What is happening is not a punishment

There are millions of people suffering right now from the floods and crazy rains around the world. And this is not just a natural disaster or a heavenly punishment.

I live in China for more than 13 years. I love this country and is giving me the opportunity to live in a safe place with my wife. Amazing people around and chances to grow as a professional. I even feel freer here than when I was back in my country Ecuador.

It is heartbreaking to see my wife helping a group of wonderful women to collect money and resources to support the people that are suffering from the flood. She cries and has big empathy for them as their brothers and sisters.

Kids, adults, and animals are gone by the force of the water. Is sad, but there is more behind it.

The same as here, many countries are suffering right now because of the force and power of water. And don’t forget that water is used to clean.

As in some religions, water is blessed and used to purify people and things, the same thing is happening now with the floods and rains. This time the “priest” is our mother earth.

For thousands of years, we have been hurting her, and she is so kind that had allowed us to stay here. It’s like a kid trying to burn the mom’s skirt with a match. The mother will not kill him, but she will react to protect herself and to protect the son from getting burnt.

We, including myself, have been destroying the earth in many ways. Throwing trash, overusing /wasting water, eating dead animals, and the huge usage of water behind in the so-called MEAT INDUSTRY. Using a lot of fuel-based electricity and more. We have been hurting her using and taking from her without giving back something.

All these tornados, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, are exactly like when the dog scratches itself because it feels fleas in the skin that are itchy and annoying. We are those fleas. We are the plague.

But, MOTHER EARTH is full of love. She is a living being with a huge spirit that was not able to incarnate in a human body. She is pure real love. That’s why we are still here. But (another positive but) She is rising her energies. She is becoming stronger and she cannot allow her kids to stay in mediocrity and in the darkness. WE MUST RAISE OUR ENERGIES AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS TRUE.

Start by working on yourself. Learn more about you, about the 70% of your body that is water. Learn how to be more healthy, do more things you love without hurting yourself, others, or the environment. Read more, consume less trash or unnecessary things, and be REAL.

Once you start to be cleaner, your mind and heart will be more clear

Once you start to see more clearly, you will be able to give and contribute more without worries and fears

Once you give more from your love instead of fear, all the resources and energies will come to support you and protect you

Nothing guarantees we will stay here forever, but at least MAKE IT WORTH IT!

Love you



Sometimes in life, we face obstacles and challenges that beat down our self-esteem.

We live in a greedy world where many people are constantly telling us what to eat, what to buy, and how to think, creating a big noise that transcends into our hearts bringing self-doubts and low self-esteem.

Along our journey, we forgot that we were born with all that we need. We were born on a beautiful planet full of resources, real love, and people to support our life, to support our growth.

We have the power to become whoever we want once we really want it.

We have the power to do whatever we want once we decide to do it.

We have the power to acquire everything that we desire from the heart.

And that power is LOVE!

Love is the fuel that comes from inside us;

Love is like a sweet inner hug;

Love is what brings us to this world and allows us to experience the university of life.

We just forgot about this, and maybe that is why we came this time to this planet to remember it.

To unlock this power, to reignite this beautiful energy of love, we need to work on ourselves first.

Sometimes we will need to learn new things to remind us how to love ourselves.

Sometimes we will need to unlearn things and let go so we have space for our love to grow.

Let’s take a deep breath now. Put both of your hands in your chest, and feel your heart. Say these words for yourself to activate your love.

In spite of the fear, I love myself

In spite of the doubts, I love myself

In spite of what my parents say about me, I love myself

When I feel tired, I love myself

When I am full of energy, I love myself

Because I am the energy,

Because I AM LOVE

The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become.

The more I love myself, the more wonderful and strong I become.

The more I love myself, the greater my capacity to truly love others.

The more I love myself, the greater is the trust in my thoughts and actions.

The more I love myself, the healthier I become.

Because I AM LOVE

I am in control of my beliefs

I am in control of my thoughts

I am in control of my emotions

I am in control of my actions

I experience positive results all the time when I do things because of love




Every day when you wake up, or anytime you feel with low self-esteem, a little stressed with anxiety about your future, repeat these words to yourself. Practice it every day and rebuild your confidence. Embrace the beautiful things that will start to happen and become a witness of your power of love.

I love you


How to remember who we are?

By Angelo Castagneto

Last night, I was watching for the second time the movie from Pixar: SOUL. The first time I didn’t have to really feel it and understand it in the way I wanted, so I took the chance to watch it again…and thanks to that movie, through watching some specific moments of the movie, I got one of my deepest breakthroughs in my life.

We truly came to this life with this body with all what we need. Is not a religious theme to think that our soul came here to do something, is more about human existence and human evolution; and most of us know this deep inside our hearts, that we may be here for a reason. But why we came? What is that reason or purpose? Is it fixed? Or we can really decide?

