The truth (of this life) by AC


1We all came from the same place and we will go back to the same place.

2soul in a bodyWe are souls in a body.

3 we are all goodIn essence, we are all good.


4 ultimate goal peaceOur ultimate goal is peace.


5 transformsNothing disappears, everything transforms.


6 drama stage

We have a role to play in this drama.


7 power to choseWe have the power to choose and create.

8 superpowers

More energies you have, more features/ systems you can use (superpowers).

9 we want to come

We came because we wanted.


10 options

Suffering is only an option.

11 explore and learnWe came to explore and learn.


12 learn and suceed

Those who learn and use the knowledge, eventually succeed.

13 earth rules

Earth Life has laws and rules.

14 give recieveOne of these laws is: what you give you receive.


15 life cyclesThere is always ups and downs on everything you see in this world (cycles).



16 nothing new

There is nothing new to learn, the thing is you were not ready to learn, but everything that we need is here for us when u are ready.

17 get hurt

We get hurt and we heal (body and soul).


18 love hate

Love and Hate comes together and we also can learn how to choose this.

19learn come backIf you didn’t learn enough in this life you will come back next time.


20 higher force

There is a higher force (god/universe/life or how you prefer to call it) and there is also a higher purpose for all of us.


21 distractions

Old society patterns are distracting people since we were kids, so we get lost and can’t find this purpose or mission, but is there.


22 we can be betterWe all can be better

24 unique and part ofWe are unique, and we are part of something bigger

I am sharing here the most powerful statements and ideas that masters around the world learned and shared too. This is the result of more than 4 years working on myself and learning more about what life should be. Learn and use it.




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