The kind of love you know is the one that brings you pain

awakened love by acBMP COvER

“The kind of love you know is the one that brings you pain”

We have been raised by a society full of fears. Is not our father’s fault but our father’s father. This fear started with one single act that was done thousands of years ago and our subconscious still remember. This is what we called ATTACHMENT.


For so many years we have been growing up watching listening and learning that “love” is between 2, two animals, two people, boyfriend and girlfriend, mom and child, dad and mom, dog and men, etc. This is what we hear so many times form all the media, movies and advertising, and we are so used to this that we think is normal.



The fear of losing your couple, your dog, or any other material thing is terrifying that promote the creation of so many mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. We have been feeding so much the idea of HAVE HAVE HAVE, GET GET GET, and promote sadness when we lose it.


That’s why we cannot accept death as a transition from this life to another one. That’s why people created marriage to “keep” this attachment alive. That’s why so many people are repressing right now their feelings and emotions to the point that one day they explode and kill other people.


When you feel that you don’t belong to a group or community, is because you want to be attached to that group or community. Then you feel rejected, after this, sad, sorrow, self-pity, low confident and so on comes to the surface. Same for other cases when the ATTACHMENT behaviors can’t be satisfied.

attachement coupls

Then comes LOVE, in the dirty way we have been using it for thousands of years. We named to that ATTACHMENT: LOVE. We put a mask on the REAL LOVE making everybody learn and write into their own belief systems that LOVE is ATTACHMENT.

aniamal love

So many people, especially girls, like to compare animal relationships with human relationships, so wrong. Animals don’t have consciousness, that’s a big difference that separates us from them. They mate and procreate based on survival instincts by default. We also have these instincts but we have something else they don’t have our mind and intellect.  For any reason this mind and intellect make us superior beings, just look around, we all have it but none one is using this as a superior being. Superior Beings will understand that every single creature in this life and the life itself is sacred, is free, and must be respected as it is.


Another part of this big illusion is the importance we give to sex. Sexuality is beautiful and the real sexuality is not about the single act but to embrace and appreciate the different genders. Even big masters of the history never talk about this topic, when is a natural thing. We are all designed for sex and we shouldn’t base our relationships on this, we are more than this.

growing in a hate family

So here we are, most of us expend almost all our lives growing up in broken families where there is no love anymore but resentment and hate, we grow up learning that all the relationships bring pain and struggle and we think is normal, we grow up learning and believing that life is not complete until you have your material stuff, and this includes to have another person too. And so on. We grew up developing body consciousness only and totally forget to develop our mind and soul, our spiritual strength.


Religions of all ages and around the world are respected because in origin they just wanted to guide us and give the message. At some point they also got caught by the fears of not been listening, there is when manipulation and mass control took place. An above average spiritual developed person with the highest level of awareness will understand that we can learn not from one but from all religions. Each of them had amazing masters and all of them bring a similar message where the ultimate goal is peace and love, the real meaning of peace of love.

earth and death

But to be attached to one party is also creating pain. Just watch the daily horrible news of wars, separation, death, fear of losing land, losing face, losing fans.  All comes from the attachment we created in our minds.


In the same way somebody else created this belief on us, we can learn and transform this limiting believes into positive ones that will allow us to move forward with a better life, a life that is spiritual mentally and physically free, where there are no conditions for been happy and where you are able to grow and heal all the old wounds that we created for ourselves since our origins.

conditional love

The kind of love you know now is an illusion and comes from fear. Attachment is FEAR+LOVE, and this love is a conditional love. There must be something that matches your condition to be loved and is far away from the REAL LOVE, unconditional love, pure and free.  But how to find it? Where to find it? How to develop it? You are not so far from it. You and we are still part of this life force energy that brought us to this planet in the first place.

you are love

YOU ARE THE REAL LOVE, all this power is inside you, and was never outside of you.


How you practice and unveil this? Caring about yourself more, respect your thoughts, understanding that there is no bad or good, and never was. There is no right or wrong, those are only perceptions that somebody else taught us since we were kids. Self-compassion comes first because if you don’t feel compassion for yourself, you cannot let go all the negative and self-destructive things you have been doing with yourself and the people around you. Be nice to yourself and start with that.



Just take one minute now, and say to yourself: I love you, I trust you, I believe in you.

Feel it, and let these words come from your heart, flow into your mind and spread all around our body.

Remember: In the same way, we learn all that limiting information, then we carry for long time and practice in all our acts, we can learn new things, carry and practice for a long time until we become them. Practice little by little self-love, compassion, then keep practicing, then add care and compassion for others, express detached love and expand your powers.


Is not too late to go back to our original path, it’s time for your love to wake up.



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