10 Benefits of practicing meditation

By Angelo Castagneto

Meditation is more close to contemplating the inner world. Is a beautiful practice that everyone can do. From 5 minutes to 1 hour, any place any time. 

After 5 years of practicing meditation, learning and practicing multiple techniques and ways to meditate, and helping more than 1000 to relax through my workshops, corporate training, and videos, here I want to share with you the top 10 benefits of practicing meditation. 

1) Meditation reduces the noise of the mind and overthinking, allowing us to be more in control of our mind. 

2) Brings us back to the present time, with less anxiety about the future, less depression from the past. 

3) Creates the space between thoughts so we can see them and embrace them instead of letting them control us. 

4) Helps us to slow down and recharge our energies, without the necessity to go to sleep for long hours. 

5) Meditation gives us private time for ourselves and disconnects us for a while from the outside chaotic world. 

6) Considerably reduce high levels of stress, helping us to turn off the stress mode and come back to normal. We come back to our center. 

7) With practice and time, meditation will support the development of our resilience: the capacity to deal with sudden challenges and threats. 

8) In a deep meditation state, our creative and intuition power multiplies by thousand times. More good and positive ideas to create amazing things for this life.

9) In the long term, we are more and more aware of our emotions and we can deal with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, and fear in a fast- conscious way, so the emotions cannot run our lives. We are in total control. 

And my favorite…

10) Helps us to feel our soul and understand that we are pure real love, unlimited peace, and positive power.  


Take your chance and start to learn this wonderful gift of meditation and experience your new life. 


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