What is happening is not a punishment

There are millions of people suffering right now from the floods and crazy rains around the world. And this is not just a natural disaster or a heavenly punishment. I live in China for more than 13 years. I love this country and is giving me the opportunity to live in a safe place withContinue reading “What is happening is not a punishment”


Sometimes in life, we face obstacles and challenges that beat down our self-esteem. We live in a greedy world where many people are constantly telling us what to eat, what to buy, and how to think, creating a big noise that transcends into our hearts bringing self-doubts and low self-esteem. Along our journey, we forgotContinue reading “LOVE SELF”

How to remember who we are?

By Angelo Castagneto Last night, I was watching for the second time the movie from Pixar: SOUL. The first time I didn’t have to really feel it and understand it in the way I wanted, so I took the chance to watch it again…and thanks to that movie, through watching some specific moments of theContinue reading “How to remember who we are?”

10 Benefits of practicing meditation

By Angelo Castagneto Meditation is more close to contemplating the inner world. Is a beautiful practice that everyone can do. From 5 minutes to 1 hour, any place any time.  After 5 years of practicing meditation, learning and practicing multiple techniques and ways to meditate, and helping more than 1000 to relax through my workshops, corporate training, and videos, here I wantContinue reading “10 Benefits of practicing meditation”

Self Punishment and Primal fears

There is a new era for all human kind, and with this also comes new fears and ways to deal with that. Thousands of years ago, the basic human needs were the main motor and fire to make us move. The need of FOOD and SHELTER were the main motivation and also if we didn’tContinue reading “Self Punishment and Primal fears”