Is not your fault


Is not your fault if you feel you are not complete

Is not your fault if you feel shame and guilt for your actions

Is not your fault if you are eating unhealthy food knowing that is unhealthy


Here 3 reasons why is not your fault

1) You want to survive

growing in a hate family.jpg

You came from a powerful source full of love as a default setting, but you arrive into a chaotic world full of people that are lost trying to achieve only material things forgetting that the balance of SOUL+MIND+BODY is the key to grow to the next level. The next level where we are super beings free from pain, absolutely prosperous and full of unconditional love.

We arrive here with a lot of power and love and the people around us, starting with family, start to tell us and teach us what to do.

All that information is received, digested and internalized (even if you do not agree with that) and we believe this information is real, covering and forgetting our own original information that came with us since we were born.

As a child we want to survive so we follow the others.

Inner questions sometimes manifest and we say it. We speak them out, and most of the time can’t be answered by the people around us, or we are just told to shut up. At the end we shut up, listen and follow.


2) Multiple Realities

7 power to chose.jpg

Our family, teachers, friends, etc., have their own realities. Each of them has a specific set of talents, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, experiences, and wounds to heal. Same for us. For you and me.

Not so many people understand this, so we are forced to study inside systems where everybody is treated in the same way, and when somebody “fails” is punished.

We still can see this reality and won’t disappear so fast, is the old way of “personal and professional development” running on earth. Thank God (or whoever you believe) this is changing.

New education systems are already in place giving the chance to the individual talented human to explore and rediscover himself.

What about the people that are working and already passed this ancient education system?

You got into another system: the office job.

One man’s dream supported by many robots (you).

This is part of our lives and we all know somebody that is working in a place that hates just because of the financial or family pressure.

There are other realities to explore. You can still work in your boring job and at the same time explore other options, make your own side project or just try things you never tried before.

Move, Adjust, Explore.

There is more than one channel in this TV of Life.


3) You are not broken is just a habit

17 get hurt.jpg

Our brain (if is not trained) is very lazy. We like to do the same thing until something extraordinary happens, like a big disease to wake up, react and adjust our life.

Sometimes is too late and we change our way of seen life right before we experience our transition.


Here some questions for you:

Do you have a happy memory of the first time you went to your favorite fast food restaurant?

Take a minute and remember that moment.

Maybe your family was together with you? They brought you to eat that tasty fast food and you were happy.

Maybe you went there with your friends and had a great funny moment eating that food? You were happy. You, your mind, your mouth, and body remember the feeling and experience.

Now, as a grown-up human, you learn and clearly understand that fast food is not healthy at all.  (like it or not is true)

So, why you keep eating that?


There is nothing wrong with you. You are not anxious or sick. Old habits die hard that’s all.

For how long (years) you have been eating fast and trash food?  5 years? 10 years? More?

That makes you an expert, an expert on eating fast food. The chance that this habit is connected to a happy or comfortable memory is very high too.

Or maybe is just because is more “convenient and cheaper” to eat fast food so you do it.

These are limiting habits and limiting habits can be transformed.

Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, are killing millions of people every day around the world. Is already proved, many years ago, that the eating habits of “the modern lifestyle” are 90% related to the diseases we have, the main trigger of these global killers.

Don’t wait until is too late. Learn how to transform habits gradually. It is hard and possible. Be patient.  You can build new healthy habits at any time.



So, yes is not your fault. You are part of a nasty, corrupted and fast-reward oriented society. Welcome to earth 2018.

earth and death.jpg

Just don’t forget:

You didn’t do anything wrong and what happened in the past is GONE

Now, YOU are totally responsible for what you will do now. Present time looking to your future.


Right after finishing reading this article:

  • Are you going just to finish this and go back to your normal life?
  • Are you going to have some minutes and reflect on this?
  • What kind of action will you take to improve your life?
  • Do you know somebody else that may need this information?


Your mental and body health are in your hands. You decide how you want to live the rest of your time in this life.

10 options.jpg

More health? happier? More peaceful?

You deserve it!  Do it for yourself!


New Mindset, New Life!




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