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Here, our training program MENU for seminars, private groups, and corporate training:

The ultimate path to achieve everything in your life


  1. The power of thoughts / positive thinking
  2. Better decisions better results
  3. Do what you love, PERIOD!

Key Content

  • Tell yourself the truth
  • Practice gratitude
  • Model:  Beliefs – thoughts-emotions-actions-results-feedback
  • The inner voice / Bodyguard
  • What I love and why I love it – link to another training
  • Transforming limiting patterns (awareness, understanding, disassociating, transformation)
  • Learn and Do, Learn and Do


From Average to Greatness


  1. The balance of SOUL+MIND+BODY
  2. Understand Higher purpose and wisdom
  3. Fulfillment by contribution (First give value then receive money)

Key Content:

  • Pains from earthly life
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Blueprint and beliefs system
  • Universal Laws
  • Creation process
  • Circle of success
  • Evolution & Personal growth



100 ways to Release your Stress and be More Peaceful


  1. Be in control of your mind and body
  2. How to be calm and focused any time
  3. Understand and embrace your Soul / Universal Love

Key Content:

  • Morning Rituals / Focus / Rise energy
  • How energy works / Thanks metaphor
  • About Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation techniques
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Music therapy techniques
  • Art therapy techniques


The Secrets towards your Maximum Wealth


  1. Understand yourself 110%
  2. Love yourself first
  3. You are unique and part of something bigger

Key Content:

  • Why people are lost, why businesses fail
  • Your core / How to identify your passions (Talent and Strengths)
  • Wasting time and energies (no focus, random results)
  • Life Vision
  • Life Mission
  • Ambitions
  • Roles / Commitment to change / Declaration / Change vs Progress


Train The Trainer coaching program – hard skills


  1. Be authentic
  2. Nobody is ready 100% nobody is perfect 100%
  3. Consistency and discipline

Key Content:

  • Define your purpose / big goal
  • Decide your topics to train and teach (inner influences, outer influences, audience/market)
  • Define your self-introduction and training introduction
  • Public speaking / Corporate training techniques
  • Define your image/marketing style
  • PPT and flyer design skills
  • Course / class / training design (opening, body, closing)


Understand how the best sales strategy works!


  1. Become a positive messenger
  2. Bring value first, then money comes
  3. Stay true to yourself

Key Content:

  • Understand your core/ superpowers/uniqueness
  • Relationship with money
  • Integrity – Do what you say
  • Transforming limiting beliefs
  • Learn – create – share model
  • Creating content and attract people
  • The business model for trainers (Real successful cases in China and the world)


The secrets for a Long-Lasting Relationship


  1. Understand what is real and unconditional love
  2. Love yourself first
  3. Love your couple unconditionally

Key Content:

  • Understand man and woman features
  • The flower wisdom/ accept and respect the differences
  • Detached observer / Attachment behaviors
  • You cannot change him, you can inspire him
  • Origin of your emotions/release repressed emotions techniques
  • Daily practice to learn unconditional love
  • Healing the past / Let go / Limiting believes about love


The Inevitable pain of Life and how to deal with it


  1. Life will bring you ups and downs, learn how to handle the downs
  2. Learn from the pain and move on
  3. Pain is temporary, you will be fine

Key Content:

  • The real source of stress (No life direction, attachments)
  • Don’t believe in your thoughts / early conditioning
  • Inner and other resources
  • Power of decision making (calm, focused, decide, results/love vs fear)
  • Constant learning for your SOUL+MIND+BODY  SMB
  • Hope / The ability to see a better future / Vision
  • Powerful techniques to release stress in a healthy way


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