A little about my music

Hola, My name is Angelo Castagneto. I am a Composer, Music Producer, and Pianist. Born in Ecuador, based in China.

When I was four years old, the piano at home “called me” and I start learning to play the piano by myself, just by listening. Is already more than 36 years since that moment when my musical journey started.

I love to create music that people can feel it and remember. Beautiful melodies and stories that sometimes words cannot express.

I am so grateful that I have explore and learn multiple music genres from different countries around the world. This is a plus when creating music comes. It gives me more resources and inspiration to create very unique pieces and tailor made songs for the clients.

Growing up, I started to be curious about human development. I learned about Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Meditation techniques, MBSR mindfulness, SFM-NLP Neuro Linguistic Programing, and more, then I started to integrate this wisdom into my music and compositions with amazing results.

MUSIC has an amazing power to calm our busy minds. MUSIC can help us to activate different areas of our brain, improve our memory capabilities and focus. And also is the most beautiful time machine.


Here the kind of music I love to create and I have experienced on

  • Romantic Piano
  • Waltz
  • Epic story themes (Legend, War, Fantasy, Lullaby, Peace, Power)
  • Big orchestra songs
  • Meditation and Healing music
  • Ambience
  • Chillout / Dream Pop
  • Pop Music
  • and anything between them!

Need unique music for your movie?

Looking for tailor-made music?

Want special arrangements for your song?

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