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  • Anxiety because of the uncertainty about your future? 
  • Overreacting with anger and hurting the people you love? 
  • Cannot sleep well and wake up tired? 
  • Experiencing work overload and burned out? 
  • Digestion problems like gas, constipation, diarrhea? 
  • Low self-esteem and no passion for what you are doing? 


These are just the top signs that we are experiencing high levels of stress at this moment in our lives. 

We are not broken! We just need to learn the way to manage our stress and emotions before is too late.

Especially in these times full of uncertainty about our health because of the world pandemic. We can naturally reinforce our immune system, experience sustainable health and become more lovely and caring with the people around us.


For me was not easy to break through my pain and understand where the stress came from. But I made it. For a period of 8 years, I have been learning and applying into my life top techniques and tools to release the stress, manage my anger, and raise self-awareness to avoid future stress and anxiety.  

After I help myself, I started to help people with high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in China. It has been a beautiful journey with more than 1000 people learning from my corporate training programs, live workshops, online videos, and articles. And now with you LIVE ONLINE! 


These are the real feedback of our previous students and the positive results they experienced after learning with us: 

  • Learn and experience how to release stress in a healthy way 
  • Deeply understand the science behind the stress and emotion management 
  • Develop Self-Awareness on their thoughts, emotions and actions 
  • Solve or let go of inner conflicts related to their professional and personal life 
  • Raise their energies to engage the daily challenges in a more positive way 
  • Develop resilience and wellbeing  
  • Reconnect with their inner peace and power 
  • Connect with more wonderful people and support community 


Our program is based on our unique 3R system that will help us to master our emotions and release stress in a healthy way.

Most of the programs we see outside in the market failed because they just based their approach on RELEASE/MOVE, but RECOGNIZE develops self-awareness and REBUILD is an extremely important step to bring back our energy, raise our self-esteem, and experience long-lasting progress in our life. We need to learn about each step and how to connect them. 

In STRESS MANAGEMENT CAMP (SMC) we will learn and practice top concepts and techniques:

  • The Chemistry and Scientific facts about Stress 
  • The effects of Unmanaged Stress in our health 
  • Active and Passive Meditation Techniques 
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Release Techniques 
  • Cognitive Therapies to develop self-awareness
  • Healthy Food to promote Inner Peace and Power
  • Beautiful inner resources such as Self-Compassion and Love
  • How to love yourself a little more every day
  • And more


Angelo Castagneto 李东成 

  • 15 years of experience in the Business Management and Finance Industry 
  • 12 Years of experience in the Corporate Training Industry 
  • 5 Years in the Coaching Industry focusing on Stress Release through Music and Meditation 
  • 36 years as pianist and music composer
  • Co-Founder of Heart Vision Consulting China 
  • Strengths-Based Certified Coach by Gallup US 
  • Success Factor Modeling SFM-NLP Trainer 
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Trainer  
  • Music Meditation Teacher 
  • Public Speaker and Promoter of Total Sustainable Health 


NOTE: Please before you purchase the class, be sure you can commit to the 4 classes once a week and really want to learn how to manage the stress. We only accept students that want to make a positive impact in their lives.

  • Our second round will start on Wednesday, August 4, 11, 18, and 25
  • 4 weeks, one class every week
  • From 8 PM to 10 PM (China Local Time) / 7 AM to 9 AM (Ecuador Local Time)
  • Class dates: August 4, 11, 18, and 25. Each class 2 hours. Live Online on ZOOM
  • +Plus online support and assessments between classes
  • Language Delivery: English
  • Standard Learning Fee: 3800 RMB (588 USD)
  • Early Bird until July 15: 588 RMB (100 USD)
  • Only 10 seats available
  • After purchase, payment is not refundable. You can transfer your seat to another person or join us in the next round if seats are available.


Stress Management Camp 2_August 4

Learn the tools and techniques to manage your stress and set yourself free from the pain and suffering!


Set Yourself Free

This training is available LIVE OFFLINE and ONLINE for Company Leaders, Teams, Schools, and Private Groups, in English and Chinese (With translation)

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