What is happening is not a punishment

There are millions of people suffering right now from the floods and crazy rains around the world. And this is not just a natural disaster or a heavenly punishment.

I live in China for more than 13 years. I love this country and is giving me the opportunity to live in a safe place with my wife. Amazing people around and chances to grow as a professional. I even feel freer here than when I was back in my country Ecuador.

It is heartbreaking to see my wife helping a group of wonderful women to collect money and resources to support the people that are suffering from the flood. She cries and has big empathy for them as their brothers and sisters.

Kids, adults, and animals are gone by the force of the water. Is sad, but there is more behind it.

The same as here, many countries are suffering right now because of the force and power of water. And don’t forget that water is used to clean.

As in some religions, water is blessed and used to purify people and things, the same thing is happening now with the floods and rains. This time the “priest” is our mother earth.

For thousands of years, we have been hurting her, and she is so kind that had allowed us to stay here. It’s like a kid trying to burn the mom’s skirt with a match. The mother will not kill him, but she will react to protect herself and to protect the son from getting burnt.

We, including myself, have been destroying the earth in many ways. Throwing trash, overusing /wasting water, eating dead animals, and the huge usage of water behind in the so-called MEAT INDUSTRY. Using a lot of fuel-based electricity and more. We have been hurting her using and taking from her without giving back something.

All these tornados, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, are exactly like when the dog scratches itself because it feels fleas in the skin that are itchy and annoying. We are those fleas. We are the plague.

But, MOTHER EARTH is full of love. She is a living being with a huge spirit that was not able to incarnate in a human body. She is pure real love. That’s why we are still here. But (another positive but) She is rising her energies. She is becoming stronger and she cannot allow her kids to stay in mediocrity and in the darkness. WE MUST RAISE OUR ENERGIES AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS TRUE.

Start by working on yourself. Learn more about you, about the 70% of your body that is water. Learn how to be more healthy, do more things you love without hurting yourself, others, or the environment. Read more, consume less trash or unnecessary things, and be REAL.

Once you start to be cleaner, your mind and heart will be more clear

Once you start to see more clearly, you will be able to give and contribute more without worries and fears

Once you give more from your love instead of fear, all the resources and energies will come to support you and protect you

Nothing guarantees we will stay here forever, but at least MAKE IT WORTH IT!

Love you


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