Part of the life game is to come here to remember what we already know. And one of the key words to help us to remember is just TO LIVE and EXPERIENCE as much as we can. ENJOY as much as we can, and LEARN from the suffering we will experience.

I came here with my dear talents of LEARNING, I love to learn and explore, especially things about art and people’s behaviors. Then another talent for me is to CREATE, even if is just a song, or simple drawing. I am creating every day of my life without stopping for the last 5 years. And my other top talent or passion is SHARE. To share my message and maybe on the way inspire somebody.

But those are my talents/sparks/passions, THEY ARE NOT MY PURPOSE. Inside those talents is my music, my sculpting, my capability to teach and train people, but THOSE ARE NOT MY PURPOSES in this life.

What I found, or better say, REMEMBER, thanks to watching SOUL, is that all the things I have been learning were not for me to heal myself, or to express my inner stuff. All those things I have been learning are here to HELP AND SUPPORT OTHERS. And by realizing this, THE WHOLE PURPOSE of my life changed.

Most of us expend too much time thinking on ME ME ME ME, what is there for me, what can I get, what can I buy, etc. Is ok to be a ME ME person about health, and take care of ourselves, but when is about creating a service, a business, etc, is the game of GIVING, and giving something really valuable for people. Then as the result of this value we can bring, then things will come. Things like love, money, connections, recognition, impact, etc.

So, to finish this sharing today, I will ENCOURAGE you to do something. If you feel lost in life, depressed, anxious about future, with no money, sick, but you still have a little HOPE that all can be better, you still have a little PASSION for something in life, LET THAT HOPE AND PASSION to enlighten your path. Go for it 100% and use these reminders/angels(messengers) to help you to REMEMBER why you are really here.

Key reminders/angels that help us to remember our passions and our purpose in life:

  1. Movies with a positive meaning or positive message (like all Pixar movies)
  2. Books with real and valuable information such as: health, self-growth, business development, biographies of successful people that came from darkness (my favorites)
  3. People around (ALL OF THEM) They are mirrors of our existence. All of the will be here to remind you something for your path.
  4. Music, instrumental or with lyrics. Sounds bypass our busy minds and go directly to open our hearts.
  5. Nature, healthy food, and animals. For me the nature and food of this planet are our real healers, and the animals are our real masters. Learn from them, observe the animals at home or in the wild. Bugs, worms, bees, all living things has a clear design and purpose. Get inspired.

Take care of yourself. Be more compassionate with yourself. Don’t be so hard with yourself please. We need you.

MORE WE ARE, more we are at peace and in a beautiful state of calmness, focused on what we love, and with high healthy energies, MORE WE CAN DO to change the situation of this world. WE can vanish all the darkness and misery that many people is experiencing this days. WE CAN MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE…TOGETHER!

If you feel resonance with this message, please share it. More people need this too.

Love you

Angelo 李东成

How to find balance in the middle of a noisy life?

The real balance comes from the alignment of our mind (believes and thoughts)  our heart (feelings and intuition)  supported by the energy of our emotions. This is what we call: HARMONY

Unfortunately most of us grew up in environments and systems where we just pay attention to learn how to develop the brain side of us,  especially the memory.

The NO HARMONY state (unbalanced) of us is one of the roots of high levels of stress.  We know our hearts should lead but we allow our rational brain to decide based on obsolete data and illusions.

Mind (itself) will always make reference to the past (previous experiences and what with we learned from our senses) and help us to survive. But the heart will always be in present time and see beyond our physical eyes. 

THE HARMONY or aligment is achieved by calming down our mind,  focus it towards what we really want, and opening up our heart to connect with others,  feel and decide the best for us.



Angelo Castagneto – Stress Release Coach and Corporate Trainer

10 Benefits of practicing meditation

By Angelo Castagneto

Meditation is more close to contemplating the inner world. Is a beautiful practice that everyone can do. From 5 minutes to 1 hour, any place any time. 

After 5 years of practicing meditation, learning and practicing multiple techniques and ways to meditate, and helping more than 1000 to relax through my workshops, corporate training, and videos, here I want to share with you the top 10 benefits of practicing meditation. 

1) Meditation reduces the noise of the mind and overthinking, allowing us to be more in control of our mind. 

2) Brings us back to the present time, with less anxiety about the future, less depression from the past. 

3) Creates the space between thoughts so we can see them and embrace them instead of letting them control us. 

4) Helps us to slow down and recharge our energies, without the necessity to go to sleep for long hours. 

5) Meditation gives us private time for ourselves and disconnects us for a while from the outside chaotic world. 

6) Considerably reduce high levels of stress, helping us to turn off the stress mode and come back to normal. We come back to our center. 

7) With practice and time, meditation will support the development of our resilience: the capacity to deal with sudden challenges and threats. 

