Tales from Mother Earth: No More Humans



Oh! I still remember those days when humans were truly happy.

They used to grab a fruit from the tree, eat it and feel enough energy the whole day. There were not fat humans before, there was no greed and obsession for eating fancy things. I was able to provide everything for them, anytime for free.

In those years there were no so many humans. They were not worried about survival, there was no competition to see who was first, there was not even a leader. They were sweet children in a huge unlimited and safe playground. I missed those days, I missed to feel them like that.

happy people dancing.jpg

It was so funny to see the couples running naked without shame, without guilt. Nobody blames them for something they did wrong, there was no right or wrong. Everybody was just being. It was so simple and beautiful.

Of course, I was stronger those days, I was also with more energy so all my blues and greens were at their best. I was peaceful and powerful, at the same time. My weather was perfect, I know my inhabitants don’t like so cold or so warm, I was happy to give them the best.

happy people dancing MORE.jpg

But one day they started to change. I still don’t understand why. Suddenly there were more humans, some of the humans started to create groups, something like what you call now a family. They started to be very jealous and over protecting their families, also their territories and things. It was ridiculous because they were the owners of everything, they had all for free directly from me and life. Seems they started to forget.

In those days, I remember there was one human that became so ambitious that started to enroll more humans to control other humans. I was very sad to see that but because of the rules, I was not able to do anything.

They become crazy with the fruits and vegetables I was providing. They moved in groups now, they were more than before. Once the groups arrived in an area, they eat and destroy all around to build their own stuff. I can say I admire their creativity sometimes, but that creativity and creation power was the one that brought them to almost extinction years later.

doom 1.jpg

They started to bring more humans and more, and more, and then they feel shame, feel guilty, and stressed, trying to provide food and shelter for their children. A very upsetting pattern.


Before everybody was the same, no hierarchy or boss, but because of the needs and fears, some humans started to become bosses, so they were able to handle more humans to satisfied specific needs. Sometimes I can say there were good humans, sometimes no. Oh! I just realized that was the first time I understood that somebody can be bad or good. Interesting huh?

Time passed and they became more creative, they used to call it “evolution of human race”, I don’t think so, they were going exactly to the end, faster and in a painful way.


The thing that hurt me the most was the uncontrollable desire for bringing more human babies to me. There was no conscious act, there were just playing with their bodies for seconds to later regret the whole life. Before humans used to come by desire, they came because their soul wanted, this is also forgotten.


To be honest, too many humans started to be a pain in the ass. They created tools and weapons to kill other living beings because the food was not enough. It was so sad (with tears in the eyes). They started to fight for what they called resources and also because some of them thought were better than others…they started to kill themselves and all the harmony was broken.

I got very sick those days, I was not able to control my weather like before. I was so sorry for that, I tried my best. I am a very friendly lady but I don’t let humans abuse me. I also was in this “evolution process” together with all the humans, kind of painful process.


The most complex years were when they started to develop some devices with some unreal intelligence, I don’t remember how they used to call it, hmmm, I think was “technology” They were so proud of that. They were earning a lot of money. Oh my god! I don’t even want to talk about money now, they literary killed so many other humans because of that too. They totally forgot that all the material things including money and gold came from me, from my trees and mountains. It was free! Everything was for you silly boys and girls.


So, with this technology, they started to create very complex and expensive things. People never need it but some of these bosses found the way to make millions from the people that bought their stuff. Such a big illusion and fear of not having something they never need.

life cycle.jpg

Before it was so simple, then they complicate their lives, they expend years, money and blood to develop things to make life easier again, at the end they didn’t make it. It took them thousands of years to realize they were going deeper into the dark path. In the same way, it took them thousands of years to come back to where we are now.


I remember a wonderful human that started to make the change. Other humans used to call him “the awakened”. He just remembers what others couldn’t remember, that’s all, Ha Ha! Most of them were sleeping with blindfolds without knowing that there was no more darkness and the light was there shining their sleepy faces every day.

I was so happy that other humans were also awakening from the dream. I still don’t know where they came from. I don’t think they were normal humans from a scared mom and dad, I think they were “superhumans”, anyway…


They were there, helping people to see hope, giving the example as role models, showing them life can be better and simple. Teaching others, taking care of others, creating wonderful wonderful things (Tears of joy)

Them it came more struggle within humans. The separation of the “good and bad” was more strong and obvious. Those who stayed with the blindfolds eventually couldn’t make it. Nobody killed them, they destroyed themselves.

suffering earth.jpg

I was not able to control myself anymore. I was so sad those days. I was not able to rest well, got fever and chills. I was shaking a lot, I was not stable. Feel so sorry to remember that, because a lot of humans got hurt and perished.

…(sigh) but now is different.

new era.jpg

Those who are still here with me, are building a new mindset. They are teaching to the newcomers what is the simple and peaceful life we deserve. Humans are smarter in the mind, body and soul level, and for the first time with wonderful awakened leaders that see the whole universe as a natural and free resource for everybody.

I am deeply sorry for what happened before, it’s hard for me to let go the hurt and turmoil. Those scars will never disappear, and at the same time, I feel hope too. I can move forward, heal and grow again because I see the kindness of you. That powerful energy that keeps us moving around the sun is still there inside you.

last earth.jpg

For those humans that remain and are still here, I just want to say: 

1) Don’t give up.  Don’t give up on trying your best to remember what are you made of. Find the way to take out the blindfold and see the light of the day as it is. It is shining for you right now, for free

2) Have fun in the process and respect the progress, it will happen anyway, so have fun learning and growing.

3) Don’t bring humans in a random way, be conscious of that. Bringing humans is not your main purpose, and once they are on the way, remember they are independent souls in a body, they are not gifts from the universe to you. They will come and live the same as you, so be sure you are really aware of the truth and in love. In the end, all of them are welcome to visit me anyway.

4) I love you all. I will be here dancing with the stars giving you my best my dear humans, and please simplify your life! That is the real key to long-lasting happiness or at least 51% of happiness in your life.

Good enough?  ; )


Art and Concept by Angelo Castagneto


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