The early conditioning of human beings is one of the biggest reason why we are suffering in this life.

I was raised in a Latin culture where the MACHO is the one that “control” the situation, have more power, more girls, and is cooler.

In other parts of the world, they treat the role of LEADER as sacred, and there are so many people that want to become leaders without even noticing that they need to rule their lives first and understand how they are made of.

All this “misunderstanding” mislead the child to grow out thinking to become somebody he or she was not designed to be. The classic situation is the parents wishing the child to become successful, ha! another abstract concept to define.

Each of us is born with a set of talents and skills that, with an investment of time and energies can be developed in our ultimate strengths. We are born in a specific family to cultivate and explore this talents and skills, and what is more interesting and real, we have preset features that contribute and energize this talents and skills.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the opportunity to even explore and discover these talents, or understand what kind of energies rules our design as a human being. For those who can, learn, understand and use them, become widely successful in life, and successful (on my point of view and experience) is this unique kind of people that contribute to the life of millions of people, guidance, and also with huge amounts of wealth as a result of the value they bring to other humans. I call them SUPER HUMANS

Maybe you heard, but no more than 10% of the world population achieve this level of development. less than 10% become SUPER HUMANS. What about the 90% of the humanity?

Today, there are many ways, tools, assessments, to understand WHO and WHAT YOU ARE! One of them and the one that I am recently learning is called HUMAN DESIGN.

Human Design is a combination of numerology, astrology, ancient – Asian wisdom and more, that throws a very interesting report, rich and complex, but very accurate explaining some behaviors based on the energy level.

This is my profile:

AC chart only.jpg

I have been learning and get a deep understanding about myself since 2012, and after I learned Human Design and saw my profile and chart, I decided: There is no more to learn, that’s all, I finished!

But this report itself is not all, looks complex and is complex, but we are even more complex. We are unique, we are connected with other people, and we are part of something bigger.

Other key references for you if you want to learn more about yourself and really clear out your whys, I suggest you check:

  1. DISC Behavioral Assessment – From Thomas International UK (they called: PPA assessment)
  2. Strengths Finder – Talent Assessment From Gallup US
  3. And Human Design from JOVIAN ARCHIVE

Combine wisdom, explore, and bring up your own answers. We are beautiful creatures that deserve to be understood. After you know WHO and WHAT you are, you can “put yourself” in better situations, you can connect with better people that can support you, you can build better relationships, and REALLY, and FINALLY, ENJOY YOUR LIFE based on your design.


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