10 principles to heal from cancer

By Angelo Castagneto


This article/research is a collection of information based on thousands of patients that found the way to heal from cancer without the traditional medical procedures such as surgery, chemo or radiotherapy; my own experience as a cancer survivor, and the wisdom I have been learning and connecting for more than 37 years to present in here. If you have cancer or any chronical disease, go to the doctor, don’t skip that. Just be open that there are many ways to support your recovering and healing, most of them with less trauma and cheaper.

With love for you:

This is for you if you are living with cancer right now, or you already healed from cancer but still has a fear it may come back, or maybe somebody you love if suffering this. Don’t be afraid. You will find here much information that I wish I had when I passed through cancer. Everything will be fine. Don’t give up.

10 principles to heal from cancer

1- Understanding the enemy

Imagine a beautiful Oyster. She is in the ocean chilling out hanging out with her friends. Then suddenly there is an unexpected big wave that shakes her out home and pushes her away from the group. Trying to ask for help, she opens herself but only sand comes in, nobody around can listen to her. The intensity of the event goes down, she found a new rock to stay and she started to go back to her normal life. She closes again sealing herself with fear of been shaken again and get some sand inside.

She was afraid to open herself, not even to say hi to other oysters around. She felt alone and depressed.

Time passed and she realized there was something weird with her. Something inside was not normal. Many months ago, when she was experiencing that intense event of the wave, she let some sand to come in. She was able to clean herself but there was one tiny sand particle that stayed. Her wonderful biology allows her body to react against any foreign body that is not part of her original body, then some inner mechanism was triggered and the sand particle started to be covered by some organic substances and minerals transforming this foreign element into a part of her.  And then she called it a PEARL.

In a very similar way, our body creates the cancer to protect us. Maybe there are some foreign bodies inside our body that cannot be recognized, so our body will wrap them. This is what we call tumors.

Let’s get the simplest concept that most of the doctors never explain:  Cancer is a mechanism your body has to protect you. If we can go more far with this idea, I will dare to say that this such called: “chronical disease” is not our enemy, is just a way your body react for you to pay attention to something inside that need to be solved.

One of the biggest mistakes is to put ourselves as a victim and declare war to our cancer. When you do this, you are declaring war to your own body. 

2- The perfect environment so you never get sick

In 1910, more than 100 years ago, the French surgeon, biologist and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Alexis Carrel, discovered that cells can last long periods of time when they have the right environment and care. He placed tissue cultured from an embryonic chicken heart in a special container providing regular supplies of nutrients. The culture last for over 20 years, almost twice a chicken’s normal lifespan.

In the right environment, the cells are always healthy. So, we can say: The health of the cell depends on the external environment. 

In 1931, 88 years ago, the German physiologist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate, Otto H. Warburg. investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. In very simple words, he discovered that cancer cells create energy from the fermentation of glucose (sugar) in contrast of normal healthy cells that creates energy from oxidation. In other words, cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in a normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.

The perfect environment to get cancer is created by our lifestyle and diet. When we eat lot of artificial sweets and products with added sugars (candies, cookies, milk chocolates, ice creams, cakes, donuts, churros, pastries, etc.), we are creating a better environment for cancer to get energy and grow. At the same time, if we have a sedentary lifestyle (little or no physical movement), we are depriving our organism of oxygen. More exercise we do, more oxygen flows in our body, a better environment for our healthy cells to stay healthy.

I know… we know what is right for us, so why we don’t do it? – it takes some time to adjust our mind and transform the old self-destructive habits, and is totally possible. Meanwhile an advice from my experience:

  1. Replace sugars from man-made products, like the ones we mentioned before, with fruits. Is still sugar but is more natural and more body-friendly. Start gradually if you really have issues to let go all sugars like me.
  2. Make short time high cardio exercise and or, long time low cardio. 10 to 20 minutes of sprints, jumping, running. Or 1 hour walk 4 times a week is more than enough to start. No need to think about 1 or 2 hours in the gym every day, if you don’t like it don’t it, find other ways but breath and sweat! Move your ass!

