Sometimes we feel lost in our lives,  low self-esteem, even guilty and shame express in the classic “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. Maybe is just because you are in the wrong place, trying to be somebody you are not, doing things you do not suppose to do.

Is time to stop, reflect on your life and get back the direction towards your dreams.

The transition from the old life to the new life can be very stressful and takes time but is extremely rewarding!

This re-adjustment requires courage, discipline, and perseverance. I have been there so I can share with you all the concepts and tools I learned in the way that help me to transform my life.

No more random actions and a waste of your vital energy.

With our program, you will be able to reconnect with your life direction, identify what you love and want to do, and also how you can serve others through your business.


Here is where we come and support your decisions providing guidance based on our experience and world-class coaching skills.

Main tools and knowledge to support this process:

  • ACPF (AC’s passion finder system)
  • STRENGTHS FINDER (Talents and strengths – Behavioral assessment by Gallup US)
  • SFM/NLP (Success Factor Modeling by Robert Dilts – Dilts Strategy Group US / NLP University)
  • Practical Meditation (Dynamic, Guided, Rajayoga, etc.)
  • Emotion Management Techniques
  • AC’s Life Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy – Drawing
  • Spiritual Logic

COS png EN CH.png

Circle of Success by Master Robert Dilts


If you are ready to take the next step in your life and make a real change, we are here to support you.

Let us know your story by email or book a free consultation session with AC now.

Contact us here!

1 on 1 prices

NOTE: If you are very interested in our service but you are experiencing financial problems, let us know. Together we can find the way.

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