You must consider this before you get divorce

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A scary average number of 40% of the marriages are getting divorced in Asia. In some countries, higher than others.  According to China Daily, by 2014, approximately 10,000 marriages were breaking up every day.

WHY? Is there no love anymore? Somebody cheat? Was the marriage arranged? What about your kids?

Just consider this before you get a divorce:



If there is a small amount of hope that the relationship can get better, try it all before you quit.

We will go deeper now.

The original idea of why a man meets women, fall in love, and get married, is a LIFE PATTERN. But this pattern has a higher purpose: TO GROW AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

To be married is not easy, and nobody told us this. What we learned is the stupid unreal stories from TV or MOVIES that show us that all is beautiful and love should last for ever and ever WITHOUT ANY EFFORT. Good news! Is not true.

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art by AC

HOPE is one of the most wonderful powers of human beings, and if you still have a little, go a search for solutions, hire therapists, learn about relationships and give your marriage one more chance to GROW AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER

quit relationship


If you believe in soulmates, the perfect partner, etc., I hope you also understand that we are all humans and Life have ups and downs all the time, so even if your relationship started with pure love and passion, it doesn’t mean will stay like that forever.

The biggest challenge and test we face in Marriage is the MIRROR EFFECT.  What we see in our partner and hate about it, is something we hate inside ourselves.  That “something” is what we need to hear, hold it, heal it.

If you want to get a divorce because there is “something” you don’t like in your partner, a bad experience that hurt you, etc., there is a big chance you will face it again with your next partner if you don’t do anything about it.

Deal with this thing you hate, learn how to control your inner game, learn how to manage your emotion and become mentally and physically stronger! give yourself a chance to grow!

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Babies are created by 3 main energies:  Male Energy, Female Energy, and the new born Energy. Babies come pure and innocent to this world and get influenced by the parent’s belief system, stress from the environment, teachers, etc.

For a healthy growth (mentally and physically) the baby needs both energies (masculine and feminine energy) to support his development as a human.  We are not talking about the baby’s future sexual orientation, we are talking about the basic needs for a human to grow in balance.

The human behavior started to be developed and influenced since the last 3 months of pregnancy, and will continue to evolve until we are adults.  If one of the energies is missing or is unbalanced, this will create a huge impact on the psychology of the new human.

Is in your hands to take the responsibility and decide the best for you and your kids. Learn more about Human development and behavioral traits, will give you more information for you to take the right decision.

I know this is a very sensitive topic, I was also in a similar situation like you.

which one should you put first? Your own happiness? A safe break up? The kids?

If there is nothing else to do and go for the separation, go for a harmonious one, there are support and guidance to achieve this out there.

Just remember this: The best way to take decisions is to focus on the result you want. Find the Vision of your life, your Mission, and this will guide you always to take decisions by LOVE instead of FEAR

Do it for you and the ones you love! You deserve it! – NEW MINDSET, NEW LIFE!


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About the author: AC

“I am a son, a student, an artist, a husband, a teacher, a messenger…and I use all these roles and my art to support the awakening process of people; help them to take better decisions in their lives and provide them valuable resources to develop themselves into super humans.”

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