There is no magic formula here, just facts. Create your perfect environment.

3- All illnesses have an origin in our minds: Psychosomatics

From the Greek: Psyche / MIND and Soma / BODY

Everything is created twice in this life. First in our minds, then in the material world through our body and actions. Everything you see around you was created first as a thought, as an inspiration. Then with some work, those thoughts became real and now we can touch them. This is an universal rule that is connected to what we know as Cause and Effect. Cancer like any other “disease” is a result of something, a root or a cause. This root will vary on each of the individuals according to the situation and location where the cancer is manifested.

For example, according to the psychosomatic approach, a problem in your lungs are connected with a primal fear of living. Lungs are the ones that receive oxygen through breathing. If we don’t breathe, we die. Fears on birth, feelings that we don’t deserve to live, etc., may trigger addictions such as smoking cigarettes. The cigarettes are destructive filters of oxygen. The harmful chemicals go inside our bodies and trigger lung cancer. Is a chain reaction and all is connected.

Another example is a problem with your stomach or digestive system. Ulcers, gastritis, Irritable Intestine Syndrome IIS, cancer, and other chronical illness can be the result of something that was hard to digest.  Maybe a stressful relationship, somebody you were not able to tolerate but you lived with this person for a long time. A family member that you cannot get rid of such as mother, father, brothers. A boss you hate but you need to work with every day. It is also related to our capacity to let go. To release what our body doesn’t need, such as harmful toxins, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, doubts, the famous feeling we are not good enough, and others.

There are thousands of cases where people experienced severe traumas and after a period of time a cancer appears like magic. There is a specific case of the German Doctor Ryke Hamer. In the late 70’s he and his wife suffered a dramatic experience. Their son was killed and they fell in the grief period. Both frustrated that they couldn’t do anything to save him. After 2 years of this intense episode, both Doctor Hamer and wife got cancer. Doctor Hamer got testicle cancer, and his wife got breast cancer.

Because of the coincidence of the event and almost perfect timing, they decide to make some exams and found something interesting in their brain scans. They had some kind of shadows that not suppose to be there in a normal healthy brain. After realizing more exams and track the potential reason for this, they concluded the cause of this cancer was a result of the intense experience of losing their son years ago.

Since them, Doctor Hamer started to develop what he called the Germanic New Medicine, source of many controversy, many followers of Hamer and haters too. What I can rescue from my research on this topic is that he had many documented cases that helped cancer patients to recover and heal, even severe metastasis cases (when cancer is spread in many organs). His approach: Use therapy to track and find the emotional root, then the patient will release this emotional root allowing the cancer to retreat.

Based on Doctor Hamer’s approach, there are 3 conditions that need to happen for a person to develop a chronical disease like cancer:

1- The person suffers from an unexpected conflict. For example: a kidnap, the sudden death of a love one, accident, witness a robbery, sexual abuse, etc.

2- The conflict is intense and dramatic

3- The person suffers this in silence, alone, or cannot tell somebody else about this.

Don’t belief in anything I wrote here. Take action and search by yourself more cases like Dr. Hamer. Then get to your own conclusion. At the end I will mention some books and resources where you can also find more information. 

4- What you think and say will shape you

In 1999, the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto published several volumes of a work entitled Messages from Water. The research consisted to select sample of waters of different sources and expose them to different emotions, expressions, feelings and sounds. They place water in containers, a person comes and express an emotion then they freeze the water and study the crystals forms.

They exposed the water to different emotions and feelings such as hate, anger, fear, love, gratitude, compassion. These emotions came from words, from labels they put to the water containers, from music, and even photos they placed below the containers. Here some of the results of the images of the crystals.

This approach and messages were also highly criticized by the scientific community. I am not surprised that the LOGICAL brain of some people will love to put down some concepts their finite mind cannot understand and explain in a scientific way.

If we consider Emoto’s message, plus the fact that our body is 70% to 80% water, the vegetables and fruits we eat are full of water, and the planet itself is made by 80% water, then there must be a connection between all of them.

