3 principles that will help you to find your GIFT


Many different stressful experiences helped me to realize how life works and how important is to take care of yourself FIRST. Most of the people will think is only about body health, but is not. We must pay attention and work out our mind, body, and soul TOGETHER.

During our process and growth, we will face inevitable challenges, part of this game. Sometimes will be so hard that we will think we cannot handle it but we can.

LIFE/GOD/UNIVERSE will never give us something we cannot handle…and we must learn the unique lesson from the painful experience, otherwise it will come again until we learn.

In those difficult times (that still come), there is only one thing is helping me to move forward. Well, a few things. All the things I tried in life before and love to do. Because there is always something you like to do. Something that doesn’t matter how many hours you put on it, you will keep doing. Something that even if people say is not so good, or is bad, you feel mad, angry but still keep doing.  This thing that is easy for you but not for others. This thing that gives you energy instead of draining it. You can call them your gifts, or talents, or however you want to call them. We all have them.

Life will pass in a blink of an eye. There is no guarantee. Life is risky all the time. Since we are born we have a risk to die. Its time to understand that to live and die are part of the same game. This death is just about the body, our essence will live forever. This essence is connected with your gift or talent.

So is very important to put your time and energies to find this gift, to find what really moves you. It no so easy, especially now in these days where the media and the millions of LOST PEOPLE are telling you what to buy and what to do. But once you find it or them, they will help you to make this life more enjoyable, more happy, more fulfilled.

I am just sharing my experience and I know many people are facing what I was facing many years ago.  So here I want to share 3 principles that I consider very important that will help you to find your gift (s): 



Many people expend a lot of time and money to go to seminars, courses or buy expensive equipment and then they quit. Nowadays, is more easy to get an idea of what you want to try and see if is of your best interest.

For example, You want to be a dancer? start simple. Search for free classes, trial classes, free videos and learn. Feel it. Record yourself and see yourself doing it. Forget about the YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, because is true. When you start to explore and find what you like, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH…YET


Maybe you try something and don’t feel nice? Didn’t like it?  Do it one more time in another moment.

We may be in the wrong state of mind (angry, anxious, depressed, etc) so we cannot really connect with the gift or talent immediately. Give yourself one more chance.


Ask, Ask, Ask. You want to be a Top Master on a specific area? , search for other successful Masters on the same or similar area you are interested in and learn from them first. See what they did and how is their lives now. Get an idea of how that path will be before you put yourself 100% inside.



Unfortunately, the people we love the most (mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc) will make us feel we are not good enough, all the time. Is not their fault, and is not your fault. Is just they don’t understand they should focus on their own stuff.

Learn and practice ways that support your inner peace, your focus and awareness to see beyond what other people see. Train yourself to see what others can’t see.  This is an opportunity for you to create.

The people you love have their own path, you meet them to learn and grow together but it doesn’t mean you will do what they say. Listen to them and chose the best for you first!


Do it for yourself, you deserve it.



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Angelo Castagneto

If you need support, feel a little lost, need some advice, please send us an email. We will love to hear from you. You are not alone! 


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What is The SOUL?

Is not your fault

Whatever is good, and is it for me, It will happen


What is The SOUL?

In one of our stress management workshops, one of our students raise a question saying:  “What is the soul?”

bk soul

At that moment I was not ready with a clear answer, in fact, I thought everybody in our workshop had the idea of what soul is.  Do you?

If not, here I will share a beautiful way to understand what SOUL is, how it works and how important is to understand this part of your life.

The incredible machine

There is a famous Japanese cartoon from the 70s called MAZINGER Z.

Imagine there is a wonderful creation. An ultimate warrior with a clear mission to project the laboratory that created him and to protect the city from many evil monsters.


This incredible machine has special and unique features, amazing superpowers and is built with the strongest material available in the world.



And He is not alone, it also has a partner: Aphrodite A


But these are just machines. They need somebody to drive them and use them to achieve their missions.

Here is where the role of the pilot comes.

Introducing Koji (Mazinger’s pilot) and Sayaka (Aphrodite’s pilot).

koji and sayaka.jpg

Before they became the Pilots of Mazinger and Aphrodite they were well trained by the Lead Scientist and Creator of the incredible machines.  But training is not enough, there is also a higher connection between the Pilots and the Creator that provides support and guidance in difficult moments.

