How to remember who we are?

By Angelo Castagneto

Last night, I was watching for the second time the movie from Pixar: SOUL. The first time I didn’t have to really feel it and understand it in the way I wanted, so I took the chance to watch it again…and thanks to that movie, through watching some specific moments of the movie, I got one of my deepest breakthroughs in my life.

We truly came to this life with this body with all what we need. Is not a religious theme to think that our soul came here to do something, is more about human existence and human evolution; and most of us know this deep inside our hearts, that we may be here for a reason. But why we came? What is that reason or purpose? Is it fixed? Or we can really decide?

Part of the life game is to come here to remember what we already know. And one of the key words to help us to remember is just TO LIVE and EXPERIENCE as much as we can. ENJOY as much as we can, and LEARN from the suffering we will experience.

I came here with my dear talents of LEARNING, I love to learn and explore, especially things about art and people’s behaviors. Then another talent for me is to CREATE, even if is just a song, or simple drawing. I am creating every day of my life without stopping for the last 5 years. And my other top talent or passion is SHARE. To share my message and maybe on the way inspire somebody.

But those are my talents/sparks/passions, THEY ARE NOT MY PURPOSE. Inside those talents is my music, my sculpting, my capability to teach and train people, but THOSE ARE NOT MY PURPOSES in this life.

What I found, or better say, REMEMBER, thanks to watching SOUL, is that all the things I have been learning were not for me to heal myself, or to express my inner stuff. All those things I have been learning are here to HELP AND SUPPORT OTHERS. And by realizing this, THE WHOLE PURPOSE of my life changed.

Most of us expend too much time thinking on ME ME ME ME, what is there for me, what can I get, what can I buy, etc. Is ok to be a ME ME person about health, and take care of ourselves, but when is about creating a service, a business, etc, is the game of GIVING, and giving something really valuable for people. Then as the result of this value we can bring, then things will come. Things like love, money, connections, recognition, impact, etc.

So, to finish this sharing today, I will ENCOURAGE you to do something. If you feel lost in life, depressed, anxious about future, with no money, sick, but you still have a little HOPE that all can be better, you still have a little PASSION for something in life, LET THAT HOPE AND PASSION to enlighten your path. Go for it 100% and use these reminders/angels(messengers) to help you to REMEMBER why you are really here.

Key reminders/angels that help us to remember our passions and our purpose in life:

  1. Movies with a positive meaning or positive message (like all Pixar movies)
  2. Books with real and valuable information such as: health, self-growth, business development, biographies of successful people that came from darkness (my favorites)
  3. People around (ALL OF THEM) They are mirrors of our existence. All of the will be here to remind you something for your path.
  4. Music, instrumental or with lyrics. Sounds bypass our busy minds and go directly to open our hearts.
  5. Nature, healthy food, and animals. For me the nature and food of this planet are our real healers, and the animals are our real masters. Learn from them, observe the animals at home or in the wild. Bugs, worms, bees, all living things has a clear design and purpose. Get inspired.

Take care of yourself. Be more compassionate with yourself. Don’t be so hard with yourself please. We need you.

MORE WE ARE, more we are at peace and in a beautiful state of calmness, focused on what we love, and with high healthy energies, MORE WE CAN DO to change the situation of this world. WE can vanish all the darkness and misery that many people is experiencing this days. WE CAN MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE…TOGETHER!

If you feel resonance with this message, please share it. More people need this too.

Love you

Angelo 李东成

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