How to teach creativity to your kids



I have never been good at speaking.  It took me years to be able to express myself in public, on the stage,  and conquer that fear. I still consider myself as an introvert artist, and you know what?  I  love it.

I just want to share something I wanted to share a long time ago.  Is my first memory of me being an artist and who is my first art teacher in life.


Definitely, I was around 4 years old. I use to be scared of my dad coming back from parties or meeting with friends because sometimes he was a little drunk, so I was not able to sleep by myself in my own room.  There was a lot of love from my mom and dad towards me and also I love them a lot, but in those days I was not able to understand many things, their problems, struggles, insecurities, etc.  I was in the middle of all their chaos.

So, as kids, we need to survive and we will always find the way…my way was ART!

NOTE: And if you are reading this now is also because you found the way to stay alive.  Congratulations!

1965 Familia BN.jpg

“My lovely Dad, beautiful Mom and my sister, 50 years ago.  Love this photo. Miss them a lot.”


My mom used to play with me a game, and this is what you can do with your kids too.

I loved to draw, and my mom knew it. She gave me a white piece of paper,  then she makes a fast random drawing (in Spanish we call: garabato) so It will look something like this:


Then she said:  OK,  now you finish the drawing!

Then she gave me the same pencil she was using to draw.  I take it,  and I start to “SEE” what kind of image comes there using those lines.

In my imagination, at that early age, there were no so many crazy dark things haha….so I was more into complete something using some existing simple images in my head.

Then I started to draw, and when I finish, there was something like this:


2 guys happy doing surfing on a beautiful beach!



a little girl trying to reach the piano keys



A hungry antbear eating ants


I remember very well these moments of peace and connection with my mom. I will never forget them. 🙂


If you are a mom, want to be a mom, or know somebody that wants to become a mom,  share this.  And remember:

Everybody has an artist inside, no matter where you are from, how beautiful or ugly is your life. The connection between two human beings through art can be so powerful that can completely transform lives in a very positive way.

Never judge your kid’s art.  Guide them, and If you cannot stop judging, at least shut up, observe and appreciate it.

DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM & JUDGMENT can be also destroying the life of a potential artist that will create THE NEW WORLD.



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