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Hola, My name is Angelo Castagneto (我的中文名字是李东成). I was born in 1981 in Ecuador, South America. In essence, I am a Music Composer, Pianist and Sculptor. I live in China and this is my second home.

When I was four years old, the piano at home “called me” and I started my musical journey learning to play the piano by myself, just by listening.

On the way, I encountered many challenges and pain in my life, but Music and my Family was always there to support my journey.

I started to create songs since I was in highschool, back in the 90s. One of my first songs is this one called: WATERFALL. I remember I used some mp3s from a videogames to add atmosphere to the song.

Waterfall / Cascada 1990s

Growing up, I started to be curious about human development. I learned about Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Meditation techniques, MBSR mindfulness, SFM-NLP Neuro Linguistic Programing, and more, to help myself first and the started to integrate this wisdom into my music and workshops to help others.

MUSIC has an amazing power to calm our busy minds. MUSIC can help us to activate different areas of our brain, improve our memory capabilities and focus. And one of my favorites: MUSIC can support our self-healing process.

I love to create songs, there is no specific genre. From classic romantic piano songs, to crazy full of electronic stuff songs, maybe is the influence of classical music that I heard at home since I was a kid, plus the popular songs my brother and sister use to play in the radios.

RELAX-Live Music Meditation April 2021

After learning meditation I also was able to open a new path to create meditation songs that has the power help people to calm down, be more at peace and in present time.


Through my MUSIC and ART, I support the people to reconnect with their INNER PEACE AND POWER

Key Experience (All my Life)

  • 35+ Years as a Professional Pianist
  • 30+ Years as a Music Composer
  • 30+ Years as an Sculptor and Designer
  • 12+ Years in the Corporate Training Industry
  • 10+ Years in the Piano Education Industry
  • 5+ Years in the Coaching Industry
  • 5+ Years as Meditator and Meditation Teacher
  • 5+ Years Focusing on Mind and Body Health Industry
  • 5+ Years as a Home Healthy Chef
  • 5+ Years in the Business and Finance Management Industry
  • 5+ Years creating training programs for companies and Public

Professional Skills and Knowledge

  • Co-Founder and Creative Director of Heart Vision Culture Consulting China
  • Certified Strengths-Based Coach by Gallup (US – Hong Kong)
  • Certified SFM (Success Factor Modeling – NLP) trainer by Robert Dilts – NLP University founder and Global NLP Master (US – China)
  • Music Therapy techniques – Self Learned and practice
  • Emotion Management Techniques learned from Master Mano – Osho University (India)
  • Rajyoga Meditation and Spiritual Wisdom learned from Sister Sapna – Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University (India)
  • Stress Release Techniques learned from Master Karen Huang – Heart Vision (China)
  • Mindfulness Meditation – Learned from Doctor Mario Alonso Puig (Spain)
  • Transaction Analysis Psychology technique learned from Doctor Van H. (China)
  • Drawing Therapy learned from Doctor Koo (Hong Kong)
  • Whole Plant Based nutrition learned from Doctor T. Collin Campbell (US)
  • Psychology of Success and Guided meditations – Learned from Tony Robbins (US)
  • Coaching Techniques – Learned from Elena Espinal (Argentina)
  • Human Design – Learned from Jovian Archive (US)
  • Piano and Music Composition – Self Learned
  • Acting and Performing – Self Learned
  • Home Healthy Cooking – Self Learned
  • Awakening Sculpting – Self Learned
  • Graphic Design – Self Learned
  • Creative Writing and Story Telling – Self Learned


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