8) In a deep meditation state, our creative and intuition power multiplies by thousand times. More good and positive ideas to create amazing things for this life.

9) In the long term, we are more and more aware of our emotions and we can deal with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, and fear in a fast- conscious way, so the emotions cannot run our lives. We are in total control. 

And my favorite…

10) Helps us to feel our soul and understand that we are pure real love, unlimited peace, and positive power.  


Take your chance and start to learn this wonderful gift of meditation and experience your new life. 




if you are still here, is because of a reason.
There is a purpose behind each of our existences. Some of us already know our purpose, some of us are still exploring and figuring out what is that big WHY we are here.

Here some clues to show you how to find that WHY. Also called passion, fuel, motivation.

1) You must do it so you can feel it. And you may need to do it more than once.

2) That thing you do will make you feel IN THE ZONE when your mind and body are aligned with your heart and time (as we know it) disappears

3) You will have the feeling that you can bring ”that” and direct it to help others.

4) it can be as simple and ”small” that you may say… O I cannot do it or is just a hobby. O… I cannot waste time on that

5) You feel happy and maybe guilty because people had told us you cannot make money with that and that’s why you chose another career instead of what you really love (that happened to me)



李东成 Angelo

Self Punishment and Primal fears

There is a new era for all human kind, and with this also comes new fears and ways to deal with that.

Thousands of years ago, the basic human needs were the main motor and fire to make us move. The need of FOOD and SHELTER were the main motivation and also if we didn’t have them, the fear of been starving, without protection, and the classic fear of death.

Before there was not such a system (society) created, so the distribution or the resources, the security, and the way to get these basic needs were inexistent. Society came to build cities and all the systems were stablished providing a solution to satisfy those basic needs.

For those who live in the cities and have access to satisfiy the basic needs, now there is a new threath. Our mind will always look for something to protect us from. There is more safety, more access to food and water, so what is next? What is the new fear we are facing? 2 kinds of fear:

  1. Fear of not been good enough
  2. Fear of not been loved

The society developed technology and this technology create new ways of communication and sharing. Yes, social media is one of this big pieces. With this new era also came higher leves of competition between the people. There are more ways to get easy or free education, more specialized jobs, more humans that are looking for jobs, so the frustration and anxiety to SHOW UP, or BE DIFFERENT, so people can notice you, is brining the highest levels of stress we have ever seen.

The fear of not been good enough also comes in the intimate relationships. The pressure in some cultures to find somebody to love, and all the material requirement we need to have in order to match and get our “soulmate”.

So, if we are not good enough, we cannot be loved? This is still an unconsicous way our mind reacts and ask. And when we want to achieve someting and we cannot make it, we start to trigger old belives and behavioral patterns that may hurt us.

As kids, we absorbed behaviors and patterns from parents and the people around us. When we are in highe levels of stress and fear, those pattersn come up and are activated. The SURVIVAL MODE is always there. The thing is somethings this unconsicous reactions can really be harmful for ourselves and the people around.

If we are not aware, sometimes we punish ourselves by eating unhealthy food (fast food, trash food, tons of sugar, acid drinks, etc) or maybe we get so mad that we hit our fist to the wall showing anger and power, but hurting our hands. This is just some examples that can be connected with those deep fears of not been good enough or not been love.

Loneliness, if is not undertood, can be fatal for many people that cannot cope with high levels of stress or anxiety. Suicide rates go high, and in most of the cases, the person that decide to leave this live, was for a long period alone. Disconnected from the society, family or friends.



There are many ways. We just need to consider that whatever we learn or practice, will take some time to show us real results.

I passed thruogh many difficult moments in live and I touched the ground. I was burnout and sick, but I have 2 ways (or wisdoms) that helped me to recover, stand up, and keep moving forward my dreams. One of this wisdoms is MUSIC. Playing an instrument is one of the best ways to stay out of your mind. It takes time to practice but this is a LONG-SUSTAINABLE way to support your emotional intelligence and your resilience.

The second one is MEDITATION (in any form, color or shape). There is a simple practice where you just sit and take a deep breath allowing yourself to calm down and be more in present time. MEDITATION is just a way and there are many techniques with different names you can find out there and learn for free.

Without extending this message more, I just want to encourage you to learn music and play an instrument, AND/OR practice meditation. They will bring you a life-long support, and gradually you will see how your whole life start to be transofmed into a more positive and happy life. More peace inside doesnt make us weaker, it make us stronger.

If you are alone and need help, ask for help. Contact me if you want to talk, or find a support group around you. There is a deep mission that many of us are doing in this life, and in my case is TO HELP PEOPLE TO RECONNECT WITH THEIR INNER PEACE AND POWER THROUGH MUSIC.

Actually, we are never alone. The painful loneliness we feel is just an state of mind and low energies. Both can be changed.

Find the way.

Angelo Castagneto