Professional Background

My life have been developed in 3 main professional areas: MUSIC & ART, HEALTH, and TEACHING. I also consider sometimes myself as a combination of all of them. They are my main passions, my main motivations, and also the foundation of all my creations and services.

Key Experience (All my Life)

  • 35+ Years as a Professional Pianist
  • 30+ Years as a Music Composer
  • 30+ Years as an Sculptor and Designer
  • 12+ Years in the Corporate Training Industry
  • 10+ Years in the Piano Education Industry
  • 5+ Years in the Coaching Industry
  • 5+ Years as Meditator and Meditation Teacher
  • 5+ Years Focusing on Mind and Body Health Industry
  • 5+ Years as a Home Healthy Chef
  • 5+ Years in the Business and Finance Management Industry
  • 5+ Years creating training programs for companies and Public

Professional Skills and Knowledge

  • Co-Founder and Creative Director of Heart Vision Culture Consulting China
  • Certified Strengths-Based Coach by Gallup (US – Hong Kong)
  • Certified SFM (Success Factor Modeling – NLP) trainer by Robert Dilts – NLP University founder and Global NLP Master (US – China)
  • Music Therapy techniques – Self Learned and practice
  • Emotion Management Techniques learned from Master Mano – Osho University (India)
  • Rajyoga Meditation and Spiritual Wisdom learned from Sister Sapna – Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University (India)
  • Stress Release Techniques learned from Master Karen Huang – Heart Vision (China)
  • Mindfulness Meditation – Learned from Doctor Mario Alonso Puig (Spain)
  • Transaction Analysis Psychology technique learned from Doctor Van H. (China)
  • Drawing Therapy learned from Doctor Koo (Hong Kong)
  • Whole Plant Based nutrition learned from Doctor T. Collin Campbell (US)
  • Psychology of Success and Guided meditations – Learned from Tony Robbins (US)
  • Coaching Techniques – Learned from Elena Espinal (Argentina)
  • Human Design – Learned from Jovian Archive (US)
  • Piano and Music Composition – Self Learned
  • Acting and Performing – Self Learned
  • Home Healthy Cooking – Self Learned
  • Awakening Sculpting – Self Learned
  • Graphic Design – Self Learned
  • Creative Writing and Story Telling – Self Learned
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