Angelo Castagneto (AC) began his musical journey in 1985 at the early age of 4. He was “called” by the piano at home and since then he was able to learn all the popular songs by listening only. Growing up he developed his own techniques to learn any kind of song on multiple musical genres by ear.

As a teenager, AC started to write his own songs. A mix of romantic pianos, classic orchestra elements, and electronic sounds, making his compositions an extraordinary integration of different styles that tell a unique story without words.

Since 2015 AC was caught by the power of music on another level. He studied in depth positive psychology, human behavior, and music therapy techniques that helped him to understand how the human mind and soul works.  This will show him how powerful guided music can be and how music can support the evolution of humankind.

Today AC live in China creating workshops about Music, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and others related to the expressive arts industry. Creating songs about peace, power, love and sharing all his knowledge with his students.

Welcome to join his journey to create THE MUSIC FOR THE NEW WORLD.

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