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There are many things that bring us stress: family, career, financial situations, and more, but all of them are just on the surface. The real stress just comes from 2 main reasons:

  • No direction in life (random actions and results) and
  • Attachments (emotional attachments to material things and relationships)

We teach you master techniques and share with you the wisdom to release those repressed emotions (anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, worries, etc.) that have been accumulated for many years and let go all those emotional attachments that block your beautiful energies. There is always a healthy way to release all the stress.


Main tools and knowledge to support this process:

  • Practical Meditation (Dynamic, Guided, Rajayoga, etc.)
  • Mindfulness Dance
  • Emotion Management Techniques
  • AC’s Life Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy – Drawing
  • OTMT (AC’s Obstacle Transformation Music Therapy using life music)
  • Face your Fears (AC’s art therapy – sculpting technique to visualize and transform fears)
  • Spiritual Logic


 Positive outcome and results experienced by our clients:

  • You will feel relaxed and calm (less anxious, less stress, less nervous)
  • You will be able to use the techniques and wisdom to support you any time you face stressful moments
  • You will have more awareness of your own emotions and this will allow you to manage better your impulse and reactions when facing difficult moments.


1 on 1 prices

NOTE: If you are very interested in our service but you are experiencing financial problems, let us know. Together we can find the way.


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