About Angelo Castagneto

Gallup’s Strength-Base Certified Coach | Talent Development | Training Consultant | Business Management

After suffering from high levels of stress since childhood, facing different body illnesses, facing kidnap and becoming a cancer survivor, Angelo was able to understand the deepest pains of human beings and how life really works. This is the core reason why he decided to transform his life and share his experience with the people that are passing through what he suffered before.

In the last 6 years, he started to go deeper in his own personal and spiritual development, been his music and art the first resource to overcome the stress and challenges that came from the detachment from the old self.

On the way, he learned many concepts and techniques from top masters around the world. His curiosity and creativity allowed him to incorporate this new wisdom in his life and experience by himself the progress. All of them focused to promote what he calls: TOTAL SUSTAINABLE HEALTH (TSH)

Today, Angelo is the General Manager and Training Development Consultant at Heart Vision China. A wonderful organization that creates and develops the next generation of training programs for South East Asia, integrating the hard skills with the higher wisdom that comes from the connection between Soul+Mind+Body.

Angelo’s GENIUS AREA is an integration of his most amazing strengths, skills, and passions: MUSIC and ART, TEACHING, and TOTAL HEALTH:


  • 30+ Years as Pianist, Music Composer, and Sculptor
  • 10+ Years as Corporate Trainer in 7 Countries
  • 10+ Years of experience in Home Healthy Cooking and Nutrition
  • 3+ Years of training development and workshops creation experience
  • Strengths-Based Certified Coach by GALLUP US
  • Success Factor Modeling / NLP Certification by Dilts Strategy Group US
  • Emotions Management by Veet Mano, Osho’s University
  • Self-learner of Positive Psychology, Psychosomatics, and Ayurveda

Angelo’s Favorite Moments sharing his knowledge and passion:

“Real love is the glue that holds us, is the reason why we are still here on this planet, and it will always win” – Angelo –

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