There is a strong resonance between the Creator and the Pilots, they have the same Vision of Life and the Mission to protect the city and the laboratory from the evil monsters.


Still, there is something missing, the pilots cannot just drive the machines. They need something to help them to do that, like an interface or hardware with controls.  Here is where the PILDER comes.

Pilders are vehicles that serve as command centers for the giant robots.


They are the most advanced vehicles and act as the control room that can host the pilots, becoming the interface to ride the wonderful warriors.


When these 3 pieces are combined, they become ONE!

PILOT+PILDER+MAZINGER …they are unstoppable


Mazinger itself cannot work without Koji and the Pilder. Koji cannot drive the Mazinger without the Pilder, and the Pilder itself is just a flying control room without command and force. The combination is what makes them unique and powerful.


Is this metaphor already raising some answers of WHAT SOUL IS?


Yes, you are very smart!


The soul is the essence of any human being. Some people also call it SPIRIT and make reference to us as spiritual warriors.


This has nothing to do with the religions and the manipulation of people, this is a pure and simple fact of what we are and how we work. God and Universe have NO RELIGION.

The soul is the one that has a mission, something to do, through a vehicle that supports the materialization of the energies of creation.

The soul is a pure and peaceful energy that comes from a higher and older source.


Then what are the control room (Pilder) and the incredible machine (Mazinger)?

The Control Room is our Mind.  Our mind will help the soul to process the instructions and manifest them in the real life through the machine, this incredible machine is our Body.


This is what makes us humans:




Our Soul is the pilot and through the mind, controls the body

Think about this. Reflect on this.  Meditate on this.

Once you feel this is true and real for you, make it yours and live it…every day of your life.


Take care of each of your parts, because all of them are equally important for you to BE.

  • Be aligned
  • Be calm
  • Be Powerful
  • Be you!




Angelo Castagneto



Is not your fault


Is not your fault if you feel you are not complete

Is not your fault if you feel shame and guilt for your actions

Is not your fault if you are eating unhealthy food knowing that is unhealthy


Here 3 reasons why is not your fault

1) You want to survive

growing in a hate family.jpg

You came from a powerful source full of love as a default setting, but you arrive into a chaotic world full of people that are lost trying to achieve only material things forgetting that the balance of SOUL+MIND+BODY is the key to grow to the next level. The next level where we are super beings free from pain, absolutely prosperous and full of unconditional love.

We arrive here with a lot of power and love and the people around us, starting with family, start to tell us and teach us what to do.

All that information is received, digested and internalized (even if you do not agree with that) and we believe this information is real, covering and forgetting our own original information that came with us since we were born.

As a child we want to survive so we follow the others.

Inner questions sometimes manifest and we say it. We speak them out, and most of the time can’t be answered by the people around us, or we are just told to shut up. At the end we shut up, listen and follow.


2) Multiple Realities

7 power to chose.jpg

Our family, teachers, friends, etc., have their own realities. Each of them has a specific set of talents, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, experiences, and wounds to heal. Same for us. For you and me.

Not so many people understand this, so we are forced to study inside systems where everybody is treated in the same way, and when somebody “fails” is punished.

We still can see this reality and won’t disappear so fast, is the old way of “personal and professional development” running on earth. Thank God (or whoever you believe) this is changing.

New education systems are already in place giving the chance to the individual talented human to explore and rediscover himself.

What about the people that are working and already passed this ancient education system?

You got into another system: the office job.

One man’s dream supported by many robots (you).

This is part of our lives and we all know somebody that is working in a place that hates just because of the financial or family pressure.

There are other realities to explore. You can still work in your boring job and at the same time explore other options, make your own side project or just try things you never tried before.

Move, Adjust, Explore.

There is more than one channel in this TV of Life.


3) You are not broken is just a habit

17 get hurt.jpg

Our brain (if is not trained) is very lazy. We like to do the same thing until something extraordinary happens, like a big disease to wake up, react and adjust our life.

Sometimes is too late and we change our way of seen life right before we experience our transition.


