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Angelo Castagneto (AC): The Relax Artist

RELAX Founder and Creative Director | Strength-Base Certified Coach | Training Development Consultant | Music Therapist


Angelo Castagneto (AC) is the passionate Latin American Trainer that helps people to reduce stress through live music, art, and professional coaching techniques.

After 9 years in China and experiencing serious stressful moments in his own life, AC deeply understands the society pain and human’s inner struggles. This has become his main motivation to create tools and techniques especially to support people’s RELAXATION, SELF-EXPLORATION, and HEALING.

For more than 6 years, he has been learning with world-class level Master of Psychology, NLP, and Personal Development; successfully combined his passions for music and training, AC is now offering all what he knows that works to release stress, be calm and focused, take better decisions in life and experience more positive results. 

“Pain will always be there, but we decide how much we want to take!”



Today, AC is a Partner / Training Development Consultant at Heart Vision China, a wonderful organization that creates and develops the next generation of training programs for South East Asia, integrating the hard skills with the higher wisdom that comes from the connection between Soul+Mind+Body. 

AC is also the Founder and Creative Director of RELAX, a unique project that deals with one of the biggest society pains: Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. This project has now a big potential to be developed in the biggest cities where the working population experience the highest levels of stress.  For more about RELAX PROJECT please CLICK HERE! 


Strengths & Passions

  • Music Therapy, Music creation, and arrangements
  • Strengths-Based Certified Coach by Gallup U.S.
  • Success Factor Modeling (NLP+Business Modeling) Trainer – International Certificate
  • Stress and Emotions Management Techniques (Art Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching)
  • Training Creation, Development, and Facilitation
  • Deep understanding of Human Behavior and Success Patterns
  • Spiritual Logic



  • 30+ years Musician Experience and Songs Creation
  • 15+ years Sculpting Experience and Design
  • 10+ years of Corporate Training & Coaching Experience in different countries
  • 3+ years Personal Development Training Programs Creation
  • 3+ years Research and Development of Stress Release and Emotions Management techniques
  • 100+ Staff Management Experience in China
  • Excellent Communication and Audiovisual Design Skills
  • And growing!

Success Factor Modeling with Master Robert Dilts, creator of NLP University in California, US, Head of Dilts Strategy Group.

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Strengths-Based Coaching certification by GALLUP U.S.

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Meditation and Spiritual Knowledge by Brahma Kumaris, World Peace University awarded by the UNITED NATIONS


AC Art

Vision and Mission


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Wechat Account

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Ximalaya FM – MUSIC

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