“Let your music express your soul”

Pianist | Keyboardist | Music Composer | Public Speaker

After suffering from high levels of stress since childhood, facing different body illnesses, facing kidnap and becoming a cancer survivor, Angelo was able to understand the deepest pains of human beings and how life really works. This is the core reason why he decided to transform his life and share his experience through MUSIC.

Angelo was born in Ecuador, South America. At the young age of 4 he was “Called by the piano at home”. This will mark his entire life embracing music as his top passion and element to inspire thousands of people around the world.

He self-taught music since little, later he got some teachers to support his musical growth, developing a high speed to learn songs by listening and memory. This allowed him to explore many styles and rhythms and at the young age of 12 he wrote his first song called: Cascada (Spanish for Waterfall). He also was invited to perform together with the most famous band in his city and this became his first paid job doing what he love.

But sometimes life push people to the limit to understand what is the right path. Angelo fell into the society patterns, found an office job, and little by little all his energy and magic was directed to the wrong way. He suffered many ups and downs and brought him to reflect about his life and decide what he really wanted to do.

In 2009 he found love and moved to China, still disconnected from his music, he experienced high levels of stress and physical illness, and here is when he decided to change for good. He started to learn about human behavior, positive psychology, stress and emotions management, and music therapy. Finally he realized the real POWER OF MUSIC understanding how it can help us to overcome the darkest challenges in life, how music can support our healing process and how music can open our hearts to feel peace again.

Today Angelo is creating wonderful songs, relaxing concerts, and sharing with his audience what he love the most, with the only purpose to help people to re-connect with their INNER PEACE AND POWER.


  • 30+ Years as Pianist, Music Composer, and Sculptor
  • 10+ Years as Corporate Trainer in 7 Countries
  • 10+ Years of experience in Home Healthy Cooking and Nutrition
  • 3+ Years of training development and workshops creation experience
  • Strengths-Based Certified Coach by GALLUP US
  • Success Factor Modeling / NLP Certification by Dilts Strategy Group US
  • Emotions Management by Veet Mano, Osho’s University
  • Self-learner of Positive Psychology, Psychosomatics, and Ayurveda

Angelo’s Favorite Moments sharing his knowledge and passion:

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