Here some questions for you:

Do you have a happy memory of the first time you went to your favorite fast food restaurant?

Take a minute and remember that moment.

Maybe your family was together with you? They brought you to eat that tasty fast food and you were happy.

Maybe you went there with your friends and had a great funny moment eating that food? You were happy. You, your mind, your mouth, and body remember the feeling and experience.

Now, as a grown-up human, you learn and clearly understand that fast food is not healthy at all.  (like it or not is true)

So, why you keep eating that?


There is nothing wrong with you. You are not anxious or sick. Old habits die hard that’s all.

For how long (years) you have been eating fast and trash food?  5 years? 10 years? More?

That makes you an expert, an expert on eating fast food. The chance that this habit is connected to a happy or comfortable memory is very high too.

Or maybe is just because is more “convenient and cheaper” to eat fast food so you do it.

These are limiting habits and limiting habits can be transformed.

Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, are killing millions of people every day around the world. Is already proved, many years ago, that the eating habits of “the modern lifestyle” are 90% related to the diseases we have, the main trigger of these global killers.

Don’t wait until is too late. Learn how to transform habits gradually. It is hard and possible. Be patient.  You can build new healthy habits at any time.



So, yes is not your fault. You are part of a nasty, corrupted and fast-reward oriented society. Welcome to earth 2018.

earth and death.jpg

Just don’t forget:

You didn’t do anything wrong and what happened in the past is GONE

Now, YOU are totally responsible for what you will do now. Present time looking to your future.


Right after finishing reading this article:

  • Are you going just to finish this and go back to your normal life?
  • Are you going to have some minutes and reflect on this?
  • What kind of action will you take to improve your life?
  • Do you know somebody else that may need this information?


Your mental and body health are in your hands. You decide how you want to live the rest of your time in this life.

10 options.jpg

More health? happier? More peaceful?

You deserve it!  Do it for yourself!


New Mindset, New Life!





The early conditioning of human beings is one of the biggest reason why we are suffering in this life.

I was raised in a Latin culture where the MACHO is the one that “control” the situation, have more power, more girls, and is cooler.

In other parts of the world, they treat the role of LEADER as sacred, and there are so many people that want to become leaders without even noticing that they need to rule their lives first and understand how they are made of.

All this “misunderstanding” mislead the child to grow out thinking to become somebody he or she was not designed to be. The classic situation is the parents wishing the child to become successful, ha! another abstract concept to define.

Each of us is born with a set of talents and skills that, with an investment of time and energies can be developed in our ultimate strengths. We are born in a specific family to cultivate and explore this talents and skills, and what is more interesting and real, we have preset features that contribute and energize this talents and skills.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the opportunity to even explore and discover these talents, or understand what kind of energies rules our design as a human being. For those who can, learn, understand and use them, become widely successful in life, and successful (on my point of view and experience) is this unique kind of people that contribute to the life of millions of people, guidance, and also with huge amounts of wealth as a result of the value they bring to other humans. I call them SUPER HUMANS

Maybe you heard, but no more than 10% of the world population achieve this level of development. less than 10% become SUPER HUMANS. What about the 90% of the humanity?

Today, there are many ways, tools, assessments, to understand WHO and WHAT YOU ARE! One of them and the one that I am recently learning is called HUMAN DESIGN.

Human Design is a combination of numerology, astrology, ancient – Asian wisdom and more, that throws a very interesting report, rich and complex, but very accurate explaining some behaviors based on the energy level.

This is my profile:

AC chart only.jpg

I have been learning and get a deep understanding about myself since 2012, and after I learned Human Design and saw my profile and chart, I decided: There is no more to learn, that’s all, I finished!

But this report itself is not all, looks complex and is complex, but we are even more complex. We are unique, we are connected with other people, and we are part of something bigger.

Other key references for you if you want to learn more about yourself and really clear out your whys, I suggest you check:

  1. DISC Behavioral Assessment – From Thomas International UK (they called: PPA assessment)
  2. Strengths Finder – Talent Assessment From Gallup US
  3. And Human Design from JOVIAN ARCHIVE

Combine wisdom, explore, and bring up your own answers. We are beautiful creatures that deserve to be understood. After you know WHO and WHAT you are, you can “put yourself” in better situations, you can connect with better people that can support you, you can build better relationships, and REALLY, and FINALLY, ENJOY YOUR LIFE based on your design.


