9 reasons why I am becoming vegan


I realized that to talk about “what you should eat” is a sensitive topic for many.  The main reason is that many people feel a threat when somebody else is crossing the imaginary line of their comfort zones and old beliefs. Everybody has their own way, their own time, and progress. We need to respect that, I respect that.

What I will share here is just my experience, the benefits, and kind of why was so hard to decide this.

Again, like I always say, this content is not for everybody. Just for those who are thinking to change their diets, overcome a chronical disease, or just want to be more healthy.

With all my love for you,


1- I feel stupid.

When I was a kid I was very sick for many years. I got digestion problems, allergies, heart problems, and was very mad most of the time. Maybe because of my lifestyle and eating habits? Until today I am still recovering from old wounds.

In the last 3 years, I have been learning a lot about health, mental and physical health. I started to research and learn from real-life cases where people get cure from chronical diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. I started to understand why I was still sick, why to change the way we eat, why why why, and even after understanding the why, I was still eating meat.

Then last night I saw a documentary called HOPE, WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS, by genius Director Nina Messinger. And that was all. I saw, one more time, the many reasons why to eat WHOLE PLANT BASED FOOD only, hundreds of benefits, and especially I saw how much our animals are suffering in the process to become the food we eat.  Is not fair.

Check here HOPE movie



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2- I want to keep my energies high always

It’s well known, and maybe new for you, that when we eat meat, the body takes more time and energy to process and digest it.  3 years ago, I tried for the first time to become vegetarian (no red meats no white meats, but still eggs, yogurt, and fish) for 1 month. Was amazing. I came back after this to eat sometimes chicken, but when I tried to eat red meat again, my body was feeling bad and rejecting it. The results on my health of this first change on my diet are: more energy, better sleep, more calm and focused. It was not enough to completely stop eating other meats. Now I am ready!



3- I thought protein only comes from animal meat and animal-based products

In the book THE CHINA STUDY, I did not only completely understand that many vegetables contain high levels of protein (example lentils) but animal-based products trigger and promote chronical diseases like cancer and heart attacks. Is not only the fat or cholesterol in your bacon, is the whole way we use to eat and think.





4- I had cancer and I know how it’s to be afraid of death

Almost 15 years ago I got testicular cancer stage 1. In those days I was around 25 years old. Not so many people know this because I was ashamed of this. Now I know there was nothing to be ashamed of.  I was eating everything those days, I had a very random life, messy, but kind of stable according to the old social system that keeps must of us blind inside the illusion.

I suffered in silence, my family suffered in silence, I had a lot of support from them and some of my close friends and colleagues, and I conquered that episode of my life. I don’t regret anything because I learned something valuable and I am using this experience to help people today to become more healthy at MIND+BODY level. Now I know and I’m totally convinced that cancer can be reduced, stopped, and totally reverse with a change in the diet only. If you add a change in the way you think, the results will be faster.

There are thousands of thousands of cases of people that chose not to go to surgery and receive treatment, change diets to a WHOLE PLANT BASED DIET and in some months,  cancer started to lose power and disappear completely.

NOTICE: if the cancer is already in an advanced stage and your body is heavily damaged, the probability to heal with a new diet is lower. You still must check yourself with the doctor or doctors to see your best options. Don’t give up!



5- Animal products are full of fear and sadness

There is outstanding research in Japan by doctor Masaru Emoto.  He proved that water can trigger specific patterns when it reacts to specific emotions/feelings that are projected to them. They expose the water to some emotions. feelings such as ANGER, LOVE, COMPASSION, GRIEF, and then they freeze the water and observe the crystal forms. All of them react in a beautiful and impressive way.

cystals emoto

A Nobel prize winner doctor Luc Montagnier from France also made research about the power of water and prove that water has memory.  This may be an explanation why when one person gets mad, the others start to feel mad too. Is kind of contagious.

Humans and animals are very similar. 70 to 80% of our bodies are made of water. The way “farm” animals are killed today is BRUTAL and TERRIFYING.  The fact that we are killing other beautiful and smart living things is already UNFORGIVABLE.  The animal feels he or she will be killed. Same as if you are put inside a jail and somebody comes to you in the darkness and points you with a gun. You know you will die.

This fear, anger, sadness, is felt and impressed in animal body fluids. (example blood) And this is what we eat.  Those liquids become part of you, and you become them.

There are also cases were people train dogs to kill (another horrible practice) so they feed them with raw bloody meat, they become more aggressive. Do you see any connection here?



6- I love dogs…and cats too.

I was raised in a lovely family. They are very connected with plants and animals. We used to have dogs, cats, parrots, monkeys, iguanas, etc. And I was raised learning how to connect and love animals. But why I was eating other animals too?  ANSWER: I thought was normal.  I learned it and I felt into the conditioning.

We are heavily conditioned by our family traditions (what your mom used to cook for you), our country culture (what everybody eats), teachers (what everybody learns), the food industry and their marketing. We reinforce this pattern every time we eat meat, and this pattern is so strong that suddenly it turns into an automatic program that runs without our awareness.

When we are not conscious of what we do, we lose control of our lives. Automatic programs run and most of these programs are limiting and destroying ourselves.

Cows are smart and have feelings, dogs are smart and have feelings, pigs are smart and have feelings, chicken maybe not so smart but have feelings too…and so on. If I love dogs, why not loving cows too?

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7- Disguising flavors, another self-lie

Since I am a little kid, I don’t like the smell of raw bloody beef. I don’t know why. But we love to cover the taste and smell using many condiments like cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, etc. So, we can eat it. YUMMY!

When I came to China, I discovered a whole world of tofu meat (soybean meat) and many textures, and guess what, I use now same condiments and spices to cook tofu and taste amazing. I realized I was cheating myself by covering the real disgusting flavor of raw meat and eating it without being conscious

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8- There are new WHOLE PLANT BASED products to eat

It’s so nice to see more and more people is becoming conscious eaters. This new wave of vegetarians and vegans are inspiring more people to create amazing recipes and products with NO ANIMAL elements.  Some examples are:

  • Beyond Meat – Plant Based Burger Patties
  • Oatly – Oat milk drink
  • Thousands of vegetables, fruits, etc, you also can combine and create new dishes



9 – I am focusing on my spiritual growth too

We are not just a body. We are spiritual beings incarnated in a wonderful body. We are unique and part of something bigger. All living beings on this planet are connected. What you do here know in your life, will affect yourself and others in other places.

After almost 6 years of working on myself, transforming limiting beliefs about health, money, relationships, career,  rediscovering my life purpose and mission,  I deeply know in my heart that if I want to achieve the ultimate peace and power inside myself and help millions of people on the way, I must be in peace with all living beings in this planet.

I am totally responsible and happy for my life, so you are.








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