The feelings and emotions you express that comes from your mind and heart are extremely powerful. They not just affect to the person that receive the messages, but also affects the creator of the message, you.



Will significantly influence in your wellbeing, your inner world and peace.


  • Pay attention to what you think
  • Pay attention to what you say
  • Pay attention to what you eat
  • Say “thank you” or “I love you” to everything you eat and drink
  • And no matter what kind of disease you have or not, be nice to yourself every day. Look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU. Love your beautiful mind, your body, even if you are not happy with that at the beginning. LOVE allows transformation.

5- Our mind and heart need support

No matter you believe or not that cancer is created first in our minds. If you are facing the cancer now, there is still a big chance you are experiencing a lot of fear. Fear of death, fear of debts, and deep emotional resentment that is hard to see in the middle of this chaos. When I was diagnosed of testicle cancer, I was alone. I think my mind decided to shut down part of that experience when I received the news. I got the message from doctor, don’t remember any emotion, got into my car, drove back home, told my parents, and started the “fight” against it. That was in the 90s and I was in my middle 20s. I just knew what everybody else knew in those days: Having cancer is facing death, and maybe some chance of surviving.

I didn’t know that the root of that cancer could be an early trauma, I didn’t know that there are so many professionals that can provide real support to explore and understand the potential roots. But I was not alone. I was so lucky that I had the best support I could receive: the love of my family.

They never talked too much about it, just said everything will be fine, and that was more than enough for me. My mom and dad came with me to visit the specialist doctor, we agree on surgery, then I expend time recovering, then I got radio therapy, and no traces of that episode since them. But the fear last for years.

This principle is more like a recommendation as a friend:

Look for a way to express your feelings and let go all the things that are bothering you inside. Look for a close friend you trust, maybe a family member you love, to accompany you through this process. Tell this person to go with you to the doctor appointments, to the therapies, to learn more about any of the topics that will help you to heal.

Is important to find support besides your doctor, because they will just stay with you during the appointments and maybe answer some calls or messages. Some extra support for your mind, your heart, your soul is necessary. Alternative therapies or professional therapies will do it, go for it. They can be psychologist, hypnotherapist, art therapist, music therapist, life coach, health coach, or any other you feel right for you. They can help you to calm down, to handle better your emotions and fears, to reduce or even stop the negative thoughts, to reflect and go inside to allow a faster healing process, and more.

There are many wonderful people out there that have a mission to support you. Find the best support for you. Listen to the suggestions of other people but at the end decide by yourself.

6- All the information you can get will help you to win

Go to see the specialist of cancer, go to see the doctor.  Again, this information I write here is not for you to avoid going to see a professional, you must do it, why?  Because you need to know what is the state and development of your specific case.

The specialist will evaluate you and draw a potential plan to deal with the disease. Is extremely important to understand in which stage your cancer is. The stage usually is given in numbers.  Stage 0 means is the initial period, the cancer is localized in one place with no metastasis, means is not spread in other placer or organs, highly curable. The state number raises from 0 to 4 been 4 when the case is more serious and metastasis happened.   There are many cases where the patient had stage 4 and was able to heal. There is no rule, each case is different.

Besides understanding the stage, is extremely necessary to get the opinion of 2 or 3 specialist. This will give you more options on how to act.

Sometimes we neglect our symptoms, we want to cover our feelings and discomfort for long time. This can result in a big physical damage then if a cancer is found, the body is too weak to recover. Even if you have the chance to find the root of the disease, proceed with surgery for removal, or any other way you chose to deal with the cancer, can be late. Learn the symptoms, get a medical exam and don’t delay your recovery.

Cancer can cause many different symptoms. Here are some of them according to the National Cancer Institute (US) – Link at the end:

IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU READ: Please if you experience some of this, don’t be scare. They also can happen because some infections, benign tumors or other reasons. This is just to be aware that something in your body is not working well. Use them as a reference but don’t take final decisions or conclusions from them only.