Whatever is good, and is it for me, It will happen

Hola papi todo bien por aca.  ahorita tengo unos minutos libres para escribirte 😊

Hi dad, everything ok here.  I have some minutes to write to you 🙂 

Desde hace unos dias atras estaba super estrezado buscando nuevo lugar para hacer las sesiones de RELAX y me di cuenta que estaba cayendo en el mismo juego que yo se,  tratando de controlar todo y hacer todo para que pase, sin enfocarme al concepto original de RELAX que es NO STRESS jaja.

A few days ago I have been very stressed searching for a new place to our RELAX sessions and I realized I was falling into the game I know: trying to control everything, make everything happen, without focusing in the original concept of RELAX that is: NO STRESS – haha!

Cuando hacia por unas unas oraciones y meditacion,  me di cuenta que estaba forzando todo para que pase y asi NO PASA NUNCA,  y mentalmente deje ir todo.  Me dije a mi mismo que estaba esforzandome mucho,  y luego  de unos dias mande un mensaje pidiendo ayuda a los amigos para que me recomienden algun lugar..y ahi salio todo! haha.  recomendaron algunos lugares y ya encontre uno lindo.   van a apoyar y cuando hayan estudiantes abro el seminario, si no hay, no abro, asi que no hay por que hacerse mas problemas.

When I was doing some prayers and meditation, I realized that I was forcing everything to happen and it that way will never happen. Mentally I let go everything.  I told to myself that I was making too many efforts. After a few days, I sent a message to my friends asking for help to recommend me a nice place and everything happen! haha! They recommended me some places, I found a beautiful one.  They will support and when we have enough students we open the sessions, if not, we don’t open. That’s the way to be without problems.


Todo fluye mas facil.

Every flows more easy now.


Y otra cosa,  que al querer hacer todo tu te olvidas que Dios o el Universo, o la Vida en general, te pueden ayudar. Es Real.  Esto ya lo vivi muchas veces en los ultimos anios y todavia me olvido que es asi.  La prosperidad siempre viene cuando uno esta abierto a recibir, sin miedo, sin expectativas.

And another thing, when you want to do everything we usually forget that God, Universe o Life, in general, can help us. Is Real.   I already lived this many times in the last years and I still forget this is like this.  Prosperity always come when you are open to receive, without fear, without expectations


Un dia me puse a meditar, quede en mucha paz y me quede dormido.   luego de esto me levante con una melodia en la cabeza y una letra que decia en ingles con una voz de mujer cantando:




y eso me lleno de confianza y tranquilidad.


One day I was meditating, I went into a deep peace and fell sleep. After this, I woke up with a melody in my head and lyrics in English with the voice of a woman singing:

Whatever is good

And is there for me

It will happen

That fulfilled me with confidence and calmness


Muchas veces trato de que pase algo “creyendo” que es lo mejor para mi, pero cuando nos enfrentamos a muchos obsctaculos y complicaciones, es una indicacion que talvez no es el camino a seguir.

Many times I try for this to happen “believing” is the best for me, but when we face obstacles and challenges, it may be a sign this is not the way to go.


Y asi,  ahi ahora vamos con calma,  abierto a recibir,   acaban de salir unos buenas tocadas que pagan mucho mas que otras y solo toco unos minutos.  Tambien me invitaron a un programa para entrenar jovenes emprededores y orientarlos por varios diass,  etc.   TODO LO BUENO, QUE ESTA AHI PARA MI (alineado con lo mi disenio humano, mi mision, mis fortalezas, VA A PASAR )

Yea, thats all.  We go more calm, open to recieve, and recenlty we got great new jobs, pay more than others and just need to play some minutes. Also I was invited to a program to train young entrepreneurs and guide them for many days.  ALL THE GOOD, THAT IS THERE FOR ME (aligned with my human design, my mission, my strengths) IT WILL HAPPEN! 


Los quiero mucho!

Love you all!





Music, Dad, Healing

1982 2 years old_mi viejo.jpg

When I was very little I used to be very attached to my dad. He is a lovely person but very emotional and with a lot of repressed emotions, especially anger. 


