.  That “something” is what we need to hear, hold it, heal it.

If you want to get a divorce because there is “something” you don’t like in your partner, a bad experience that hurt you, etc., there is a big chance you will face it again with your next partner if you don’t do anything about it.

Deal with this thing you hate, learn how to control your inner game, learn how to manage your emotion and become mentally and physically stronger! give yourself a chance to grow!

 family silueta.jpg


Babies are created by 3 main energies:  Male Energy, Female Energy, and the new born Energy. Babies come pure and innocent to this world and get influenced by the parent’s belief system, stress from the environment, teachers, etc.

For a healthy growth (mentally and physically) the baby needs both energies (masculine and feminine energy) to support his development as a human.  We are not talking about the baby’s future sexual orientation, we are talking about the basic needs for a human to grow in balance.

The human behavior started to be developed and influenced since the last 3 months of pregnancy, and will continue to evolve until we are adults.  If one of the energies is missing or is unbalanced, this will create a huge impact on the psychology of the new human.

Is in your hands to take the responsibility and decide the best for you and your kids. Learn more about Human development and behavioral traits, will give you more information for you to take the right decision.

I know this is a very sensitive topic, I was also in a similar situation like you.

which one should you put first? Your own happiness? A safe break up? The kids?

If there is nothing else to do and go for the separation, go for a harmonious one, there are support and guidance to achieve this out there.

Just remember this: The best way to take decisions is to focus on the result you want. Find the Vision of your life, your Mission, and this will guide you always to take decisions by LOVE instead of FEAR

Do it for you and the ones you love! You deserve it! – NEW MINDSET, NEW LIFE!


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Why you get sick?


Why your man doesn’t want to change?




Why you get sick? by AC

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You think you get sick because something you eat, because the weather change, or because someone around you is sick, so he or she passed this to you; right? …IS NOT!   THIS IS AN ILLUSION!

Here 3 reasons why you get sick. Open your eyes and ears and check this out!


1) You get sick because you want attention from somebody

Our minds are wonderful but also tricky. We don’t really know how it works but I will give you an idea.

For example: you feel sick, maybe has some weird pain around, then you go to see the doctor and he say: “all is fine, just need to rest and drink water”. Of course, you experience this before, or somebody around you experience this before.

Another example:  When you are sick, do you like other people to take care of you?  Do you want your mom to cook for you a nice soup? Or your boyfriend to accompany you?

Unconsciously, one of the biggest reasons we get sick is because we are searching for ATTENTION


The feeling and fear of separation came with us inside millions of years ago, but this is one of the biggest illusions of human kind. We are complete, find what you think is missing inside you!


2) You get sick because you are an expert on “SELF DESTRUCTIVE HABITS”

For how long you have been sleeping late; suffering “insomnia”; waking up late with low energies?

For how long you have been eating your “Midnight snack” and think is normal and part of the culture?

For how long you have been drinking alcohol, smoking, or consuming any other drugs?

If your answer is more than 30 days, that means you are facing a bad habit, nothing else.  If you say, I have been doing this for years…that makes you an expert.

Good news for you! In the same way you learned this self-destructive habits, you can learn constructive habits to replace the old ones.

You get sick because you want, period! Find the most destructive habit you have, search on internet for solutions or send us an email to receive guidance to support your decisions. Do it! Create a new you!


3) You get sick because your energies are low

Unfortunately, most of us realize our energies are low when is too late. When you get sick your energies are already very low.

Raise your awareness; identify which of your actions brings the energies down. This is a mind and body issue, and this is not something spiritual or esoteric stuff; IS A FACT!

Here a list of 7 common things that brings your energies down and maybe you don’t know.

list 1

Our body is a high tech biological machine! And the mind is just the pilot of this amazing creation.  If you want to bring your energies up, you just need to take one first step: LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR BODY!  LEAR ABOUT YOUR BODY AND ENERGIES!


So, don’t forget about these 3 ideas and concepts that will help you in your life:


Do it for yourself, you deserve it!


Adv C by AC

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Why your man doesn’t want to change?