Angelo Castagneto (AC) was born in 1981 in Ecuador, Latin America. Angelo is a music composer, pianist, and music performer.

When he was four years old, he connected with music and started to self-learn piano only by listening.

Growing up, he encountered many challenges and pain, that is why he started to be curious about how life and the human mind really works.  He learned psychology, emotions management and music therapy techniques allowing him to transform his own life and support people through his music in another level.

In 2009, AC arrived in China because of love. He successfully adapted to the local culture and traditions and this cultural exchange will become a huge influence in his music composing and art. Inspired by love and the combination of western and eastern cultures.

Today AC enjoys creating beautiful songs. A combination of romantic piano, cinematic strings, and electronic sounds, that touch the audience’s heart in a deep way.

Download here Angelo’s full profile PDF (English and Chinese)


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