Time passed and I was able to connect with the piano, is like MUSIC called me to be part of it. 


I started to play and learn by myself just by listening, I was only 4 years but got totally captured by those wonderful sounds and keys.


I grew up in the middle of constant argues, fights and loud sounds at home, so I developed my own way of being CALM and FOCUSED, and music helped me to achieve that. 


But I was not the only one being “healed” by my music, my dad was also there.


I will never forget that I used to love to play piano around 11 pm when everybody was more calm and ready to sleep. I used to go out of my room, go to the living room where the piano was, sit there in the dark and play for myself.  Suddenly I felt some soft steps behind me, slowly go and sit near me but far enough to not bother me. It was him. My dad.


In silence, we were calming down after a long day, without being able to understand our own emotions, our anger, our pains, but deeply connected by the melodies that came through me,  a wonderful and peaceful moment. 



Thank you DAD for this experience. Now I understand how it works, and I am using this to help more people like us. You showed me the way.



Why you must practice meditation?

  •  80% of the most wonderful and successful people in the world practice meditation.

  • They are not only making millions but also helping millions of people through their businesses and projects.

  • Meditation is not an old practice exclusive for gurus, spiritual masters, or monks anymore.  Meditation is for everybody.

  • Learn and Use it!



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How to teach creativity to your kids



I have never been good at speaking.  It took me years to be able to express myself in public, on the stage,  and conquer that fear. I still consider myself as an introvert artist, and you know what?  I  love it.

I just want to share something I wanted to share a long time ago.  Is my first memory of me being an artist and who is my first art teacher in life.


Definitely, I was around 4 years old. I use to be scared of my dad coming back from parties or meeting with friends because sometimes he was a little drunk, so I was not able to sleep by myself in my own room.  There was a lot of love from my mom and dad towards me and also I love them a lot, but in those days I was not able to understand many things, their problems, struggles, insecurities, etc.  I was in the middle of all their chaos.

So, as kids, we need to survive and we will always find the way…my way was ART!

NOTE: And if you are reading this now is also because you found the way to stay alive.  Congratulations!

1965 Familia BN.jpg

“My lovely Dad, beautiful Mom and my sister, 50 years ago.  Love this photo. Miss them a lot.”


My mom used to play with me a game, and this is what you can do with your kids too.

I loved to draw, and my mom knew it. She gave me a white piece of paper,  then she makes a fast random drawing (in Spanish we call: garabato) so It will look something like this:


Then she said:  OK,  now you finish the drawing!

Then she gave me the same pencil she was using to draw.  I take it,  and I start to “SEE” what kind of image comes there using those lines.

In my imagination, at that early age, there were no so many crazy dark things haha….so I was more into complete something using some existing simple images in my head.

Then I started to draw, and when I finish, there was something like this:


2 guys happy doing surfing on a beautiful beach!



a little girl trying to reach the piano keys



A hungry antbear eating ants


I remember very well these moments of peace and connection with my mom. I will never forget them. 🙂


If you are a mom, want to be a mom, or know somebody that wants to become a mom,  share this.  And remember:

Everybody has an artist inside, no matter where you are from, how beautiful or ugly is your life. The connection between two human beings through art can be so powerful that can completely transform lives in a very positive way.

Never judge your kid’s art.  Guide them, and If you cannot stop judging, at least shut up, observe and appreciate it.

DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM & JUDGMENT can be also destroying the life of a potential artist that will create THE NEW WORLD.



yeyeyeye video f1 (1)

Angelo Castagneto (AC): The Relax Coach

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Angels, Coaching and Self-Coaching Exercise by AC

Angels, Coaching and Self-Coaching Exercise

By AC / The Relax Coach

After many years doing training for big companies and based on my experience helping individuals with their stress in China, I started to realized many things that can be helpful for many many people, not only in China but around the world. That’s why I started to share and write articles about this, my experience and the lives of all the people I have been meeting so far in this life.

Before we go to the Self Coaching Exercise, I will like to share some concepts we need to understand, just to have a better background for the exercise.



