3 principles that will help you to find your GIFT


Many different stressful experiences helped me to realize how life works and how important is to take care of yourself FIRST. Most of the people will think is only about body health, but is not. We must pay attention and work out our mind, body, and soul TOGETHER.

During our process and growth, we will face inevitable challenges, part of this game. Sometimes will be so hard that we will think we cannot handle it but we can.

LIFE/GOD/UNIVERSE will never give us something we cannot handle…and we must learn the unique lesson from the painful experience, otherwise it will come again until we learn.

In those difficult times (that still come), there is only one thing is helping me to move forward. Well, a few things. All the things I tried in life before and love to do. Because there is always something you like to do. Something that doesn’t matter how many hours you put on it, you will keep doing. Something that even if people say is not so good, or is bad, you feel mad, angry but still keep doing.  This thing that is easy for you but not for others. This thing that gives you energy instead of draining it. You can call them your gifts, or talents, or however you want to call them. We all have them.

Life will pass in a blink of an eye. There is no guarantee. Life is risky all the time. Since we are born we have a risk to die. Its time to understand that to live and die are part of the same game. This death is just about the body, our essence will live forever. This essence is connected with your gift or talent.

So is very important to put your time and energies to find this gift, to find what really moves you. It no so easy, especially now in these days where the media and the millions of LOST PEOPLE are telling you what to buy and what to do. But once you find it or them, they will help you to make this life more enjoyable, more happy, more fulfilled.

I am just sharing my experience and I know many people are facing what I was facing many years ago.  So here I want to share 3 principles that I consider very important that will help you to find your gift (s): 



Many people expend a lot of time and money to go to seminars, courses or buy expensive equipment and then they quit. Nowadays, is more easy to get an idea of what you want to try and see if is of your best interest.

For example, You want to be a dancer? start simple. Search for free classes, trial classes, free videos and learn. Feel it. Record yourself and see yourself doing it. Forget about the YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, because is true. When you start to explore and find what you like, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH…YET


Maybe you try something and don’t feel nice? Didn’t like it?  Do it one more time in another moment.

We may be in the wrong state of mind (angry, anxious, depressed, etc) so we cannot really connect with the gift or talent immediately. Give yourself one more chance.


Ask, Ask, Ask. You want to be a Top Master on a specific area? , search for other successful Masters on the same or similar area you are interested in and learn from them first. See what they did and how is their lives now. Get an idea of how that path will be before you put yourself 100% inside.



Unfortunately, the people we love the most (mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc) will make us feel we are not good enough, all the time. Is not their fault, and is not your fault. Is just they don’t understand they should focus on their own stuff.

Learn and practice ways that support your inner peace, your focus and awareness to see beyond what other people see. Train yourself to see what others can’t see.  This is an opportunity for you to create.

The people you love have their own path, you meet them to learn and grow together but it doesn’t mean you will do what they say. Listen to them and chose the best for you first!


Do it for yourself, you deserve it.



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Angelo Castagneto

If you need support, feel a little lost, need some advice, please send us an email. We will love to hear from you. You are not alone! 


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