Skin changes, such as: 

  • A new mole or a change in an existing mole
  • A sore that does not heal

Breast changes, such as: 

  • Change in size or shape of the breast or nipple
  • Change in texture of breast skin

A thickening or lump on or under the skin

Hoarseness or cough that does not go away

Changes in bowel habits

Difficult or painful urination

Problems with eating, such as: 

  • Discomfort after eating
  • A hard time swallowing
  • Changes in appetite

Weight gain or loss with no known reason

Abdominal pain

Unexplained night sweats

Unusual bleeding or discharge, including: 

  • Blood in the urine
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Blood in the stool

Feeling weak or very tired

Link Source:  https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/diagnosis-staging/symptoms

7- Detach from the numbers and the system

There are some many myths about cancer, about if you eat this, or that, about one single miracle procedure to cure you, incomplete statistics, etc. Again, to understand your unique case is important, besides that you need to understand that the numbers out there doesn’t represent your total reality. What ever you find and see, keep it as a reference only, don’t attach yourself to information you see.

I will just talk about one, polemic and always mentioned information: “If your family member got cancer, you have a chance to get cancer too”. Well, is not.  From different masters and doctors that I learn from, and remember the doctor that handled my case, there is not consistent proof about this. Others said that less than 5% of the cases came from family member with cancer. I will say there is a 95% chance you are in control of your case and you can heal if you want.

Another thing, there are many cases of people that discovered cures for cancer but they never were accepted by the traditional medicine. Some of them were even put in silence and forced to stop further R&D. At the end, the traditional medicine will always try to sell you SURGERY that means to cut part of you, RADIO and CHEMO THERAPY that means poison your body. They make a lot of money with that. These procedures create a serious trauma in our body, and together with this, a new wave of fear and unhealthy emotions, a potential reason to create other kinds of illnesses.

8- Save yourself and save the world

In many of the cases that people healed from cancer without going for the traditional medicine procedures (surgery, radio, chemo, etc.) they mentioned that part of the recovery was thanks to the change on their diets. We mentioned before the research by Otto Warburg about sugar fuels cancer cells and tumors. For sure there are more facts like this.

In the 70s, there is one crazy guy that I respect a lot called Dr. T. Collin Campbell. In one of his first research about cancer in rats, he discovered that a protein called casein, which makes up 80 to 85%of cow’s milk protein, was supporting the growth of cancer. They had 2 groups of rats with induced cancer. In one group they provide of 5% of casein (low protein diet), in the other group the provide 20% (High protein diet).  The second one developed cancer faster and die. The first group stayed healthy for longer time. When they reduce the casein, the rats not only stop developing cancer but stop and retreat.  They also replaced the animal protein with plant-based protein such as soy protein and wheat protein, both did not promote the development of cancer. They discovered that low animal protein diet reduces cancer initiation, high animal protein diet promotes cancer development.  And this was only the first research Campbell and his team made 40 years ago!

The same Dr. Campbell will plan an execute a huge research comparing the eating habits and lifestyle of rural population groups in China with the eating habits and lifestyle of Americans in big cities to understand why Americans are experiencing so high levels of chronical diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer, and why Chinese rural population had lower rates with a huge difference.

He found that rural people in China are more farmers, people that are more psychically active for long periods of time. Also found that because of culture and/or family income, rural people in China eat more vegetables and greens, fewer animal products like red meats, white meats, preserved salted meats, etc. And because I live in China, I also know Chinese fellows are not too much in to sugars and sweets compare to my Latin and American fellows.

All the information, with numbers, charts, etc. is highly explained in his famous book “The China Study” Today he is teaching everything about what he calls a WHOLE PLANT BASED DIET (WPBD) a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts, including delicious recipes. I already tried some.  Recommend you to check it out.

There is more, in the amazing documentary movie called HOPE- What you eat matters (2018) written and directed by Nina Messinger, shows clear facts about the ridiculous amount of water, land, and pollution, that is necessary to raise animals in factories. And I say factories because there are no more farms. The food industry that is literary killing millions of people around the world for money, has developed to the point that huge factories kill and process the products for mass consumption.

