Most of the beliefs created since childhood limit us blocking our energies and suppressing our real powers!

One of the best ways to transform these limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs is by learning about yourself. Deeply understand WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE. What are those hidden SUPERPOWERS that make you unique.

This program will raise your confidence and give you the necessary energy to build the life you want and deserve.

With a combination of professional assessments, music and art therapy, we will guide you to identify these superpowers (talents, motivations, strengths) and focus on how to use these inner positive resources to reconnect with your direction in life


Main tools and knowledge to support this process:

  • ACPF (AC’s passion finder system)
  • DISC (Behavioral assessment by Thomas International UK)
  • STRENGTHS FINDER (Talents and strengths – Behavioral assessment by Gallup US)
  • SFM/NLP (Success Factor Modeling by Robert Dilts – Dilts Strategy Group US / NLP University)
  • HUMAN DESIGN (Energy gates, channels, and best strategies for life)


Positive outcome and results experienced by our clients:

  • You are more open, your mind is more clear, and you are more confident to take key decisions in life based on your essence as a unique human being.
  • You are more aware of where you need to start to work on (sharp your skills, master a technique, set realistic goals connected to your passions and strengths, etc.)
  • You will clear out your uncertainties and considerably reduce your stress when you see the things as they are. No more illusions, expectations or fantasies that distract you from your life purpose and success.


1 on 1 prices

NOTE: If you are very interested in our service but you are experiencing financial problems, let us know. Together we can find the way.


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