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Angelo Castagneto (AC) was born in Ecuador, South America in 1981. When he was 4 years old he connected with his first passion: playing the piano.  Years passed and by 2007 he connected with his second passion: delivering training and teaching.

AC is the Co-Founder of Heart Vision, a new company with 10+ years of experience in the talent development industry in China focusing on the creation and delivery of the new generation of training programs for corporates and individuals. AC focuses on the individual side and brings valuable elements to the corporate cases.

Today AC has 5 years of corporate training experience and 3 years creating and delivering workshops for individuals in China. He successfully integrated his strengths into unique workshops where music, art, and personal development are key elements to support people’s growth and relaxation.

AC’s Life-Changing Education & Experience

  • Success Factor Modeling (NLP+Business Modeling) – International Certificate – Dilts Strategy Group US
  • Strengths_Based Certified Coach – Gallup US
  • Business Management University Degree – Ecuador
  • SAP Global Trainer – Fact Project Maersk Line – Denmark
  • Music Therapy and Music Arrangement
  • Spiritual Logic by Master Bijan / US
  • Emotions Management by Master Mano Veet – India / US
  • Brahma Kumaris’ Inner Peace Inner Power Meditation program – India

Some learning moments:

Success Factor Modeling with master Robert Dilts, creator of NLP University in California, US.

2017 0630 sfm2 Bridging Investors


Strengths-Based Coaching certification by GALLUP U.S.

strenghts group photo 1

Transaction Analysis (TA) Psychology tool training by Dr. Vann J.

2016 0506 TA workshop


Meditation and Spiritual Knowledge by Brahma Kumaris, World Peace University


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