What is The SOUL?

In one of our stress management workshops, one of our students raise a question saying:  “What is the soul?”

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At that moment I was not ready with a clear answer, in fact, I thought everybody in our workshop had the idea of what soul is.  Do you?

If not, here I will share a beautiful way to understand what SOUL is, how it works and how important is to understand this part of your life.

The incredible machine

There is a famous Japanese cartoon from the 70s called MAZINGER Z.

Imagine there is a wonderful creation. An ultimate warrior with a clear mission to project the laboratory that created him and to protect the city from many evil monsters.


This incredible machine has special and unique features, amazing superpowers and is built with the strongest material available in the world.



And He is not alone, it also has a partner: Aphrodite A


But these are just machines. They need somebody to drive them and use them to achieve their missions.

Here is where the role of the pilot comes.

Introducing Koji (Mazinger’s pilot) and Sayaka (Aphrodite’s pilot).

koji and sayaka.jpg

Before they became the Pilots of Mazinger and Aphrodite they were well trained by the Lead Scientist and Creator of the incredible machines.  But training is not enough, there is also a higher connection between the Pilots and the Creator that provides support and guidance in difficult moments.

There is a strong resonance between the Creator and the Pilots, they have the same Vision of Life and the Mission to protect the city and the laboratory from the evil monsters.


Still, there is something missing, the pilots cannot just drive the machines. They need something to help them to do that, like an interface or hardware with controls.  Here is where the PILDER comes.

Pilders are vehicles that serve as command centers for the giant robots.


They are the most advanced vehicles and act as the control room that can host the pilots, becoming the interface to ride the wonderful warriors.


When these 3 pieces are combined, they become ONE!

PILOT+PILDER+MAZINGER …they are unstoppable


Mazinger itself cannot work without Koji and the Pilder. Koji cannot drive the Mazinger without the Pilder, and the Pilder itself is just a flying control room without command and force. The combination is what makes them unique and powerful.


Is this metaphor already raising some answers of WHAT SOUL IS?


Yes, you are very smart!


The soul is the essence of any human being. Some people also call it SPIRIT and make reference to us as spiritual warriors.


This has nothing to do with the religions and the manipulation of people, this is a pure and simple fact of what we are and how we work. God and Universe have NO RELIGION.

The soul is the one that has a mission, something to do, through a vehicle that supports the materialization of the energies of creation.

The soul is a pure and peaceful energy that comes from a higher and older source.


Then what are the control room (Pilder) and the incredible machine (Mazinger)?

The Control Room is our Mind.  Our mind will help the soul to process the instructions and manifest them in the real life through the machine, this incredible machine is our Body.


This is what makes us humans:




Our Soul is the pilot and through the mind, controls the body

Think about this. Reflect on this.  Meditate on this.

Once you feel this is true and real for you, make it yours and live it…every day of your life.


Take care of each of your parts, because all of them are equally important for you to BE.

  • Be aligned
  • Be calm
  • Be Powerful
  • Be you!




Angelo Castagneto



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