Here just one fact about how much water those “farmers” use to produce meat compare to other products in US

(screenshot from HOPE documentary)

To produce animal products:

  • 1 kg of eggs, 3,300 liters of water are needed
  • 1 kg of chicken meat, 3,900 liters
  • 1 kg of pork, 4,800 liters
  • 1 kg of cheese, 5000 liters
  • 1 kg of beef, 15,500 liters

I don’t want to talk about the suffering and pain of the animals, at least not now.

You are what you eat.

Entering to a WHOLE PLANT BASE DIET may be for you, maybe not. I don’t like too much the labels vegetarian, vegan, etc. I can call myself CONSCIOUS EATER, means that you are in present time choosing what you eat, you understand why you eat what you are eating, and also important, you are in a calm and happy state when you eat it.

In AYURVEDA wisdom, an ancient Indian system to explain the life of humans, how we should eat and think, there are 3 kinds of people called Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) each of them has an suitable diet to stay healthy and balanced, they also have recommendations of what to eat when we are unbalanced. Learn about this, you may find amazing information to support your body and recovery process.  

Is so sensible to tell somebody to eat something, specially when you tell somebody to NOT eat something. Each of us has our own process, our own time. Learn, test it on your own body, feel the results and decide what is the best for you to promote your TOTAL SUSTAINABLE HEALTH.


One of the biggest reasons I started to go deeper to learn and practice relaxation techniques, was because I was very stressed and this was affecting my digestion a lot. Also seems my coping stress mechanism is not so strong so I need more ways to stay calm and focused. The same can happen to many of us, especially because the lifestyle we have.

Facing an episode of cancer is definitely not easy to embrace, so that’s why there are many techniques and concepts that you can learn, easy and fast to reduce the overthinking, calm down, and the most important of all, BE OPEN.

Fear and uncertainty blind us, reduce our capacity of healing, and consume valuable energy that we can use to stay in our best state of mind and body facing the challenge.

And all is connected, this is what I love to see, the connections. Give you an example:

  • If you have cancer and know that the cancer cells cannot survive in environments with oxygen, you can practice deep breathing techniques
  • That breathing technique you chose to master will help you to increase the oxygen flow in your body and relax.
  • When your brain receives more oxygen, you will start to think clear, you will be more focused and in control of your thoughts. It takes time and practice.
  • This will also allow you to be more open and receptive to new information you may didn’t see before or missed.
  • If you practice breathing techniques with meditation techniques in any form (mindfulness, Transcendental, etc.) you will be able to reflect and go inside easier.
  • You are increasing the chance to find potential impacts or challenges you suffered before the cancer appeared.
  • You will be able to let go all these thoughts and beliefs you don’t need creating space for the new information that will support your healing and total recovery.
  • You will raise your energies, search for better and healthier food that raise and maintain those energies,
  • And so on.

In this era, there are many free resources online. You are one click far from the technique or information that can bring you closer to the desire state of health you want.

10 – For effective and lasting results use a combination of strategies

This is kind of a summary of all. Facing cancer or any kind of disease, you need to consider the 2 key elements: MIND+BODY.  Mind is the part we don’t see, Body is the part we see.

In any aspect of our life works the same. If you work only in your professional life and make a nice career and a lot of money, but you forgot your personal life, the social part, the feeling of be part of a group or the love from your life partner, you are out of balance. Or maybe you put a lot of attention of how you look, your appearance, makeups, clothes, etc., but forgot to nurture your heart, to accept yourself as you are, to feel you are good enough, etc. This is also out of balance. Unbalance brings conflicts.

Both areas are important.

