Today, there is a growing trend of videos around the world. Social media is fully oriented and supporting videos to share about life, products, and services. In the same way, each video concept requires a specific sound or song to maximize the impact of your story.  Music is the key to add emotions and touch people’s hearts with what you want to express.

Short movies, independent movies and big movies also required a strong music arrangement to enhance their audience experience.

Creativity has no limits and here is where I come to support your project:

My best music is a combination of classic orchestra, beautiful piano melodies and electronic sounds. I love the integration of the acoustic instruments with keyboard and background sounds.

Here some demos of what I can do for you.

If you feel resonance with my music and feel I can add value to your projects,  I will be happy to connect with you.

Also co-creation of music projects and more are also welcome to explore.

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