1 on 1 Meditation

Photo: Live Music Meditation for a stress release corporate program

Since I was a kid, I experienced many health problems such as overweight, allergies, anger management, and other illnesses. In my middle 20s, I was kidnaped then I experienced and I overcame cancer. It took me years to deal with the fear of past experiences and really move forward to the life I wanted and deserved.

MUSIC was always there. MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE. She gave me peace and support during my most painful and quiet days.

On the way, I will find another art. Something powerful that support me to calm down my thoughts and heart. The art of MEDITATION.

Thanks to all my sufferings and beautiful learnings, I was able to integrate my top arts and create unique sessions with LIVE MUSIC, MEDITATION AND COACHING. And this is my best service for you! Because…sometimes we need help.


After helping more than 1,000 people in the last 5 years through workshops and 1 on 1 sessions, I was able to develop a unique process called: Obstacle Transformation Music Technique (OTM). I use Live Music, Guided Meditation techniques, Coaching, and NLP to help my clients to find the roots of the stress, find the real deep reason of why we are suffering, and transform this through music. As a result of my sessions, either you find an answer to your questions or let go of the pain that you have been carrying for many years.

OTM sessions can be delivered LIVE 1 on 1 (Only apply if you live in China) and Online via Zoom or Skype wherever you are in this beautiful planet.

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