Most of us are living in an illusion. Since we where kids we started to be conditioned by other people’s lives, beliefs, and way of thinking.  A lot of people today is still there in this illusion, blind without direction in life; emotionally attached to material things and relationships. This kind of life is what bring you high levels of stress, inner struggle, and real pain.  But this is not your final destination, you have a choice.

WARNING: This article is only for those who want to go out from this illusion, from this fantasy world, and move to a new world, a real one created by you.



Fortunately, on the way of our journey, we will meet wonderful people that will bring us a message, those are what I call ANGELS.

The message they bring can be a subtle advice or a big warning, somehow, they come to guide us. They can be anybody, can be your own family member, your friend, even a stranger that you meet on the subway or your dog. Can be a little confusing who to listen and who not to.



At the same time, there are many people that passed through the pains you are facing now. People that woke up a long time ago from the limiting beliefs and old society patterns before you.  Some of them learned and experienced enough to guide others to a better path of life. Those are what I call COACHES.


THE COACHES are those who can help you to see what you can’t see.  




If you are not open to receive the messages from ANGELS, or maybe doesn’t feel a COACH can help you now, I understand. Maybe is not your time yet. The same happened to me and millions of people that have been experiencing what we call THE AWAKENING. This awakening is just an AHA moment when you deeply realize that life can be better for you and with determination, you say NO MORE TO THE SHIT AND PAIN you have been experiencing in your life.

And life will bring you pain and struggle anyway. Is part of the game design. But if you are still lost without direction, conditioned and attached, this pain and struggle can come to you in extraordinary levels. We don’t want that.



If you are ready to change this situation and reconnect with your life direction and purpose, here I will recommend you 3 simple steps to start with, this worked for me in many ways, hope it can work for you too.  You need only 2 pieces of A4 paper and a pen or marker. If you like many colors like me, get some colorful markers.

VERY IMPORTANT: To do this exercise and experience better results, take a moment for yourself, quality time, in silence, far from the stressful and noisy environment.

STEP 1 _point A

Get the first piece of paper and write down about YOU in present time. You can use the following questions as a reference:

  • Who are you now?
  • What are you now?
  • How is your career now?
  • Where are you?
  • What do you have?
  • How do you feel about who are you?
  • How do you feel about what you have?
  • Who is around you in your life?
  • How do you feel about them?
  • What are your achievements until this point of life?
  • What kind of knowledge have you now learned from your past failures?
  • Any projects in mind?

All these questions are focused on the present time. Anything that comes to your mind, positive or negative, Write it there.  Just let your hands express your soul and feelings. Write and write until you feel is enough.

After you finish writing the list of things about your life in present time (POINT A), identify and mark what can be better for you. Just mark them with a star*. Forget about what other people say about your life, this is your time, your life!


Then, in the second piece of paper, write down about these items with the star that you consider can be better. You can use this questions as a reference for step 2.

  • What can be better?
  • What is the desired result?
  • When I see/feel/want this result to become real?


Maybe you will experience some pain, struggles or blocks while you are writing this. Just take a deep breath, accept it and continue. This uncomfortable feeling IS NOT YOU, is just your mind playing some old tricks. There is something you may need to work on later. Maybe you don’t know how now, but at least you can see it clearer where you can start and where you want to go.  (A—B)


Now you have 2 outcomes. POINT A with your situation at present time; POINT B with a desirable result or destination.

After you have more information about your life and see clearly the things you want, check about why they are happening. What the root is. How you can transform and close the gap between A and B.

IMPORTANT: For the purpose of this exercise, don’t expend too much time on thinking and writing about how to close the gap. This exercise is only to provide you a brief idea of your situation at present time. Later, if you really want to do something about them, you will need to invest more time in it.

Clearing out the uncertainties, the questions marks of your life, help you to reduce the fears and obstacles created by these pains and increase the probability to achieve what you want. Be patient.


One common example of what I saw on my clients and one of the biggest pains that we have been creating to ourselves is the limiting belief: I am not good enough.

If we follow these 3 steps using some examples related to this I am not good enough, we may find this:

1- Evaluate your life in present time (POINT A)

Who are you now? – I am a single mother (talking about role)


2- Identify what can be better (POINT B)

I am not a good mother so I want to be a better mom for my son, but I don’t know how.