We already mentioned before some of them, but here a little more about the strategies and actions I practiced in some moments of my life that you can do to promote your Mind and Body health together:


  • Meditate – Meditation calm down your thoughts and allow a space to think clearer. Also help you to reduce overthinking, to be more focused, and to see a new point of view you didn’t see before.
  • Do Art – like drawing and sculpting. Art will stimulate your senses and become a single point of focus reducing the distractions, this is a fun way to be mindful.
  • Learn, learning valuable information about your disease and healing options, about spiritual wisdom, about mind and body and related topics.
  • Listen Motivational Audios and positive music, to boost your self-esteem and positive thinking
  • Watch positive content, comedy to laugh and relax, tv series with positive message, avoid extreme movies, high in drama, action, blood, etc.
  • Dance and vibrate, any kind of rhythm movements that brings your deep breathing and joy will boost your stamina and raise your energies.
  • Play a musical instrument.  This will stimulate your somatic part and your listening capacity. This is one of my favorites and I can say is also a meditation that brings you to a focused state and nurture your heart.
  • Eat in present time and happy, sounds obvious but is not. If you eat something, just eat. Even if is something you think is not so healthy, eat it in a happy and relaxed way. Enjoy the moment. Food guilt and shame are poisons we put inside our bodies through our mind.
  • Run and sweat, raise your heart beats, in a controlled way. And remember always stretch and warm up before any physical exercise.
  • Get some “alive” company, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, if not, a dog, or a cat, if not, hamster, or a plant. But get a living thing that accompany you and can create some interaction with you.
  • Cook for yourself with love, learn some whole plant-based recipes, add some music in the background when cooking and enjoy the process. The energy you put on your ingredients will bring you infinite joy and peace.
  • Stay out of your mind as much as you can. Get busy doing something you like. Go out, climb an small mountain, sit down in the park, observe the sunset, watch the rain, play videogames that don’t stress you, Combine strategies, etc. Staying alone facing a disease is a perfect environment to go into a negative loop inside your mind. Once a single negative thought stays inside playing, it can bring you down for long time. Do your best to stay out of your mind.
  • Sleep and rest.  Find a way or ask the people that is with you in assisting you to create a nice environment to rest whenever you need it. Put some soft music in the background, maybe some nice smells from candles, flowers, oils, etc. No distractions, no high noises, no cellphones or WIFI.
  • Drink good water.  Besides what we mentioned before, water brings a balance between the acid and alkaline levels. By saying good water means, drink water high in PH (the alkaline substance that will balance the acidity on your body). Learn about this and find the water brand that suits you the best. Drink it warm, not cold. You inner body is warm all the time, don’t bring more impact to your body if is not necessary.  Warm water also will help you to digest better and clean your systems from all toxins you don’t need.  Avoid acid drinks such as coffee, alcohol, sugar beverages. They just increase the acid levels inside, perfect environments to promote illnesses.

There are more strategies for sure. Find one or two that makes more resonance with you, and don’t forget this: Pay attention always to your energy levels, especially if you are in the middle of the disease, recovering from the surgery or facing chemo. Quality time to rest is crucial for your recovery. Check with your doctor first what kind of activities you can do, and use common sense.

BONUS because I love you

11- Reconnect with your life purpose

And here I come with the spiritual part. The part that is still a mystery for some of us.

When I mentioned MIND+BODY, is the obvious part that most of us understand, but who is the one that controls the mind?  Who controls the body? Yes,

Our soul.

Let’s say we have something like this:  Soul controls Mind, Mind Controls Body, and Body controls Soul. Yes? It is a circle, is not a vertical hierarchy where the soul is the boss. When you see in this way you understand that all parts are as equal as important and each of them has a purpose to exist and coexist.  

When we talk about the spiritual part, the soul, we are talking about the most subtle and magical part of human beings, the “being” part.  There are no labels, no scientific measurement, is not visible and still a little mysterious. The soul is what we called the inner power, the source, something that is connected with a higher wisdom.

The powers and wisdom related to this part are: Courage, Discipline, Persistence, Care, Kindness, Humbleness, Simplicity, Confidence and so on, been the most important and my favorite: Love, REAL LOVE, not the conditional love most of us know and practice.

These superpowers that are the essence of every human have been projected to third parties by the religions, making us believe that we don’t have them but someone or something has them over us, making us lose the power and belief that we are not in control.

