Corporate Training

Teams and Leaders also need to find the way to release stress and manage their emotions. This is the key to survival and breakthrough today’s difficult and complex times.

I have been training company clients since 2008 and it became one of my biggest passions. One the way I saw that many of my clients were searching for new ways to be more motivated and productive, so the company can produce and sell more. This is the traditional approach of most of the companies until now. But they always forgot one thing. PEOPLES FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS.

To be more motivated and productive at work and in life, REQUIRED ENERGY! and this energy is created inside us and manifested as EMOTIONS. Stress will reduce our energies and put us in CRASH STATE, experiencing low efficiency, low motivation and low energies.

The uniqueness

My workshops are a combination of ART, HEALTH and TRAINING. I use creativity to develop my programs. I incorporate music, writing, drawing, sculpting, dancing, and more, to guide the participants into a unique RELAX experience.


After 10+ years in the corporate training industry and after successfully help my clients to release the stress, we have been reaching the following benefits:

  • Release Stress in a healthy way
  • Develop Self-Awareness on their thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Solve or let go off inner conflicts related to their professional and personal life
  • Reinforce the relationship within team members by practicing supportive techniques
  • Reconnect with their inner peace and power
  • Raise their energies and engage the daily challenges in a more positive way

Available Programs

Win With Emotional Intelligence

Win With Emotional Intelligence

Win With Emotional Intelligence (WWEI) is an intensive 2 days- Stress Released Workshop designed to support leaders and team members to manage their emotions, release the accumulated stress, and raise their energies.

The uniqueness of this program comes from the integration of 10 years of corporate training experience in China, plus a combination of Live Music, Mindfulness Guided Meditation, NLP, Strengths-Based Coaching, and Emotion Management Techniques.

Success Vision Leadership

Success Vision Leadership

Leaders with a clear VISION and MISSION can truly lead. This Vision is connected with his/her heart, with the passions and fuel. We guide leaders and teams to find their LIFE VISIONS and TEAM’S VISION. We use SFM-NLP techniques, live music meditation, drawing, dancing and coaching.

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation For Beginners

This program is based on the practice of meditation. We guide the participants to learn and practice the basis of meditation, the neuroscience behind this technique and how important is the impact of meditation in our health.

It can be delivered as a half day workshop or according to customer needs.

Stress Release for Leaders

Stress Release For Leaders

This is a 1 FULL DAY program is created for small groups of leaders. We go deep into their roots of stress, we apply a combinations of techniques using LIVE MUSIC, NLP and COACHING to support the healing process.

At the end, the leaders will feel calm, peaceful and will be able to successfully handle the challenges of their teams and company.

Emotional Intelligence (Long Term Program)

Emotional Intelligence Long Term Program

For the last 20 years, Top Silicon Valleys and modern companies around the world are facing extremely complex challenges. They need to deal with a more diverse working force, people from different cultures, working in remote places. Need to face quick adaptations to the environment change, new government rules, or worldwide pandemics.

That’s why leaders and employees must find a way to increase their capability to deal with this complex world. One of the most important programs they are running is about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) so each of them can raise SELF-AWARENESS, SELF- MOTIVATION and be more open and tolerant to engage the people around.

We can develop a customized 1-year program and deliver weekly sessions (offline and online) to support the development of your working force and the individual needs.

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