Music, Dad, Healing

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When I was very little I used to be very attached to my dad. He is a lovely person but very emotional and with a lot of repressed emotions, especially anger. 


Time passed and I was able to connect with the piano, is like MUSIC called me to be part of it. 


I started to play and learn by myself just by listening, I was only 4 years but got totally captured by those wonderful sounds and keys.


I grew up in the middle of constant argues, fights and loud sounds at home, so I developed my own way of being CALM and FOCUSED, and music helped me to achieve that. 


But I was not the only one being “healed” by my music, my dad was also there.


I will never forget that I used to love to play piano around 11 pm when everybody was more calm and ready to sleep. I used to go out of my room, go to the living room where the piano was, sit there in the dark and play for myself.  Suddenly I felt some soft steps behind me, slowly go and sit near me but far enough to not bother me. It was him. My dad.


In silence, we were calming down after a long day, without being able to understand our own emotions, our anger, our pains, but deeply connected by the melodies that came through me,  a wonderful and peaceful moment. 



Thank you DAD for this experience. Now I understand how it works, and I am using this to help more people like us. You showed me the way. 

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