Meditations by Angelo

The practice of meditation is considered by top psychology and spiritual experts as the BEST WAY to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reconnect with your inner peace, be more aware, and happy in life.

Here you will find meditations and music I created for you. Some of them are just the sounds for you to RELAX and others are guided meditations with my voice. The secrets of my music is that all is improvised. Is according to what I was feeling in the moment of creating the meditation and the connection with my students and clients.

NOTE: USE EARPHONES and be in a nice and quiet place to enjoy this journey. You can also download the song from the play options 🙂 and use it anytime you need.



Live Music to Meditate, Reflect, Rest, Reconnect, Remember

NEW SONG: Sunset Trance (20 minutes) For calming down and Recharging

LISTEN: Morning Star Music (20 minutes)

Guided Meditations to reconnect and experience gratitude, compassion, real love, prosperity, and more

LISTEN: Gratitude Meditation for beginners (25 minutes)

LISTEN: Prosperity Meditation for beginners (15 minutes)

More to come,

Thank you for your patience 🙂

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