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火柴天堂Huo Chai Tian Tang – Cover by AC


I have been playing piano since I was 4 years old. I learned songs by listening and in one moment I thought I was not good enough.  Then after years of self-development, learning psychology, spiritual knowledge, meditation and more, I realized my “not-perfect” music was my own art therapy that helped me to overcome difficult situations since childhood. I just want to share this gift with you and help more people with it.


Blind Piano is the unique way to learn piano in a relaxed way


Skills Development

  • Learn to play piano and the songs you love
  • Improve your attention and focus
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Enhance memory

Personal Development:

  • Rise confidence
  • Give room for mistakes and learn from them in a relaxed way
  • Understand your feelings
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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We use a technique called Blind Piano created by AC and inspired by a Mexican Master. We use blindfolds to cover the eyes of our students to experience the musical world in another way. We also focus on listening and memory to learn the songs…no reading, no books.

As a standard procedure, this is what we do:

  1. We plan the sessions to do and songs to learn
  2. We do warm up and exercises to connect and focus, with and without the blindfolds
  3. We focus on relaxation, breathing and expressing feelings
  4. We evaluate the progress and song learning

Who can learn with us?

The following criteria are important to understanding which person can join this program:

  • Anybody that really want to learn piano/keyboard in a relaxed way
  • Age 7+
  • Is never too late

Note: Totally beginners welcome, no need to know how to play the instrument.

 Your Teacher: Angelo Castagneto (AC)

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“Let your music express your soul!”

ABOUT AC click here

Video Links:

Live Improv Meditation Music

Live Performance for BMW VIP private event

Morning Star

Cover piano songs 1

Cover piano songs 2

Follow us in 喜马拉雅 XIMALAYA FM and listen our demo songs

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  • Free Demo Class – Book Now
  • Beginners Package: Learn chords, exercises to enhance your listening and memory, rhythm and tempo. 1 to 2 songs / 8 Classes / 8 hours (once or twice a week) / 2,800 RMB
  • Advanced Package: Learn advanced songs, Songs creation principles, Prepare yourself for a performance on stage / 8 Classes / 8 hours (once or twice a week) / 5,500 RMB
  • Live Sessions in our Studio in Nanshan, Shenzhen / At your home
  • Language: English, Spanish, Chinese (Intermediate)

Note: If you are facing financial problems we can discuss how we can exchange resources and support your growth.


AC老师 WeChat



Phone: +86 136 91782817

WeChat: aca079

Shenzhen – China


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