We suffer when we are against the “flow” (Explained)

This may sound a little out in the space, or too “groovy” but there is a fact here most of us cannot see, or maybe just don’t know.

Just imagine you are in a small boat navigating in a beautiful river.  The river is calm, move smoothly, and there is a shiny day to show you the way.

You are just in the boat without an engine to push you, you are moving with the flow of the river.

On the way you may face some rocks, so you may need a TOOL to move your boat and pass through the obstacles.

Sometimes the flow of the river is TOO SLOW so you need to have patience and maybe just learn something about YOURSELF, RIVERS and FLOWS, when things are very slow.

On the way, you will find all that you need for your journey. Rain will give you water, and the trees you pass by will give you fruits. You will have a wonderful landscape to see and everything you need to keep moving forward.

Of course, you also need to pay attention and be aware when the DARKNESS comes, because is a little hard to see. You may need a LIGHT to continue, or just stop for a while and rest, then LIGHT will come again.

You will also face big decisions; you will face moments where the river split in 2 or more streams. You don’t really know what is on the other side down the way, but you have no choice, you need to decide and sometimes need to do it fast.

But because you have been aware of the river’s energy, the landscape, and have been learning on the way about yourself and the river’s flow, you are more confident and are able to make the best decision for you.

This is the same that happens to every human in this life.

Did you already find the analogy elements and what they mean for you?

GREAT! You are in the flow with this article!

If not, here some more information.


All of us, without exception, are born in the flow. You can call it THE FLOW OF LIFE. This life on earth.

It has some rules like Gravity, Atmosphere, hot and cold, weather seasons, life and death, energy transformation and more. We cannot change it, we are designed to be here and embrace it.

Unfortunately, on the way of growing up as adults, we get distracted by noises and useless information that make us WANT TO GO AGAINST THE FLOW

People tell us what we should BE, what we should DO, what we should EAT.

We go back to our past and want to stay in the resentment and old uncomfortable memories.

We chose a job and stay there for many years miserable.

We don’t want to keep learning about ourselves, about life, about business, because we think we already know everything.

And so on…

Then we struggle.  A lot of STRESS comes to impact our boat. We are using more and more energy because we are moving against the FLOW. Is more tiring, it takes time, and if you stop, you will go back to the same place you started believing that you fail, then maybe is the right place to start again…a second chance.

So, how to do it?  How to understand where is the “right direction” ,  how to stay in the FLOW?


1) and the most important.  UNDERSTAND YOURSELF.

Forget all that you know, and ask to yourself many times these questions:

  • What I really want in this life?
  • What I like or love to do?
  • What I used to like to do when I was a little child? – you may want to ask your mom or dad.
  • What I like to expend many hours doing and I don’t care if I eat or not, if I get paid or not?
  • What are those qualities that make me unique?
  • What are those talents I feel I was born with?
  • What kind of people do I admire?


This may not be easy but there are always “weird” things that happen to us to show us the way of the FLOW.

Some of us called miracles, luck, or just a clear and visual sign in front of your face that makes you feel something (nice/or not) inside you.

These signs can come in the shape of messages from friends, in articles, or some close relatives.

They can be sometimes uncomfortable, that means is something inside you, that needs to be solved.

They can be moments where you start to make money with little or no effort

They can be projects that you joined and feel totally fulfill after your efforts and passion on it

It can be a phrase on somebody else’s T-shirt

A job opportunity

Signs from nature, from animals, plants, trees, sun. This ones are very powerful but take time to understand them.

And more.


Some of the topics I have been learning so far in the last 7 years:

Human personality traits – help me to understand myself and how to communicate better with others

Positive psychology – a better way to understand old traumas or limiting habits and how to transform them

Body functions – How our body works, why we have different organs, how our brain works (very important)

Universal laws – How life works, and some things we consider unnecessary but have a purpose and deep meaning. For example, Law of cause and effect.  Sow and Reap, Attraction, etc.  there are many. ALL OF THEM WORKS TOGETHER AND THEY ARE CONNECTED. To know one is not enough.

Finance and money energy – This is one of the hardest for me. There are so many negative beliefs about money and cleaning those takes time. Learn how money flows, how it works. Business ideas, investment, etc. Money is important, like it or not. Better like it

Healthy food and nutrition – Many myths about what you should eat only for commercial purposes. People are dying faster and more painful not because of their age or pollution. Is because of what we eat. Learn, test and see what works better for you. Everybody has different energies and way of assimilating nutrients. Don’t follow others. – also, you should consider learning cooking and eating healthier at home.


We are all connected, in a soul and physical level. We are sharing this planet in this life and we need to support each other instead of fighting and trying to conquer things with violence.

Helping others can be in many ways. No need to go to a poor country to rescue kids (if you can please do it) You can start to do simple shows of love for the people that is closer to you. Your family, your couple, your classmates, your students, colleagues, etc.  Start helping ONE, and this will spread around.

  • Here some ways to help and spread the love:
  • Cook for somebody
  • Clean the place where you and your family live
  • Be on time to your job or meeting
  • Call somebody you didn’t call for a long time
  • Say I LOVE YOU from your heart
  • Wash the dishes
  • Write a positive message and share it in your moments/social media
  • Share positive experiences
  • Stop complaining forever
  • Stop judgment forever
  • Stop criticism forever ( or practice constructive/positive criticism)
  • Love yourself a little more every day
  • And others…

I know is hard sometimes, don’t forget these 3 things I learned and have been a wonderful reminder every time I face difficulties and stress.

1) Struggle comes when you focus on yourself only

2) Nothing is so serious in this life

3) Nothing is permanent in this life

Share this article with more people, spread the seed.

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