1 on 1 Coaching

I use my top arts and 12+ years of expertise to help you:

  • To release the accumulated stress in a healthy way
  • To sleep better and recharge properly
  • To improve your digestion system and cycles
  • To reduce the anxiety and worries
  • To manage your anger
  • To reduce overthinking and release headaches
  • To become more accepting, lovely and tolerant
  • To raise self-awareness and master your emotions

RELAX! Online Sessions

If we are far from each other, we still can use technology to connect us. Sometimes the accumulation of stress and emotional states makes us burn inside or explode! and as a result we hurt ourselves and the people we love. With RELAX ONLINE we can understand your story, practice techniques to release the stress, meditate with my songs, and finally reconnect with your inner peace and power.

Share your story with me and let me know how can I help you. Don’t wait more, can be too late.

RELAX Live Session – OTM

After helping more than 1,000 people in the last 5 years through workshops and 1 on 1 sessions, I was able to develop a unique process called: Obstacle Transformation Music Technique (OTM). I use Live Music, Guided Meditation techniques, Coaching, and NLP to help my clients to find the roots of the stress, find the real deep reason of why we are suffering, and transform this through live music. As a result of my sessions, either you find an answer to your questions or let go of the pain that you have been carrying for many years GUARANTEE!

NOTE: OTM sessions can be delivered ONLY LIVE Face to face sessions (Only apply if you live in China)

Sounds great! First, I want to know more about Angelo and his professional background

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