My Personal Story:

From Darkness To Light

4 Years Old Little Angelo

Hola, My name is Angelo Castagneto (我的中文名字是李东成). I was born in 1981 in Ecuador, South America. In essence, I am a Music Composer, Stress Release and Emotions Management Coach.

When I was four years old, the piano at home “called me” and started to self-learn music only by listening.

Growing up, I encountered many challenges and pain. I had anger management issues, I was overweight, allergies, digestion problems, and more. In my middle 20s, I faced death twice. I was a kidnap and released the same night. Two years after that, because of the frustration and anger of the kidnap episode, I developed cancer. And I survive and I am here to share my story with you!

Transformation process

A couple of years later, on one of my business trips as a global trainer, I found love and In 2009 I had the “brilliant idea” to move to China! New challenges and high levels of stress were literary killing me. A new relationship, new career path, and no real direction and purpose in my life. I WAS WASTING MY LIFE TIME AND ENERGIES!

I was overweight- again, drinking alcohol, and eating unhealthy food every day. More stress and anger problems popped up all the time. Tons of argues with my couple, until one day I was in such a psychical and mental pain that I said to myself: NO MORE OF THIS SHIT! IT MUST CHANGE! – And since that moment, I was open to learning, and my whole life started to change.

That’s why I started to be curious about how life and the human mind really works.  I wanted to know WHY ALL THIS WAS HAPPENING TO ME, and I wanted to find a solution and relief of my own suffering. I learned Meditation, Positive Psychology, Emotion management techniques, Spiritual wisdom, SFM-NLP, Nutrition, and Music therapy techniques. I used this new wisdom on myself first so I was able to experience a beautiful transformation and growth leaving behind a lot of inner conflicts and illnesses.

Meditation near the Waterfall in Pingshan, Shenzhen

It is almost 8 years since I started this journey. I saw the positive results of all what I learned and put into action in my life. MUSIC AND MEDITATION became my most precious tools to support my self-healing process and growth.

Step by step, I started to be more aware of my thoughts and energies, I improved my digestion and stopped most of my allergies. My intimate relation touched a peak state of love and care; I found my life vision and purpose; I started to wake up inspired and full of creativity; and one the way I started to connect with more wonderful people with similar mindset and hearts.

Then I decided to integrate all what I learned to serve others.

MY MISSION: Through my music and art, I support the people to reconnect with their INNER PEACE AND POWER

Here some of the most beautiful moments serving others through workshops, corporate training programs and relaxing concerts since 2015.

RELAX-Live Music Meditation April 2021
Angelo’s Healing Concert Celebrating 10 years in China
Guest Speaker in 3E Dreams 2019
Stress Release – Corporate Training
Stress Release + Teambuilding
Training the Trainers of a Ancient Wisdom School in China


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