3- Clear out the doubts and whys (closing the gap)

There is a gap now from PRESENT SINGLE MOM ROLE (A) to a future BETTER MOM ROLE (B).  Is time to learn about how to be a better mom. Then, in coaching, is very important you define in detail what it means to you this “future role” of been a BETTER MOM using this example. Then you will be able to find more easy and effortless the necessary information and support for your growth and become the wonderful mom you want to be.


Another example:

1- Evaluate your life in present time (POINT A)

I am an office worker and I hate my job, is horrible (talking about a career)


2- Identify what can be better (POINT B)

I want to find the perfect job, something I love, but I’m not sure what


3- Clear out the doubts and whys (closing the gap)

There is a gap now, from PRESENT HORRIBLE JOB to a future PERFECT JOB.  Is time to learn about how to change this. Then, again, define on detail what it means to you this “PERFECT JOB” then see what skills and talents you have, what you need to improve, and where you can find this job.

The limiting beliefs connected to I am not good enough is very common.  I will write down another article only about this.  For now, what I can say is, YES, you are not good enough…YET!   😉


This exercise is just one way to put yourself back on track, on the way to the life you really want to experience. There is also important to mention that from POINT A to POINT B there will be many obstacles and most of the time these obstacles are only in our minds.

If you are doing this by yourself, you may take more time to clearly see this POINT A, POINT B, how to close the gap and how to overcome obstacles. If you join a training or workshop about this or related to what you want to achieve, the probability you will do it faster is higher. Same or even more effective, if you find a coach to help you. But doesn’t matter how or when you start this process, start with yourself and do it now! Life is short and juicy.



For those who are new to the coaching services and looking for a coach, like in any profession or industry, there are good service providers, poor service providers, outstanding service providers. Once you find somebody, you must feel and see how much resonance you have with this person. Meet or talk to him, see how his life is, what has he been through, what he knows, his skills and experience. There is not a perfect coach, but for sure there are many that have a real mission to support people and they will bring all their best resources to support you.



You are a wonderful person!  You are complete!  You have everything you need to succeed right there inside you.  The only thing is you may be a little lost and confused by all the mess around you. That’s all. Take a deep breath, find the way and allow yourself to embrace the beautiful life you deserve.




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Tales from Mother Earth: No More Humans



Oh! I still remember those days when humans were truly happy.

They used to grab a fruit from the tree, eat it and feel enough energy the whole day. There were not fat humans before, there was no greed and obsession for eating fancy things. I was able to provide everything for them, anytime for free.

In those years there were no so many humans. They were not worried about survival, there was no competition to see who was first, there was not even a leader. They were sweet children in a huge unlimited and safe playground. I missed those days, I missed to feel them like that.

happy people dancing.jpg

It was so funny to see the couples running naked without shame, without guilt. Nobody blames them for something they did wrong, there was no right or wrong. Everybody was just being. It was so simple and beautiful.

Of course, I was stronger those days, I was also with more energy so all my blues and greens were at their best. I was peaceful and powerful, at the same time. My weather was perfect, I know my inhabitants don’t like so cold or so warm, I was happy to give them the best.

happy people dancing MORE.jpg

But one day they started to change. I still don’t understand why. Suddenly there were more humans, some of the humans started to create groups, something like what you call now a family. They started to be very jealous and over protecting their families, also their territories and things. It was ridiculous because they were the owners of everything, they had all for free directly from me and life. Seems they started to forget.

In those days, I remember there was one human that became so ambitious that started to enroll more humans to control other humans. I was very sad to see that but because of the rules, I was not able to do anything.

They become crazy with the fruits and vegetables I was providing. They moved in groups now, they were more than before. Once the groups arrived in an area, they eat and destroy all around to build their own stuff. I can say I admire their creativity sometimes, but that creativity and creation power was the one that brought them to almost extinction years later.

doom 1.jpg

They started to bring more humans and more, and more, and then they feel shame, feel guilty, and stressed, trying to provide food and shelter for their children. A very upsetting pattern.


Before everybody was the same, no hierarchy or boss, but because of the needs and fears, some humans started to become bosses, so they were able to handle more humans to satisfied specific needs. Sometimes I can say there were good humans, sometimes no. Oh! I just realized that was the first time I understood that somebody can be bad or good. Interesting huh?

