The WHO (World Health Organization) announced that by 2020, STRESS will become the 2nd global killer after the Top 1 Heart Disease. In 2015, a research published by Gallup revealed that 46% of the working population in the big cities in China is living under high levels of stress.

Research shows that STRESS itself is not an enemy. The real problem comes because we are used to live a SELF-DESTRUCTIVE LIFESTYLE. We never turn off the stress switch and we think is normal.

The accumulation of STRESS can affect our minds and bodies. Is a silent process that can trigger serious illnesses such as anxiety, depression, addictions and in more serious cases chronical diseases. People need support and that’s why we are here!

RELAX is a unique concept that brings live piano music support our guests to reflect and release stress from daily life.

When we are in a CALM and FOCUSED STATE our emotions are aligned supporting our actions. We can think and see more clearly our options, make better decisions, and experience better results in anything we want to achieve. This will bring you more fulfillment, more confidence, and at the end more happiness and peace.

Key benefits perceived by our clients:

  • Feel calm and relax in all their body.
  • Reduce anxiety and bring you back to the present time.
  • Raise self-awareness to handle uncomfortable emotions such as anger and fear before they hurt the people they love.
  • Have a chance to escape for a while from the noisy world.
  • Clear out the unnecessary thoughts and find easier the answers to their problems.

Relax Artist: Angelo Castagneto


Relax Training for Walmart GS China

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There is a way to escape from the noisy world and let go all stress of our busy daily lives CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

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