There is nothing wrong about religions.  I came from one them and it helped me a lot in that moment of my life. They are beautiful and are full of wisdom. I have learned a lot from many of them, and at the end there is a common message they offer: BE GOOD AND BE GOOD TO OTHERS.

In the noisy world we live now, with high levels of stress, anxiety about future, people telling you what to think, what to buy and what to eat, is very easy for us to get lost and lose the way, our original path.

90% of us, are living a life we did not suppose to live. Maybe we are working in a place we don’t like or living a relationship we don’t want, or sick facing a big disease we don’t want. This can be a sign that we moved far from the path that was better for us, but don’t worry, all is ok and will be fine.

I don’t pretend you to belief or not each of us has plan and path to explore in this life. I am not sure if it is fixed or not, or if we really have free will and choosing power, but what I know is that we are born with specific sets of powers and gifts, we shape our behaviors and mindsets since we are kids so we must have a reason for that, a purpose to use all what we are and have. This uniqueness, our story our passions, our values, our vision of the future, is what will give us direction in life.

Some people give up very fast. Lost in life bring your energies down because you have been walking in circles without been able to find what you love to do. It takes time to find the way and it can be hard for many of us to find it. It took me 30+ years to finally understand myself deeply, understand and see the connection between my gifts talents and strengths and be able to direct them to my purpose. Sometimes is still blur but there is something inside me that is telling I am in the right way, and so we all are.

I was born with musical and artistic gifts, on the way I experienced and witness suffering in my family. Since I was a kid, I was overweight and sick. I passed through a couple of experiences that shook my life, then I started to work, I found that teaching and training people was a new passion, I felt in love, move to another country with a very different culture than the one I learned, more stress and struggle, until I had no more space for the pain I was suffering. I was lost, doing random things, wasting my energy, again overweight and mentally sick. Then, when I decided I don’t want of that pain anymore, I commit to myself to change, I opened the door to learn.

I attend seminars and trainings, on the way I learned how to let go many of my old resentments, I learned how to release repressed emotions from childhood, I learned how to handle better my emotions and how to master then. I was open to test on myself a new diet and it worked, and like this, many more amazing experiences came allowing me to narrow my multiple interests and powers, and focus more into one or two that are aligned to my purpose in this life. This gives me power.

There are cases of cancer patients that reconnect with their life purposes and heal. The reconnection is not the healer, is just adding a powerful reason for you to stick around more in this planet with that body in this life.


Having a chronical disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. is a perfect time to reflect on your life. We face the most primal survival fears, and in some way, we open inner doors that were closed for a very long time. If you don’t have a purpose, something higher than yourself, something that gives you energy when there is no other source around, something that pulls you towards it, then why you want to recover? Why do you want to heal?  To continue your old lifestyle drinking, smoking, eating trash food? Going back to be angry and mad with the people that love you? Do you want to stay alive to keep on cheating?  Or keep going on your addiction?  Yes. These are hard questions, so if you feel uncomfortable now, I made my job.

Don’t wait to be sick to change.  Don’t wait to be in pain to transform your life.

“LIFE is like a little candle out there in the open space. You never know when the fire will be off but as long as the light is on, it will guide others and show the way.  Be that light.”

At the end our ultimate goal is not health, is not money, is not happiness, is not love. By default, we are healthy, is in our design. We heal and whatever you take: medicine, healthy food, rest, etc., they will allow your body to heal faster. Medicine itself doesn’t cure us, it covers the symptoms and mask the real causes of disease. Healthy food doesn’t cure you, they support your body with energy and nutrients raising your body’s performance including your brain, host of your mind. Rest will allow you to stay calm, quiet, and without interruptions for you to heal and recover faster.

Money is an energy that flows around those who are capable to handle it. Is neutral, so if you are a good person at heart, have money and know how to handle it, you will do great things with it. If you are a bad person or stupid person, you will do stupid things with money. Money is part of the systems we belong to and decided to part of and there is no real owner, we all have the right to have some.