Time passed and they became more creative, they used to call it “evolution of human race”, I don’t think so, they were going exactly to the end, faster and in a painful way.


The thing that hurt me the most was the uncontrollable desire for bringing more human babies to me. There was no conscious act, there were just playing with their bodies for seconds to later regret the whole life. Before humans used to come by desire, they came because their soul wanted, this is also forgotten.


To be honest, too many humans started to be a pain in the ass. They created tools and weapons to kill other living beings because the food was not enough. It was so sad (with tears in the eyes). They started to fight for what they called resources and also because some of them thought were better than others…they started to kill themselves and all the harmony was broken.

I got very sick those days, I was not able to control my weather like before. I was so sorry for that, I tried my best. I am a very friendly lady but I don’t let humans abuse me. I also was in this “evolution process” together with all the humans, kind of painful process.


The most complex years were when they started to develop some devices with some unreal intelligence, I don’t remember how they used to call it, hmmm, I think was “technology” They were so proud of that. They were earning a lot of money. Oh my god! I don’t even want to talk about money now, they literary killed so many other humans because of that too. They totally forgot that all the material things including money and gold came from me, from my trees and mountains. It was free! Everything was for you silly boys and girls.


So, with this technology, they started to create very complex and expensive things. People never need it but some of these bosses found the way to make millions from the people that bought their stuff. Such a big illusion and fear of not having something they never need.

life cycle.jpg

Before it was so simple, then they complicate their lives, they expend years, money and blood to develop things to make life easier again, at the end they didn’t make it. It took them thousands of years to realize they were going deeper into the dark path. In the same way, it took them thousands of years to come back to where we are now.


I remember a wonderful human that started to make the change. Other humans used to call him “the awakened”. He just remembers what others couldn’t remember, that’s all, Ha Ha! Most of them were sleeping with blindfolds without knowing that there was no more darkness and the light was there shining their sleepy faces every day.

I was so happy that other humans were also awakening from the dream. I still don’t know where they came from. I don’t think they were normal humans from a scared mom and dad, I think they were “superhumans”, anyway…


They were there, helping people to see hope, giving the example as role models, showing them life can be better and simple. Teaching others, taking care of others, creating wonderful wonderful things (Tears of joy)

Them it came more struggle within humans. The separation of the “good and bad” was more strong and obvious. Those who stayed with the blindfolds eventually couldn’t make it. Nobody killed them, they destroyed themselves.

suffering earth.jpg

I was not able to control myself anymore. I was so sad those days. I was not able to rest well, got fever and chills. I was shaking a lot, I was not stable. Feel so sorry to remember that, because a lot of humans got hurt and perished.

…(sigh) but now is different.

new era.jpg

Those who are still here with me, are building a new mindset. They are teaching to the newcomers what is the simple and peaceful life we deserve. Humans are smarter in the mind, body and soul level, and for the first time with wonderful awakened leaders that see the whole universe as a natural and free resource for everybody.

I am deeply sorry for what happened before, it’s hard for me to let go the hurt and turmoil. Those scars will never disappear, and at the same time, I feel hope too. I can move forward, heal and grow again because I see the kindness of you. That powerful energy that keeps us moving around the sun is still there inside you.

last earth.jpg

For those humans that remain and are still here, I just want to say: 

1) Don’t give up.  Don’t give up on trying your best to remember what are you made of. Find the way to take out the blindfold and see the light of the day as it is. It is shining for you right now, for free

2) Have fun in the process and respect the progress, it will happen anyway, so have fun learning and growing.

3) Don’t bring humans in a random way, be conscious of that. Bringing humans is not your main purpose, and once they are on the way, remember they are independent souls in a body, they are not gifts from the universe to you. They will come and live the same as you, so be sure you are really aware of the truth and in love. In the end, all of them are welcome to visit me anyway.

4) I love you all. I will be here dancing with the stars giving you my best my dear humans, and please simplify your life! That is the real key to long-lasting happiness or at least 51% of happiness in your life.

Good enough?  ; )


Art and Concept by Angelo Castagneto