Stress Management Workshop


Stress Management Workshop

by AC


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Why we are doing this? 为什么我们要做这些?IMG_20180211_223933.jpg


Based on a research made by Gallup U.S., at least 40% of the active population in Shenzhen and other big cities in China are suffering from high levels of Stress. It’s well-known that the accumulation of stress can trigger serious mental illness such as Depression and Anxiety and most of this stress is quietly hurting us and the people we love without even noticing.


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I had been in serious stressful situations in my life:


  • In my childhood, I experienced a lot of sufferings of my family members.
  • 在我童年的时候我经历过来自家庭成员所带给我的痛苦。
  • In my middle 20’s, I was kidnapped.
  • 在我二十多岁时,我被绑架。
  • I got a serious illness that required a surgery and treatment.
  • 我因此患有严重的疾病,需要做手术和治疗。
  • I moved to a new country and started a new life.
  • 我搬到一个新的国家并且开始了新的生活。
  • I got married.
  • 我结婚了。
  • I left my stable job and move into the entrepreneur life.
  • 我离开了稳定的工作并开展了我的创业生涯。
  • I found my life mission and let go a lot of old limiting beliefs, etc.
  • 我找到我的人生目标,放弃了许多陈旧的被束缚的信仰,等等。


All these life-changing events and transitions didn’t come so easily and required a lot of inner strength and external support to successfully move forward and I made it! – so you can!

所有这些改变了我生活的变化和过渡并不是那么容易,而且需要许多内在能量和外在的支持才能成功地向前进展,但是,我做到了!– 所以,你也可以!

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That is why I truly know there is more than one path to follow in our lives. There will be always ups and downs, obstacles, happy moments and sad moments, we cannot do anything about that. What we can do is to learn the tools and develop our inner resources to face those obstacles, to transform the pain, heal and move forward.



That’s why we are here, to share our experience with you. Pain and Stress is just an option!



About our training! 关于赶走压力

Relax was created to provide you with practical knowledge and tools to reduce stress and improve our health (Soul+Mind+Body). This workshop is totally experiential and based on years of learning, testing, and sharing amazing skills from different masters such as Robert Dilts U.S, Founder of NLP University and Dilts Strategy Group. Veet Mano U.S./ India, master of emotions management, dynamic meditation, and special massage techniques. Brahma Kumaris Peace University India and their knowledge of Rajayoga meditation, inner peace, and inner power. Strengths-Based coaching by Gallup U.S, backup with more than 30 years of research on success and happiness. Virtual mentors like Tony Robbins U.S. from who I learned gratitude as a powerful way to become peaceful; Sergio Fernandez, Spain and the deep knowledge on the relationship with money; my self-learned artistic talents: Music and Sculpting; and more than 5 years delivering training to big multinational companies, creating workshops, and helping people in our 1 on 1 sessions in China and around the world.


Relax Training! 的诞生是为了给你提供可以减少压力和改善我们的健康(灵魂+精神+身体)的实际知识和工具。Stress out now!是一个经验性的、基于多年的研究和测试的项目且分享包括美国的Robert Dilts (NLP大学和Dilts策略小组的创始者)、美国/印度的Veet Mano (情绪管理、动态冥想和特殊的按摩技能等方面的大师)、印度的Brahma Kumaris Peace大学(和他们对Rajayoga冥想、内在和平和内在能量的研究)、基于优势的培训(由美国的Gallup指导教学,有超于30年在成功和快乐的研究经验为支持导向)。如美国的Tony Robbins等的虚拟导师(我曾经从他身上学习到以感激为一种力量来得到平和)、西班牙的Sergio Fernandez(对与金钱的关系具有深度的了解)等在内的各位大师惊人的技能。而我自己,具有自学的艺术才能:音乐和雕刻;以及超过5年给大型跨国公司做培训,做研讨会,以及通过我们一对一的课程帮助在中国和其他国家的人的工作经验。


What you will experience?


Well, is hard to tell what you will experience because each of us is unique and part of something bigger. What we can say is what elements and know-how we will use to deliver this fantastic training:


  • Live Music and Improvisation现场音乐和即兴演奏
  • Music and Art Therapy音乐和艺术疗愈
  • Strengths-Based Coaching 基于优势的培训
  • Group activities and Individual activities群体活动和个体活动
  • Practical Knowledge and theories实践性的知识和理论
  • Active and Passive Meditation主动和被动的冥想
  • Dancing舞蹈
  • Mindfulness techniques静观的方法
  • Healthy Snacks健康的零食
  • And more…其他


Key benefits and take away


  • You will learn how harmful is Stress and how we can reduce it in a healthy way


  • You will practice the techniques and tools to reduce stress


  • You will understand the roots of our stress and pain and give you a new perspective of how life can be


  • You will meet and interact with wonderful people that want to grow and experience a more fulfilled life


  • You will reconnect with your inner resources and find answers to your deepest whys





More information please contact us:


WeChat微信: aca079 (AC)


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