Happiness is the other face of sadness and sorrow, they will come and go. So many people are so obsessed and crave for happiness, similar than money, but life has inevitable ups and downs, those are part of the rules and design, we cannot change that.

Then, What about love? We are love. If we put love as our goal means you are searching for conditional love outside because something is missing inside you and the necessity has not been satisfied yet. Or maybe is just a belief and a belief can be changed. You are love and that’s the force that keeps you on.

So, what is our ultimate goal?

There is word that I haven’t mention so far in this article. There is something that when you own it and feel it, you have all the other things you want. It brings you acceptance of the present time, brings you a gratitude feeling for all the things you had, have and will have. That ultimate goal is already there but we forgot it. Is our essence as beings and comes with our soul. This ultimate goal is PEACE

Some of us are born with a seed of personality that will be developed from childhood to adulthood. This specific personality trait will have more of the “peace” element. In the behavioral system DISC (Dominance, Influential, Steadiness, Compliance) the S for steadiness is one profile that will experience easier the peaceful state. In the 4P’s system (Power, Popular, Perfect, Peace), similar than DISC in approach and description, the fourth P for Peace, like the name mentioned, will have higher chance to experience peace. In many other psychological assessments and systems where they label you with a specific personality trait or a combination of them, you will find some of then have higher peaceful characteristics. In the Ayurveda wisdom about the Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) The third one Kapha that is connected with the elements of water and earth, tend more to be a peaceful being.

This doesn’t mean that the other profiles cannot find peace. Each of us has a combination of profiles and personalities. All in different levels. We all have peace inside.  That’s why is so important to understand who you really are and know in your beautiful heart that our essence is peace and love. This will allow you to find and create the best life strategies for your unique story.

It takes time to heal. We have been polluting our bodies and minds for so many years. We have become experts on the habits and practices we do today. Old patterns are strong and hard to break. It’s hard to let go our way of thinking, to let go things we don’t need, and to let go emotional attachments that just slow us down. The bright side of this is, all is a process. The universe is in constant movement. The galaxies are moving, the stars are moving, the solar systems are moving, our planet is moving around the sun, everything is in constant expansion. Live and death are part of this expansion. Without death, there won’t be space for new life. Without life, we won’t be able to experience peace and love in this planet. So be patience.

It is never too late to start to explore your inner world. Take your time, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and move forward. You can heal.

The end

Recommended reads, topics and masters that made this article possible:


Books/Audiobooks (some of them free online)

  • The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
  • Mindset by Carol S. Dweck
  • Healing Anxiety and Depression by Daniel G. Amen
  • The Psychology of Addiction by Jenny Svedberg
  • Meditation by Osho
  • What to expect when you are expecting by Heidi Murkoff
  • Absolute Effortless Prosperity by Bijan Anjomi
  • Success Factor modeling by Robert Dilts
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • You can heal your life by Louise Hay

Online masters (Spanish)

  • Alejandro Lavin (Mexico) – How life Works, psychosomatic, alternative therapies
  • Gerardo Amaro (Mexico) – Akashic records messages, self-conscious, life control
  • Maria de Ezcurra (Argentina) – Ayurveda, diet and mindset
  • Bernardo Stamateas (Argentina) – Desarrollo personal y psicología

Online masters (English)

  • Tony Robbins – Inspiration, spiritual strength and real-life wisdom
  • Hans Wilhelm – Spiritual wisdom through art
  • Chris Heria – Calisthenics and exercises
  • Deepak Chopra – Spiritual wisdom, personal development, health
  • Wayne Dyer – Spiritual wisdom

Documentaries (multiple languages available)

  • HOPE – what you eat matters. Free online.
  • I am not your guru – Tony Robbins documentary. Netflix





Real life masters and support

  • Karen Huang, Life Direction Consultant and Unconditional Love
  • Hong Ma, Attitude Management
  • Bijan Anjomi, Spiritual Logic
  • Veet Mano, Stress and Emotions Management / Health coaching
  • Robert Dilts, NLP, life purpose model, vision and mission

And super special thanks to my music and art, for being there since the beginning giving me peace and helping others to relax.

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