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The creative process is not for everybody, but is true that we can bring ideas into reality!

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As an artist,  I understand this process. Can be very difficult for creative people to put things into an action plan, I know this because I was struggle there before, and still sometimes I need to deal with this sensibility and introversion that make us overthink and slow down our power to move forward.

That’s why I want to help you.  There are some key things we must learn in order to connect with that inner strength and unleash all the creative power. 

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I was creating things since I was a kid (drawings, sculptures, songs). All this art was kind of my meditation but I didn’t know it until few years ago.

After many years with struggle, pain, diseases, recovering, doubts, etc. I finally opened my mind to learn more about life, humans, why people fight, how to improve my relation with money, how to improve my intimate relation, art therapy and more.

I am deeply  engage with the creative process. TO CREATE for me, is and will always be my FIRST PASSION.

Now, I have been in lots of training, seminars, watching successful people’s stories doing this, and I got inspired by the great ones. I not only learned the wisdom of big masters but also how they deliver the message. All these skills and experience can be modeled, combined and integrated into a new master piece with your own personal touch!

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ACPF PASSION FINDER is one of my first training courses created when I was helping my wife (and myself) to improve our relationship. Some of the tools I use in this training were tools that supported me and my wife to discover our LIFE MISSION, and I have been using ACPF with more than 50 people since last year, with very positive results.


ACWORKSHOWS is one of the most successful events I created with a feedback and overall score of 8.9/10 in the first 2 episodes. And of course I was never alone, I had the amazing support of a team that understand my vision of the project.


There are more things can be created, more seminars, more training programs, more projects… LET’s CREATE TOGETHER!!!!!

For consultation and ideas exchange, please contact us!  We will be happy to support your creative process!




Phone: +86 136 91782817

WeChat: aca079

Shenzhen – China



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